10 Creative Ways to Light a Room in Philadelphia

a kitchen dining room with pendant lights, hanging lights, and spotlights

The right lighting is an essential element in any room of your home. It can transform somewhere dark and cheerless into a cozy, welcoming space with just the flick of a switch. Lights are essential in any home, but sometimes, it’s much better to think outside the box and give your home a creative aesthetic.

Keep reading to learn our top 10 creative ways to light a room in a Philadelphia home.

1. Use Neon Lights in the Bedroom

a bedroom with neon lights hanging over the bed and in a corner lamp

One of the best ways to creatively bring light into your home is through bedroom neon lights. By adding lights with purple and blue hues, you can create a warm, cozy, and inviting vibe to your bedroom. In kids’ and teenagers’ bedrooms, add neon lights with slogans for a fun and funky vibe. For adult rooms, choose something more subtle, like draping lights or corner lamps. For an eclectic look, combine neon lights in the bedroom with typography for more depth and bring two trends into one.

2. Lighten Up the Kitchen With Pendant Lights

a set of hanging pendant lights above a kitchen countertop

Make a statement in your kitchen with pendant lights and create a wow factor with any guests who enter. Rather than standard bulbs, use a set of pendant lights above your kitchen island, breakfast bar, or another open countertop area. This gives off a soft pool of light and creates an ambient effect. In a full kitchen renovation, adding unique lighting adds to the increased value your home gets from the remodeling work. This can help make your home stand out from the crowd when hosting an open house.

3. Add LED Strip Lights to a Living Room

a close up of led strip lights

There are endless ways to style LED strip lights in a living room. Wherever they are placed, they can create subtle lighting that’s perfect for nights in on the couch. These long lights can be added to your tray ceilings, alcoves, or wall recesses to create a glowing effect. They can also be positioned behind the TV to add a slight glow around the frame during the evenings. These lights are usually battery-operated, so you do not have to worry about wires, plugs, or outlets. However, you can get LED lights (particularly those designed for behind the TV) with a USB plug.

4. Liven Up a Dresser With a Mirror Light

a dressing table mirror with lights

Another creative way to add lights to your bedroom or bathroom is via a mirror light on your dresser. Mirror lights have a minimalist design to free up the ceiling and wall space. It’s also a handy addition to shared rooms, enabling one person to get ready with a gentle light from the mirror without needing to switch on the main bedroom lights. Plus, if you have family members or children who enjoy taking “mirror pictures”, this will give them an extra shine. No filter needed!

5. Add a Modern Chandelier

a modern bedroom with a chandelier

Chandeliers are often associated with a traditional, historic house to create an up-market, rustic vibe. They can also add value to a property if made from expensive materials (like crystals), according to Home Serve. However, chandeliers are becoming popular for adding to dining rooms, living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms to create a modern look. When choosing the right chandelier for your home, consider what type of light will best suit the property and the rest of the home decor. For example, choose a silver, minimalist chandelier for a smaller, modern bedroom and a large, golden chandelier for a main entryway.

6. Add a Moon Lamp

a moon lamp switched on

Moon lamps are ideal for stargazes, moon-lovers, and anyone who enjoys strong and pure lights in their home. These types of lights are small, subtle, and beautiful, making them the perfect addition to any nightstand, study, hallway cabinet, or living area. Most moon lamps tend to be small and are designed for positioning on furniture. However, they also come in oversized versions to make more of a statement in the corner of a room.

7. Streamline Your Bedroom With Wall Lights

two wall lights above a bed in a bedroom

Another type of lighting that you can install in your bedroom is wall lights. These lights come in a wide variety of colors and styles. They remove the clutter and add to the d├ęcor of a room. For the best effects, opt for installing two wall lights above your bed on either side. That way, they can be used as general lighting for the room and reading lights before bed.

8. Add Color With Smart Lighting

colorful smart home lighting above kitchen cupboards

Make your smart home smarter with a colorful integrated lighting system. These types of smart lights can be used as mood lighting to set the tone of a kitchen, dining room, or other sociable space. Most smart lights have settings like “family time”, “date night”, “party vibe”, and more. When the setting is selected, the lights will automatically change to suit the chosen mood. All you need for these lights is an LED light bulb and an app to connect/control the lighting.

9. Illuminate Shelves

hanging shelves with lights and plants

Another creative way to light a room is to add lights around, within, or behind your floating shelves. Adding lights in this way will brighten up your shelves and draw attention to your favorite objects (like photos, awards, medals, or highly prized ornaments). The lighting within the shelf can also double as a reading light and add aesthetics to your bedroom, living room, or study.

10. Go For a Floor Lamp

a floor lamp next to a small table

From copper to black, there’s a wide range of colored floor lamps you can get for your home. Floor lamps come in every style you can imagine to match your home decor and create the vibe you want in your home. Having a floor lamp is a subtler way of lighting a space, making it perfect for setting the mood to read or relax in the evenings. They can be added to any room, from the study to the lounge, and the hallway to the bedroom.


Lighting your home is important. Natural light can boost resale value and add as much as 20% to a lease value, according to Off The Mrkt. There are so many creative ways to light a room and brighten up your home. When choosing the best lights for your home, consider what vibe you want to create, what styles match your home decor, and (most importantly) what types of lighting will add value to a property.

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