10 Creative Ways to Add Lighting to Your House in Philadelphia

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The right lighting is an essential element in any room of your home and can transform any dark and cheerless place to a cozy and welcoming place just by flicking the switch. Lights are essential in any home, but sometimes, it is much better to think outside the box and give your home an aesthetic look. How will you decide to add lighting to your house in Philadelphia? Lighting can help as a selling feature too. What if you live in a more expensive market, like California? If you are thinking I need to sell my house for cash in San Diego, click here to learn more about how creative lighting can help regardless of your market. Rather than going for standard bulbs or LED lights, you can go for more creative ways to bring light into your home.

From decorative neon lights to moon lamps, here are some creative ways to add lighting to your home:

1. Use Neon Lights in the Bedroom

One of the best ways to creatively bring light into your home is through bedroom neon lights. You can combine the lights with typography for more depth and bring two trends into one. If you don’t like fluorescent colors, you can create a showstopper with clean, white lights.

2. Lighten up the Kitchen with Pendant Lights

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You can make a statement in your kitchen with pendant lights and create a wow-factor. Rather than standard bulbs, you can use a set of pendant lights above your kitchen island. For full kitchen renovations, adding unique lighting adds to the increased value your home gets from the renovation. This can help when hosting an open house, and walking a home buyer through. This will give off a soft pool of light and create an ambient effect.

3. Brighten up Your Living Room with LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights create possibilities in your living room. You can use these long lights in your tray ceilings, alcoves, or wall recesses to create a glowing effect. The lights are usually battery-operated, so you do not have to worry about wires, plugs, or outlets.

4. Liven Up Your Dresser with a Mirror Light

Another way to add lights to your bedroom or bathroom is with a mirror light on your dresser. Mirror lights have a minimalist design but also free up ceiling and wall space. If you have family members or children who enjoy taking ‘mirror pictures’, this will give them an extra shine. No filter needed!

5. Go Modern with a Chandelier

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You can also give your dining room or living room a modern or contemporary look. Rather than the massive chandeliers that hang from ceilings, you can go for a chandelier with a contemporary design to suit a minimalist décor.

6. Use a Moon Lamp

Moon lamps are ideal for stargazes, moon-lovers and anyone who enjoys strong and pure lights in their home. They make beautiful nightlights, and there are many options to choose from. From a bedside lamp to oversized orbs on the ceiling, you can install moon lamps in your bedroom or living room.

7. Streamline Your Bedroom with Wall Lights

Another type of lighting that you can install in your bedroom is wall lights. This removes the clutter and adds to the décor. You can install two wall lights above your bed and use them for reading light.

8. Add Color with Smart Lighting

You can make your smart home smarter with a colorful integrated lighting system. All you need is an LED light bulb and an app to connect to the lighting and set it up the way you want.

9. Illuminate Shelves

Brighten up your shelves and display your favorite object with shelf lighting. The lighting in the shelf can also double as a reading light and add aesthetics to your bedroom, living room or study.

10. Go for a Floor Lamp

From copper floor lamps to black floor lamps, there are different fashionable ways to lighten up your living room. You can go for neutral colors or a lamp which has a bold color.

There you have it! Please use these 10 creative suggestions to your advantage when deciding how to brighten up your home. You can add lighting to your house in Philadelphia in a variety of ways. Brightening things up not only helps your resale of the property. It also allows you to enjoy it more while living there.

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