4 Beautiful Plant Box Designs for Your Windows

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Windows are an amazing way to invest value and add aesthetic appeal to your house. Forget window repairs for now! Let’s improve your curb appeal in your home and freshen your landscape with plant boxes. Its instant beauty aspect is even flexible, allowing you to change plants seasonally or to your liking. Depending on your plant box placement, the plants could add a natural view from the inside. Use plants that would fill and grow well in a small plant box which include:

Figuring out the designs might be a perfect way to spark your creativity with simple DIY projects. Designing your plant boxes allows you to tailor them to different styles. You can make the boxes from scratch or purchase pre-cut boxes from convenience stores. Here are four appealing plant box designs to add to your windows.

DIY Standing Window Boxes

Sometimes the thought of drilling holes into your window or wall is troubling. Worry not; the standing window boxes are suited for you. The wooden plant box is hosted on a four-legged stand and well suited for flowery plants that bloom. Once the plants fill out, bloom, and grow, they could easily create a cascading effect. To make the standing flower planter box, all you require is nails, drills for holes, and pallet wood.

Simple Plain Colored Design

In case you seek to make your plants strictly the focus, go for minimalistic simple planter designs. The designs are well-suited for evergreen grasses, cascading plants, and small colorful plants. Your simple plant box will be in view before plants fill out. Therefore, painting it with a plain color that compliments the plants or house is recommended and adds a unique feel. DIY materials required include cedar fencing, a saw, wood glue, nails, paint, and brushes.

Wood Shim Design 

A wood shim planter box is a classic yet sophisticated addition to your windows. The rustic cedar shims and dark aesthetic stain options add a classy texture to it. To add your unique touch to the box, cut off the shims in desired fitting patterns. It is best if you use this design inside your windows for their massive beauty. Thus, requiring artificial flowering plants. In case you need actual plants, add a water reservoir that saves wood from getting soaked. To DIY this idea, you’ll need wood glue, wood shims, preferred stains, and tiny finishing nails.

Lattice Window Boxes 

Lattice window box makers are cheap additions and offer greater signature appeal. They are one of the popular yet basic design ideas for your window planter boxes. Making a lattice window planter box represents the basic guide for DIY planter boxes. Most window planter designs are structure additions to lattice plant boxes. Here are the main materials required for making window planter boxes are:

Window planter boxes will add immense value to your windows. They also boost the curb appeal and general natural and garden aesthetic appeal. So go the DIY way and save on costs while staying creative. Have fun and be unique while at it. We buy houses for cash across your area.