Does a Stone House Interior Help Properties Sell in Philadelphia?

Natural stone interiors have been a fashion trend for centuries, and there’s a reason they don’t go out of style. Stone interiors are (usually) affordable, durable, easy to care for, and aesthetically pleasing to look at. Plus, most importantly, stone house interiors can boost resale value when styled correctly, according to Home & Gardens.

There are so many stunning ways to add stone to a property – inside and out. From using stone as a feature to choosing stone finishings, keep reading to learn the best ways to add stone to a property to help it sell fast.

1. Stone Statement Walls

sell my house with stone

Stone is a stunning choice for interior statement walls and exterior decoration (like as an alternative to traditional cladding or regular siding). Faux stone is easy to install, relatively affordable, and simple to maintain. Being human-made, the variety, style, and cut look impressive and come highly durable compared with natural stone. Faux stone can also be custom-made to suit your exact interior preferences.

Faux stone gives you a realistic look, but it can’t convey the charm and depth of natural stone. Natural stone might be a better alternative if you want to create a more durable statement wall inside your living room and other parts of the home. Natural stones come in a wide variety, but no two such slabs are going to look the same. 

Delicate stones like Onyx or marble mostly come in smaller slabs, so you can expect a seam every 5 to 7 feet. Semi-precious stones bonded with resin can provide the same look. Because of the hand-setting, you can have these stones in large formats unavailable otherwise. 

2. Stone Kitchen & Bathroom Counter Tops

a kitchen interior with stone worktops and an island

The most common use of stone inside the home is on kitchen and bathroom countertops. A bathroom and kitchen renovation completed in the right way can add value to a property in a big way. The use of stone in either of these rooms offers a high-end aesthetic. This is especially the case if real stone is used, like marble or granite.

There’s a range of different styles, design patterns, and colors of stone countertops available, giving you tons of choices. All options are durable, heat-resistant, and desirable to the average home buyer. When choosing between granite vs marble for your countertop, it’s important to remember that granite requires less maintenance. Marble requires servicing every 2 to 3 years and sealing every 3 to 6 months to maintain its shine (according to Sealteamone).

3. Stone Shower Walls

a stone interior bathroom with stone tiles and flooring

Another way to create a stone house interior on your property is to style your shower walls with stone finishes. Light, neutral, and dark-colored stone tiles (real or faux) add modern glamor to any property. These types of finishes are often best styled with ceramic basins and marble countertops.

Ideally, when finishing a property with stone shower walls, it’s best to use matching grout. This adds to the authenticity of the stone slabs and makes the bathroom appear more natural and minimalist overall. In Home Depot alone, there are almost 30 different colors of grouting, so it’s easy to find the right color for your stone tiles.

4. Stone Pathways & Entryways

a stone pathway leading into a property

Stone looks fashionable both inside and outside of a property. Adding stone finishings to the outside of your property, like on pathways and entrances, is a great way to boost curb appeal and help sell a house fast in Philadelphia. Stylish stone finishes include marble, quartz, brickwork, or traditional stone slabs.

Some great ways to add stone to the outside of your property include on the pathways leading up to the property, as part of the porch or entryway, as a decorative feature in the front yard (like via a water feature), or in the form of a traditional archway. For a natural-looking appearance, use traditional stone slabs or brickwork for your entryways. To create a modern stone finish, choose marble or quartz finishings.

5. Stone Outdoor Staircase

a stone staircase in the backyard

Another way to add stone finishings to your property in Philadelphia is to opt for stone outdoor staircases over other materials. For example, staircases leading onto the porch or into the backyard from the back door can be made from composite decking or wood decking. Or they can be made from small or large stone slabs.

Choosing stone slabs generally offers better value for money long-term. This is because they require minimal maintenance, last a long time (hundreds of years, according to Coulon Stone), and offer a highly desirable aesthetic to Philadelphia homebuyers. The two most common types of stone staircases are marble slabs (which are more expensive) and limestone (which is the cheaper option).

6. Stone Kitchen Island

a stone marble kitchen island

From the view of a designer, the kitchen is the most important room in a house. A fashionable kitchen that suits the interior of a property (in terms of a modern vs historic property) can add significant value. Provided the kitchen is large enough, installing an island can open up the space and make the kitchen a social, desirable place for homebuyers.

With a kitchen island top, you have the option to create contrast and depth. Contrasting quartz stone is one of the best choices for a stone countertop in a kitchen. The finish of quartz creates a 3D appearance that makes a kitchen look high-value and expensive.

7. Stone Fireplace

a stone fireplace in a modern property

Finally, another stunning way to create a stone house interior is to finish a fireplace with stone materials. Because stone is highly heat resistant, it’s a great choice for working fireplaces (as opposed to feature fireplaces). Replacing a fireplace with stone can be costly if rebuilding the fireplace entirely. However, a more affordable way to add stone to a fireplace is to finish the external area with real stone tiles.

Adding stone tiles creates a natural, authentic look to a property, which can complement a rustic aesthetic. While cheaper, the addition of stone tiles doesn’t disrupt the quality of the finish. Stone finishings look just as authentic as a real stone fireplace.

Summary: Do Stone House Interiors Help Properties Sell Fast?

Overall, you can add stone to your property in a variety of ways. Most of the time, choosing a stone house interior adds value to your house when you decide to sell.

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