Does Adding Stone Help Sell My House in Philadelphia?

Natural stones have been in the game long before you and I were here, and that’s a reason they don’t go out of date. Nowadays, you don’t just rely on the natural version as the industry offers you at least a dozen options of human-made stones. The question is if you want to install stone, where should you add it, and which material should you choose? We are here to bust the myth about adding stone. Can it help people sell my house in Philadelphia, PA? Here are a few ideas. 

Statement Walls

Stone is the right choice if you are interested in statement walls, exterior decoration, or would like to renovate the sidings. Faux stones can bring the real look, and are relatively easy to install and maintain. Since it’s a human-made stone, you’ll notice that variety (design & cut) is impressive. It is possible to have a custom piece designed to your liking. The market is filled with great designs, so you might not require a custom one. 

sell my house with stone

Faux stone gives you a realistic look, but it can’t convey the charm & depth of natural stone. Natural stone might be a better alternative if you want to create a more durable statement wall inside your living room and other parts of the home. Natural stones come in a wide variety, but no two such slabs are going to look the same. 

Delicate stones like Onyx or marble mostly come in smaller slabs, so you can expect a seam every 5 to 7 feet. Semi-precious stones bonded with resin can provide the same look. Because of the hand-setting, you can have these stones in large formats unavailable otherwise. 

Kitchen and Bath Counter Tops

sell my house with kitchen

It is probably the most common use of stone seen in regular houses—traditional Calacatta white tiles with grey veins. But nature has provided us with so many options. When renovating/building a home, you’ll likely have countertops installed. That’s where you can make a difference. There is no question that kitchen renovations can add value to a house. This is true whether you decide to sell a house by owner in Philadelphia, or list with an agent. 

Other than marble, granite comes out as a handy choice. It’s durable, heat-resistant for everyday use, and comes in a variety of colors and design patterns. Granite also requires less maintenance compared to marble, which will need service at least every few years to keep the same shine. 

Shower Walls 

bathroom renovation sell my house

Add some glamour and style to your modern bath. Shower walls are best decorated with a minimalist design. Look for a style with minimum grout lines. 

Pathway & Entryways

Evolve the modern appearance of your home with a touch of nature. A water feature (made of marble, quartz, or other stone) and a stone pathway can be a great addition to your home’s curb appeal. Your porch can also benefit from stone-settings. My favorite is a natural-looking appearance, but marble & quartz can give you a modern look too. 


Wood is not your only choice here. If you want wood-like texture, that can be achieved with granite, which offers more durability in the long run. 

Kitchen Island 

From the view of a designer, the kitchen is the most important place. With a kitchen island top, you have the option to create contrast and depth. Contrasting quartz stone can do magic. Quartz is better (compared to porcelain & marble) if you want more options considering the design and the finish. It’s the finishing of quartz that creates a 3D appearance. 


All stone choices are valid, but make sure the material is heat-resistant and will serve you for a long-time. Marble and granite will prove to be durable. If the fireplace is durable enough, you may even find the chimney and fireplace still standing on a vacant lot in Philadelphia after a knockdown. 

Overall, you can add stone to your property in a variety of ways. Most of the time, adding stone also adds value to your house when you decide to sell. If you are curious of how much your property is worth, give us a call at (215) 326-9208.

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