Downsizing Your House in Philadelphia


There are 4 major upsides to of Downsizing Your House in Philadelphia. If you live is a big house, it can be a ton of effort to maintain it over time. You might be asking yourself, “how can I sell my house fast in Philadelphia if I’ve owned it for a long time and have now outgrown it?” Two other common thoughts are where do I even start and who buys houses in Philadelphia. Brotherly Love Real Estate is here to answer those thoughts and questions! Let’s jump into the upsides of downsizing your house in Philly.

Between the additional time, cash, and stress, living in a little home ends up being the easier decision for some Philadelphia property owners. What if you are really used to your current home? Did you consider trying to sell off your home to a we buy houses Philadelphia person or company? For some, property holders, scaling back bodes well. Discover how simple and advantageous scaling back can be for you!

Spending More Time with Loved Ones

living in a tiny home today

At the point when you live in an enormous home, you can go an entire day without seeing your relatives, regardless of whether you are on the whole having a similar rooftop! A huge house can separate families, making spending time together something that must be scheduled way in advance rather than happening serendipitously. A tinier home brings everybody closer both genuinely, and metaphorically as well. Do you think that people could really be happier living in smaller quarters together, especially if it is family? It could make it more fun to hang out around the house and spend time together.

More Time In A Smaller House in Philadelphia

Remember when tiny homes became all the rage? They are still around even if you do not hear about them as much in the news. It is a very interesting way to live, a true lifestyle in and of itself. A tiny home life would be incredibly different than a life living in the city of brotherly love. But some people do it, and do it very well I might add. I have heard countless stories of people living in the city their entire lives, getting sick of it, and moving out to then purchase one of two things. Either an RV or a tiny home! Do you think you could live in a tiny home. Check out the video above, it’s crazy what they two can pull off in the homes that they build. If you are considering building one of these bad boys yourself, there are a ton of good resources to build tiny homes and DIY sites to look into and get started.

At the point when you live in a small house in Philadelphia, you will invest less energy in making fixes, cleaning the house, and watching out for any front yard or back yard that you have. An enormous house will regularly require more upkeep and take longer for you to tidy up. You can enlist an expert cleaning administration to help, yet that is just costing you significantly more cash. At Brotherly Love Real Estate, we are often surprised how much time it takes to take care of our larger properties. We buy properties in Philadelphia, but not just in the city, but also in the suburbs. Learn more about how it works and how we work! This means we come across very small row homes, and huge houses. We understand the pain of taking care of a huge house.

Extra Cash From Selling Your House in Philadelphia

Property taxes are the first thing. If you live in a smaller house, your taxes each year may oftentimes be less, saving you money. A little house can spare you a large number of dollars in general! Same goes for property insurance. Let’s not forget utilities either! We all know how hot it gets in Philly in the summer, and how cold it gets in the winter. The cost to heat and cool a small house versus a big one is dramatic. There is a ton of cash to be saved when downsizing. A bigger house may appear to be pleasant however when you factor in what you are passing up, it may not merit such additional money.

Less Stuff

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It is never easy to part ways with the things we love most. Unfortunately, but also fortunately, scaling back your home in Philadelphia forces homeowners to do so. If you have questions about the move-in and move-out process, dive into some of our FAQs and you may find your answer. With less house to keep up, less things to monitor, and less space to be accountable for, your life will turn out to be significantly more straightforward. Brotherly Love Real Estate has helped folks move from house to house after helping them sell a house in Philadelphia, and often times homeowners are ecstatic at the sheer amount of stuff they now do not have. They feel free. They feel lighter. They feel happier. It’s a good realization that stuff isn’t always a top priority in life. A common list of things that people say they do not miss as much as they thought they would when downsizing:

Scaling back a home is never an easy task. There are lots of emotions and items to go through. Change is hard, but sometimes change is good! The grass IS sometimes greener on the other side. Especially with how beautiful some of the smaller Philadelphia houses can be, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for downsizing your home if you need to or want to. Remember that there are always different options to explore, whether downsizing or even upgrading. That perfect house exists out there for everyone.

If you are curious how much your house is worth because you are considering downsizing, give us a buzz at (215) 326-9208. We are happy to help in any way that we can.

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