About Us

We are two childhood best friends who founded Brotherly Love Real Estate, a homebuying company that purchases homes for cash.

Our Team

Alex Capozzolo


Alex runs the Brotherly Love Real Estate website, acquisitions, and internal systems of the business. He enjoys educating homeowners on the market and helping them get out of tough real estate situations.

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Jon Sanborn


Jon spends most of his days running to Home Depot and renovating houses that need some TLC. He runs the day-to-day renovations for the projects we have going on. Jon brings +7 years of real estate experience to the table and isn’t afraid to swing a hammer!

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Company that buys houses for a living

Brotherly Love Real Estate

Real, Local People

We started Brotherly Love Real Estate for the sole purpose of helping people in the community with one of the most important investment decisions of their lifetime. Jon and Alex, who started off as friends from childhood and now buy houses together. We buy houses – including condos, multi-family, vacant land, and apartments. Our goal was to start simple and start buying investment properties. Never in our wildest dreams did we think that we would be running a real estate investing company full-time. This real estate journey has led us to meet incredible people throughout the community, and has helped us grow into the people we are today. Our Team is excited to work with you during the home-selling process.


About Brotherly Love Real Estate

Brotherly Love Real Estate is a professional company that helps homeowners with any situation. Click here to learn more about how we buy houses and ways we can help. Our goal is to help you sell your home with ease. If you need to sell your house fast, contact us today to receive a cash offer. We buy houses regardless of the condition. The co-founders Jon and Alex of Brotherly Love Real Estate are here to provide excellent real estate services for homeowners.