4 Tips For First Time Home Sellers

a man and woman packing items in a home

Purchasing and selling a house are two very different procedures. Selling a house for the first time is a unique experience that takes time and work to get right. Getting a good price for your property starts before your house even goes on the market.

Keep reading to learn our tips for first-time home sellers to help your property sell quickly and seamlessly.

1. Pack Some Items Before Selling

two people packing and taping up boxes

Selling and moving go hand and hand. Help yourself out and get your belongings organized before selling your home. If you have time, it’s a good idea to start packing before putting the property on the market. Staging a home for a sale should involve decluttering and packing items you won’t need.

When deciding what to pack early, think about whether it will be used and/or whether it’ll look nice during viewings. If the answer is no to both, consider boxing it up. Try to consolidate packed stuff somewhere inconspicuous, like a basement, garage, or attic.

Some good things to pack before putting your home on the market include:

2. Say Yes to Open Houses

a couple being shown around a property by a real estate agent

Having strangers enter your home, especially in a crowd, can be daunting. But viewings, especially open houses, are an excellent way to sell a house fast. While many first-time home sellers tend to avoid open houses, it’s worth giving them a go.

Speak to a real estate agent about what happens at open houses if you’re concerned. They can advise on the best way to carry them out safely while protecting your belongings.

Additionally, if you want to sell your property quickly, try to keep your home available for viewings at all hours of the day, too. Most viewings tend to happen during the day and on a Sunday, according to Real Estate Agent PDX. But evening and weekend showings are becoming popular with the modern-day buyer.

3. Price Right

All sellers, regardless of whether you’re a first-time seller or not, want to get a reasonable price for their property. But it’s important to price your home if you want to attract a good buyer. Don’t value too high, and be wary of real estate agents who give you an outlier valuation. Houses in Philadelphia listed outside of their range likely won’t sell. When this happens, you’ll need to drop the price.

Any drop in price isn’t ideal when selling a property. But continuous changes are even more of a concern. Firstly, it can make you look like a frantic seller, which can lead certain buyers to be cautious of you. Secondly, it can give the illusion that there’s something wrong with the property. Otherwise, why wouldn’t it be selling for the price it’s been valued at? Finally, it can attract the wrong type of buyer, like someone looking for a cheap deal.

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4. Take Good Pictures & Videos

Great photography is one of the most important things you can do when selling your home. Photos can make or break a property listing. Listings with terrible photos or badly staged rooms can turn off every type of buyer. Choosing the right real estate agent is key if you want to sell your house fast.

Before working with a real estate agent, ask to see their previous listing photos so you can assess the quality. Seek their advice on how best to stage your home, too, so you can attract the best type of buyer.

Also, ask the agent what other services they provide. For example, will they provide virtual walkthroughs of the property on the listing? Are videos of the property included? Do they offer virtual tours for buyers out of state? If so, how good is the camera quality? What images and videos do they use to market the property on their own channels, like social media?

Want to Know How Much Your Home is Worth?

Selling your home doesn’t need to be overpowering or startling. But it’s important to get the basics right before listing. Always choose a good real estate agent to sell your home. If you want a fast sale, consider working with a cash buyer real estate investor, like Brotherly Love Real Estate.

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