3 reasons you should work with a direct, local, cash buyer when selling your house during Corona lockdown

Do you still want to sell that rental with squatters or that inherited house, or even your primary residence but the Coronavirus has put that to a halt? When working with a direct buyer like Brotherly Love Real Estate, it is still very possible to squash doubts. Are you thinking of how to sell my house fast in Philadelphia? 

  1. Leveraging technology: There really isn’t a good time for a global pandemic, but at least in 2020 we have technology like Facetime, Zoom, online document signing software and online closings to still buy properties in for cash. We set up a date and time to virtually meet, virtually see the house, and can still make you a fair cash offer. Closing in facilitated online and by mail. Social distancing for the win! 
  2. Certainty: Something Brotherly Love Real Estate can promise sellers during this time is certainly. Once an offer to buy your house for cash is made, it is our commitment and duty to stick to that offer. Many sellers are stuck in limbo and financial hardship right now due to the virus for a magnitude of reasons, such as inspectors not being able to inspect, lenders not being able to lend and buyers not being able to tour properties. Check out this article published by the Philadelphia Inquirer to read more about the dire situation people are in when not selling to a direct buyer. When selling to Brotherly Love Real Estate, you can be certain that on closing day you’ll be receiving the funds from your cash offer. We buy houses in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. 
  3. Selling a house with an agent: Not only will there be high realtor commissions and fees with this option, but agents are not legally allowed to show properties right now with the current stay-at-home orders in place by the governor. Many agents sell properties to buyers by physically giving them a tour of a property.

Give us a call today at (215) 326-9208 to schedule your virtual meet-up with us, and to show us your property so we can make you an all-cash offer!

We buy houses as is, which means you don’t have to fix anything before selling it. What if you need a quick house sale? If you have thought that I need to sell my house fast for cash, please review our guides for MORE INFORMATION on the topic. Our goal is to provide options to all homeowners regardless of their situation.