3 Huge Myths About Selling Your Home To An Investor In Philly


When you approach the moment to sell a house, it’s huge and not easy to understand if it is your first time. I remember my first time, and all I could think about was getting cash to be safe. I was asking myself how do I sell my house fast in Philadelphia hoping that it would go smoothly. Individuals, particularly Philadelphia home buyers appear to have these thoughts regarding what’s in store if they decide to sell their property to a real estate investor. In any case, the truth is that most investors are superb individuals, enthusiastic about what they do.

Every human in the world has different interests, and that’s what makes humans interesting. Some love sports, and at Brotherly Love Real Estate we love real estate. It gives us energy, and we truly enjoy helping people sell their homes. We are proud to answer yes to the questions from homeowners regarding if we buy houses in Philadelphia as-is any condition. We also love to tell homeowners that we buy houses in Philadelphia for cash and we don’t worry about mortgages. Here we will dive into the 3 Myths About Selling Your Home To An Investor in Philadelphia PA.

You cannot trust real estate investors in Philadelphia

Real Estate investors are like any other occupation – doctors, dentists, lawyers, bakers – there are some really great ones that you love, and also some really crappy ones that you hate. There’s no avoiding that, and you get both sides of the coin in any occupation like that. However, there is still hope because this is a long way from reality for Philadelphia real estate investors. The bad ones should not reflect the entire industry, and I hope they don’t in your eyes! On the off chance that a real estate investor is keen on purchasing your home, consider what they have to say. They may have the option to offer you an amazing arrangement while absorbing the closing costs. Brotherly Love Real Estate covers all closing costs and fees at closing for most of our transactions to help the sellers out. Working with the correct investor will eventually set aside your time and cash on the offer of your Philadelphia PA house! We always strive for a win-win situation.

There are a ton of hidden fees and costs in PA

There are always fees associated with selling a home in Philadelphia PA. However, Brotherly Love Real Estate helps you cover most if not all of those at closing. Again, we can’t represent each real estate investor out there, yet the dominant part works transparently and straightforwardly, as do we. Curious about what the total fees cost? Call us at (215) 326-9208 and we can review those closing costs with you. This is the means by which business works, unfortunately, so the costs are unavoidable, but we help you pay those. We love working on win-win scenarios. A quick, proficient, and clear procedure is the standard for most investors like us. At the point when you work with Brotherly Love Real Estate, you will never be walloped with any extra expenses or loops to bounce through. Honesty and transparency are our code of honor to sellers. We buy houses in cash in Philadelphia, so there are fewer fees to worry about in the long term for us not dealing with bank headaches and mortgages. We lay everything out there from the very beginning, so you will never need to stress over any surprises or hidden fees.

Real Estate Investors only give Low Ball Offers

There is a myth that investors only give lowball offers to sellers. I can confirm this is true, but definitely not all of the time. Brotherly Love Real Estate buys multiple houses in Philadelphia each year, but we do our best to offer a price that works for both parties. If our price is completely off and we cannot agree to buy the house, Brotherly Love Real Estate can still help the seller of the property sell off their house by connecting them with other investors. Typically, we do this when property owners in Philadelphia owe money on their houses. For example, if a property owner is behind on their property taxes, mortgage payments, water bill, etc. then the property owner is more likely to need a higher price to sell the house and still walk away with cash in their pocket.

You may be thinking to yourself, “can I still sell my house fast for cash in Philadelphia and get a good offer from an investor?” The answer is yes, you can. Since Brotherly Love Real Estate has refined our renovation processes and flipping costs when we go to flip a house, we can explain exactly why our offer is the number that it is, based on comps, renovation costs that we expect to spend, holding costs, and labor. Showing these numbers to sellers, and also giving them a seller net sheet to see what they’ll be walking home with helps clarify why the offer is what it is.

Why work with Investors like Brotherly Love Real Estate

When it comes down to it, working with a real estate investment company like Brotherly Love Real Estate may be the most ideal path for you to arrive at your objectives. Our company has utilized several online tools to help us grow together outside of work as well! Self Help from SelfGrowth.com – SelfGrowth.com is the most complete guide to information about Self Help on the Internet. I used this resource multiple times and it is great. Now … back to the real estate process…

We will help with the entire process, including things like working with the title company to get things taken care of rapidly. We can complete the entire selling procedure in only a couple of days instead of the conventional procedure of employing an agent, posting on the MLS, hanging tight for a buyer to show up, holding an open house, and going through escrow. The escrow procedure permits time for purchasers to finish investigations and examinations of the property with a contractor so that we can double-check our numbers, and give you a 100% concrete, good-faith offer on your property. If you’re curious about what your property is worth, reach out to us at (215) 326-9208.

We buy all different types of properties in Philadelphia. If you wondered how can I sell my house fast for cash now, reach out to learn more about the selling process.