Ways to Make Home More Energy Efficient 2024

a person monitoring smart home systems via a tablet

Rising global energy prices have led many homeowners to look at ways to make a home more energy efficient. Using technology to its full potential is a great way to make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. Despite the upfront investment, such technologies in your home can save hundreds of dollars, especially during the summer when air conditioning (AC) costs hike up utility bills.

There are two primary ways to improve energy efficiency in a home. You can take the necessary steps on your own and save money on your electricity bills, conserve energy, and protect the environment. Or you can take advantage of various local government arrangements in the US that help residents improve the efficiency and comfort of their homes.

For example, by utilizing grants to install solar panels. The more people turn to renewable energy sources, the more we can help improve the environment by reducing emissions of greenhouse gas and other toxic pollutants.

Keep reading to learn the top ways to make your home more energy-efficient in 2024.

1. Complete a Home Energy Audit

Residential consumers can perform DIY energy audits or hire a professional to do the work. If you have the time in your schedule, Home Energy Saver has an audit tool useful for conducting DIY (do-it-yourself) audits.

Completing an energy audit on your property involves assessing the current energy usage and wastage. Such assessments can help you understand what can be improved in your home to make it more energy efficient.

A thorough audit means inspecting your attic, chimney, and doors for air leakages. It also involves checking the water heater and plumbing pipes for water leakage and identifying ways the home can be better insulated in winter or kept cool during summer.

For example, by blocking direct sunlight from the windows via purchasing insulated drapes and awnings for coverings.

2. Install Ground or Rooftop Solar Panels

solar panels on a house roof

Many homeowners are going solar to generate their own electricity using solar panel systems. You can have a professional company install the panels onto your rooftop or on the ground to complement the home and increase property value.

Solar companies offer consumers the option of owning or leasing a solar system unit. You can pay cash or apply for a loan for ownership, or enter a lease agreement, PPA (power purchase agreement).

Be sure to check if your home is eligible for a grant or tax credit in your state for installing solar panels in 2024. For example, many states offered homeowners a 22% federal tax credit if they purchased or leased a system to own by December 31, 2021. Homeowners can save money while saving the environment. A worthwhile two-for-one special for property owners to take advantage of.

3. Service A/C Systems

Energy efficiency means using less energy to power your home. A huge contributor to rising energy bills in springtime and summer comes from the air conditioning unit.

Ensuring your A/C system is running effectively is a great way to ensure you spend less on keeping your home cool for most of the year. Call a licensed A/C expert to perform maintenance on your cooling system once a year and to change the filter regularly.

Of course, another way to save money on energy bills is to ditch the A/C when it’s not completely necessary. For example, two-story homeowners can open the windows on upper levels to keep the home cool at nighttime and conserve energy.

4. Replace Lightbulbs

a person changing a lightbulb

Another fast way to cut utility costs is to replace all incandescent bulbs in your home with energy-efficient light bulbs. You can change lightbulbs in lighting fixtures and lamps to make your home more energy-efficient.

LED light bulbs produce less heat and have a longer life expectancy. The Energy Star-certified LED bulb, for example, uses 90 percent less energy than traditional bulbs. Plus, you do not have to change energy-efficient bulbs as often. This can lead to saving up to $80 in utility costs over the product’s lifetime use.


Now is the best time to make your home more energy-efficient to help reduce costs and protect the environment. You have the option of hiring a professional energy auditor or performing the audit yourself to identify ways to cut your bills. You can also make small changes around your home to make it more efficient, like changing the type of lightbulbs you use.

Having an energy-efficient home can be a selling point for millennial buyers – and all buyers for that matter. Having a smart home or other amenities that make a home more efficient can even increase property value. So, making these changes to your home can add even more funds to your pocket long-term.

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