The Best Home Improvement Projects for the Spring

As the weather warms and the days lengthen, our possibilities for new home improvements expand. The world of exterior and interior design is continuously changing. To stay on top of the trends, make sure you utilize spring to spruce up your house.

Adding unique styles and features to a home can benefit its aesthetics and its value. Houses with modern features typically sell for 10% above the projected price. Improvements can also increase the homeowner’s mood.

After a year of staying home, 80% of homeowners conducted improvement projects. But if you have yet to complete your renovation vision and boost your happiness at home, here are seven projects you may consider tackling with warmer weather incoming.

1. Build an Outdoor Lounge Area

Open outdoor living areas are timely spring projects. They grant you a space to connect with nature, and they improve your health. The more vitamin D exposure you have access to, the more your mood, concentration, and ability to heal increases.

Most individuals work career jobs that require them to be inside all day. Homeowners and buyers search for an outdoor oasis to create balance in their life. Create that oasis in your backyard by gathering outside furniture, building a deck, or installing an outdoor fireplace.

2. Renovate Your Garage Door

Garage doors play a crucial role in the energy efficiency of your home. If the door doesn’t work properly, heat and conditioned air can escape from the house. Improper insulation and damage to a garage door can lead to a significant increase in one’s utility bill and negatively impact the environment.

Be sure to repair or replace your garage door if needed to increase the efficiency and visual appeal of your home.

3. Transform an Unused Room

If you have a room in your home that is consistently unoccupied, consider altering its functionality. Make the most of your house by transforming an unused space into a green room, theater, office, library, game room, or music room.

Crafting a unique room can increase your satisfaction and improve the time you spend at home. If you are selling a house anytime in the future, these renovations can increase the value of your property. 

4. Build a Vegetable Garden

Vegetable gardens are beneficial features of a property. Having access to fresh organic produce can increase one’s ability to sell their house. And building a garden can be equally valuable to the homeowner.

Home vegetable gardens improve human health by allowing us to eat healthier. Gardening can also reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, making your house a blissful place.

5. Update Your Mailbox

The mailbox is typically the first element of your home that visitors see. Upgrade this focal point with new paint, accent base flowers, or a new box to increase its aesthetic appeal. One can utilize a color wheel calculator to ensure the base flower colors complement the box paint.

6. Install a Smart Thermostat

Increase your home’s energy efficiency this spring by installing a smart thermostat. This system allows residents to control the temperature of the house from their smartphones or tablets. The thermostat maintains an energy-saving temperature and shuts down when motion is undetected.

A smart thermostat can cut your carbon emissions by 1,050 points and save you money on your energy bill.

7. Transform Your Closet

“Spring” and “cleaning” are two words that were made for each other. Whether you are redesigning and renovating your closet or reorganizing your shoes, one can utilize the minimalist cleaning method to make the most of their wardrobe.

After cleaning, be sure to donate your old clothes to drives or secondhand stores to help those less fortunate, the environment, and the quality of your home.

Spring Is Here. Are You Ready?

With spring sprung, this is the perfect moment to zero in on the ideal renovation or improvement for your home. Even if it’s a small change, you’ll find it boosts your mood each time you view it or do something fun in that space.