Top Tips of 2021 Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

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With technology everywhere, it is time for you to consider making your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. It will save you hundreds of dollars during the summer when utility costs are likely to increase each month. You can take the necessary steps on your own and save money on your electricity bills, conserve energy, and protect the environment. Various local governments in the United States are helping residents improve the efficiency and comfort of their homes. The more people turn to renewable energy sources will help improve the environment by reducing emissions of greenhouse gas and other toxic pollutants.


3 Helpful Tips to Bring Your Home to Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is using less energy to power your home. One thing you can do now that it is springtime is to have your air conditioner equipment tuned up. Call a licensed AC expert to perform maintenance on your cooling system once a year and to change the filter regularly. Two-story homeowners can open the windows on upper levels to keep the home cool at nighttime and conserve energy. You’ll find that these suggestions, along with the five top tips listed below help reduce utility bills, including water and electricity.

Tip 1: Perform a Do-It-Yourself Energy Audit on Your Home or Hire a Professional

Residential consumers can perform energy audits on their own or hire a professional to do the work. If you have the time in your schedule, Home Energy Saver has an audit tool useful for conducting DIY (do-it-yourself) audits. A thorough audit is inspecting your windows, attic, chimney, and doors for air leakage and the water heater and plumbing pipes for water linkage. To block the direct sunlight from the windows, purchase insulated drapes and awnings for coverings.

Tip 2: Install a Solar Electric System to the Rooftop or the Ground

Many homeowners are going solar to generate their own electricity using solar panel systems. You can have a professional company install the panels onto your rooftop or on the ground to complement the home and increase the property value. Solar companies offer consumers the option of owning or leasing a solar system unit. You can pay cash or apply for a loan for ownership, or enter a lease agreement, PPA (power purchase agreement). If you purchase or lease a system to own by December 31, 2021, you may be eligible for a 22 percent federal tax credit.

Tip 3: Replace All Your Incandescent Bulbs with Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

A fast way to cut utility costs is to replace all incandescent bulbs in your home with energy-efficient light bulbs in lighting fixtures and lamps. The Energy Star certified LED bulb, for example, uses 90 percent less energy than the traditional bulbs. LED light bulbs produce less heat and have a longer life expectancy. You do not have to change the energy-efficient bulbs as often and will see a saving up to $80 in utility costs over the product’s lifetime use.

Now is the best time to make your home more energy-efficient to help reduce costs and to protect the environment. You have the option of hiring a professional energy auditor or performing the audit yourself. If you have not gone solar yet, now is the time to do so before the end of December of this year. The 22 percent federal tax credit will expire and you will miss out on a considerable saving.