How to Improve Your Open House in Philadelphia

a property with an open house sign on the front lawn

The internet has completely redefined the real estate market and how to market properties. Property portals, like Zillow and Realtor, are some of the most popular ways people find a property for sale and book a viewing.

However, open houses are still one of the most effective ways to showcase a house. Everyone interested in touring a house can do so quickly and easily. This minimizes the preparation time for both sellers and real estate agents. It’s also more time-saving for buyers, too.

When it comes to attracting Philadelphia home buyers, it is the first impression that matters the most. Anyone who drives by an ‘open board’ sign may have their interest sparked. But the real question is, how do you turn viewers into offers from your open house?

Keep reading to learn our top tips (from a real estate company) on how to improve your open house to make fast sales!

1. Clean the Property Thoroughly

a person clearing leaves out of a roof gutter

Ensuring your open house is clean and tidy is one of the most important things you can do. Don’t assume that the new buyers will clean the house once they purchase it. Presentation is key for a successful open house! Make sure your sellers have the house ready for all types of visitors (including those that will do a thorough inspection of the gutters before making an offer!).

Some of the most important things to do to prepare your open house and stage the property for a sale include:

The cleaner and tidier the property is, the more likely you are to get an instant offer on the property. As a real estate agent hosting an open house, it’s important to make it clear to the sellers how the property can be best staged. Consider providing a checklist to the sellers well in advance of hosting the open house, so they know what tasks they need to do in preparation for the day.

2. Focus on the Lights

a property pictured from the outside with lights on inside

Getting more creative with your lighting is very important if you want your open house to succeed (with multiple interested buyers). Lighting can significantly affect the ambiance and mood of a house.

Certain areas in your open house will have natural light, but for some areas, you may need to add additional lighting fixtures or enhance the light that’s available. You’d be surprised how much adding a lamp can change the feel of a room! If your open house has a ceiling light, make sure it’s working properly and it’s creating a good effect on that specific area.

If the ceiling light doesn’t provide the best ambiance, consider bringing a lamp into the room and having it turned on during viewings, rather than the big overhead light. This can give the house extra charm, make it feel cozier, and help buyers envisage living in the property.

Don’t forget to open all the blinds and curtains of the house, too. This makes the house look brighter and more attractive. It also accentuates natural light in the home, which is a desirable feature for buyers that can even add value to a property, especially in rentals (according to Off the Mrkt).

3. Make Buyers Feel Relaxed & At Home

a real estate agent discussing a property with a man and woman

The interactions you have with your open house visitors are very important. Regardless of how spectacular the house is, if they get a bad feeling about the seller or you as the real estate agent, they may be scared off! Do your best to keep a positive and cheerful attitude toward your guests at all times.

Make friendly conversation with them, without being too intrusive. Like asking them what they are looking for and suggesting (valid) reasons why your house is a good choice for them. Being subtle, friendly, and approachable will make your viewers feel comfortable enough to spend extra time touring your house and deciding whether it’s the right place for them.

Additionally, to help set the mood, consider playing soft music at a low volume while people tour the property. This can create a pleasant, peaceful atmosphere for those touring your home. It can also help your buyers feel happier and more relaxed during the viewing. To go the extra mile, consider offering some freebie refreshments and snacks. This can encourage your buyers to stay longer, feel more at home, and (hopefully!) make an offer.


Open houses can be the deciding factor in whether someone actually buys your home. When someone walks through the door and truly experiences a house, it can help them have that gut feeling. And a gut feeling is what inspires a buyer to put down a deposit and buy!

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