4 Beautiful Window Planter Box Designs

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Improving your windows is a great way to add curb appeal and increase home value. According to moving.com, replacing windows can offer as much as a 70% return on investment.

But investing in new windows isn’t the only way to boost curb appeal and potentially add value to your property. Small, simple changes, like adding window planter box designs to your front windows can have a big impact on buyers and visitors.

Keep reading to discover our favorite window planter box designs.

What Can You Plant in Window Planter Boxes?

Window planter boxes add instant beauty to a property’s curb appeal. Plus, they offer the flexibility for you to change the color and style of the flowers every season or to your liking.

Depending on your plant box placement, the display of the plants can also offer a green, scenic view from the inside of the home, too. Having greenery and access to natural views is especially popular with millennial buyers.

Use plants that fill a plant box and grow well inside them, including things like:

4 Beautiful Window Planter Box Designs

Designing your plant boxes allows you to tailor them to different styles. You can make the boxes from scratch or purchase pre-cut boxes from convenience stores. Either way, all plant boxes offer a quick and simple way to make your home look nicer.

Here are four appealing window planter box designs you can add to your windows to improve curb appeal.

1. DIY Standing Plant Window Boxes

a DIY window planter box made from pallet wood

Sometimes the thought of drilling holes into your window or wall is troubling, especially if you’re preparing a house for a sale. But standing window plant boxes are the perfect alternative. These wooden plant boxes are hosted on a four-legged stand and are well-suited for flowery plants that bloom.

Once the plants fill out, bloom, and grow, they can create a stunning cascading effect. To make the standing flower planter box, you only need nails, a drill, and pallet wood.

2. Block Color Planter Boxes

a red window planter box design

To make your planter box a focal point of your property’s exterior, choose a simple block color design. Such designs are well-suited for evergreen grasses, cascading plants, and small colorful plants. When using these types of plants, your bright-colored plant box will be visible yet subtle as the plants continue to grow.

When choosing a color for your planter box, opt for something bright that complements the exterior of your property. For example, red or blue can complement a stone property exterior. DIY materials required to make these planter boxes include cedar fencing, a saw, wood glue, nails, paint, and brushes.

3. Rustic Wood Shim Design

wooden window planter boxes

A wood shim planter box is a classic yet sophisticated addition to your windows. The rustic cedar shims and dark aesthetic stains add a classy texture to your home. To add your unique touch to these planter boxes, you can cut off the shims to suit your desired fitting patterns.

These designs are best used inside the bay of a window to protect them from water damage. If you’re using real plants local to your native area and have these boxes exposed to water, consider adding a water reservoir to save the wood from getting soaked.

To build this window planter box from scratch, you’ll need wood glue, wood shims, your preferred wood stain color, and tiny finishing nails.

4. Lattice Window Planter Boxes

a lattice planter fitted to a window

Lattice window boxes are another cheap addition to your windows that offer great signature appeal. They are one of the most popular yet basic design ideas for your window planter boxes.

Making a lattice window planter box represents the basic guide for DIY planter boxes. Most window planter designs are structure additions to lattice plant boxes. The main materials required for making window planter boxes from lattice include:


Window planter boxes can add immense value to your windows. They also boost the curb appeal and offer a natural aesthetic appeal to your home. All these window planter box designs can be easily built from scratch with some DIY knowledge and safety research.

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