5 Interior Design Tips For Selling a House

an airbnb living room with orange walls and orange couch

For many people, even if they’ve lived in the same house for a long time, their home decor never truly feels done. There may be bare walls that are bothering you, or cluttered corners you haven’t had the time or energy to style.

A common thought of homeowners selling a property is that their home decor isn’t “done” or styled the way they’d like it to be. However, these thoughts are often down to your own perceptions. In reality, your home is likely styled more than you think.

However, styling a property the right way is important when selling. Ideally, you want to strike a good balance between making your home look homely but not lived in, and styled but not cluttered.

Small changes can make a big difference when selling. Keep reading to learn our top five interior design tips for selling a house to help you style your home the right way (and get a quicker sale!).

1. Add Plants

hanging shelves with lights and plants

Plants are a great way to introduce some color to your rooms. They are also a great way to add a literal breath of fresh air into your living area, according to Healthline. What’s also great about having a lot of plants is that they all need different pots. Playing with pot colors and textures is a great way to add some playfulness to your rooms.

When choosing the right potted plants for your space, consider the way your rooms are facing, as adequate sunlight is crucial for the survival of most houseplants. Also, think about the time and effort you want to give them. If you’re someone who is a bit more forgetful, cacti or succulents are great options. Alternatively, if you wish to make a full commitment and become a proper plant parent, do enough research to ensure your plants thrive alongside your decor.

2. Get Scented Candles

Scented candles can truly transform the way you feel about your space. When a room has been styled properly, adding (and lighting) scented candles can make a house feel cozier and more enjoyable to spend time in. Use any smell that speaks to you, from fresh cotton scents to chocolately gourmet aromas. Just remember that if you’re selling a house, neutral smells work better over anything too overpowering.

Candles provide a sense of warmth and comfort to your house, while also adding a luxe feel to any room. Adding luxurious candle holders can also be a great decor piece for any room, turning your candle into a key statement piece. Plus, adding candles to a room is a great option if you don’t want to make any major interior design changes, or if you’re decorating a rental property.

3. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

a kitchen worktop with utensils and floating shelves

The best way to maximize the look of your home before selling is to decorate it with accessories that perfectly play off each other. For example, you can add rugs, photo frames, decorative curtains, shelves, books, fruit bowls, dishes, and decorative practical items (like spice jars, salt and pepper shakers, and oil jugs).

A great interior design tip when selling a house is to remember that there’s no need to be afraid of different textures and styles. For example, woolen rugs can be paired with wonderful patterned cushions for a warm cozy look.

Just bear in mind that, if you’re selling soon, you don’t want to add too much personality or bold color schemes to your space. For example, adding a unique rug is often suitable, but pairing it with a life-size wall stag head can turn away some buyers.

4. Style Blank Walls

Nothing makes a room look improperly decorated like barren walls. Luckily, this is a problem that’s easily fixed without spending a fortune. There are so many interior design tips you can use to style blank walls and stage a room for a sale.

For example, you can install shelves, hang pictures, or position mirrors around the room to increase natural light. Or you can invest more in the walls with something more permanent. For example, by painting the walls in a stylish pattern, adding wallpaper, or installing wall paneling to add depth, definition, and a modern-classic vibe.

5. Add a Splash of Personality

a bedroom with neon lights hanging over the bed and in a corner lamp

Chasing a certain aesthetic can make your place always look half-finished. This is because there’s truly something that’s lacking in your design – your personality! The greatest finishing touch you can add to your living space are your personal artifacts. For example, you can add photos, souvenirs, and other keepsakes you’ve collected over the years. Or lights, colors, and ornaments that represent a splash of your personality.

Just remember that, if you’re selling your home, most buyers prefer a neutral look over anything too bold and outrageous. They like to see a home with a comfortable, homely vibe, without it looking too “lived-in”. Therefore, it’s important to keep the elements of your personality smaller than normal when staging for an open house.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes no matter how much we decorate, our homes tend to have an unfinished feel. By getting rid of bare white walls and playing around with different textures and colors, you can finally feel as if your decoration journey is over. While you’re at it, don’t forget to add a touch of your own unique personality to the design too.

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