3 Ways to Improve Your Open House in Philadelphia

improve open house philly
The internet has completely redefined the real estate market, and how to actually market properties. However, open houses are still one of the most effective ways to showcase a house. Everyone interested in touring a house could do so very easily, which not only minimized the preparation time for sellers and real estate agents but also got together several potential buyers at a single place. When it comes to attracting Philadelphia home buyers, it is the first impression that matters the most. Anyone who drives by an ‘open board’ sign may have their interest sparked. Also buyers who wish to buy a house would see from the exterior of the house only! Curiosity killed the cat? What is it like on the inside? I wonder what the kitchen layout is like, and if it has an island? These are all questions that run through home buyers’ heads while driving by houses, and considering entering an open house.

As someone preparing an open house, it is vital to make the exterior of your house maintained and attractive, with the goal of leaving a long-lasting impression on a passerby. Spend sufficient time cleaning the walls, make sure that your garden is green and attractive; all-in-all, everything should be in a planned and systematic manner. Paint the picture that someone could call this their next home.
If you are looking to renovate your property or sell using the open house marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Brotherly Love Real Estate. Furthermore, here are 3 ways to improve your open house to help you successfully sell your house.

Philadelphia Open House Tactics

philadelphia open house
Cleaning your open house should be your top priority. Don’t assume that since the new buyers will probably clean the house once they purchase it, you do not have to. Presentation is key! You should make it ready for any of all types of visitors. In addition, you should also do some special preparation so that your open house looks the best. It is advised that you should remove all the vehicles from the driveway. Help buyers picture themselves moving in with their car into their driveway at their new home.

Of course, you can also open all the blinds and curtains of the house so that your house looks more attractive. Natural light is key! Buyers need to have a happy and relaxed mind when touring your house. Playing soft music to engage the audience can help create a nice home-touring atmosphere. The new advertising trend in the market is that you can keep some refreshments and snacks out for visitors. Hospitality is key!

Focus on the Lights

Getting more creative with your lighting is very important. Lightning affects the ambiance and mood of a place. If someone is already having a bad day walking through, why not brighten it up with perfect lighting? Certain areas in your open house would have natural lights, but for some areas you need to add additional lighting fixtures. You’d be surprised how much adding a lamp can change the feel of a room. If your open house has a ceiling light make sure it is working properly and it is creating a good effect on that specific area. You should switch off all the overhead lights and lamps to give your house extra charm.

Having a Conversation with your Buyers

The interactions you have with your open house visitors are very important. Regardless of how spectacular the house is, if they get a bad feeling about the seller, they may be scared off! Do your best to keep a positive and cheerful attitude toward your guests and you will make them feel comfortable enough to spend some extra time touring your house. You need to ask them what they are looking for and why your house is a good choice for them.

Open houses can be the deciding factor if someone actually buys your home. When someone walks through and truly experiences a house, it can help them have that gut feeling which inspires a buyer to put down a deposit and buy!