Creative Gingerbread House Ideas for the Holidays

Advent calendars. Christmas tree decorating. Carolling. There is an endless amount of holiday traditions that never seem to lose their fun even as you get older. One of those traditions is making gingerbread houses. There’s something about the smell of ginger and getting frosting all over your fingers that is just so nostalgic. However, creating gingerbread houses isn’t just a throwback to your childhood holiday traditions. It’s a great way to spend time with your family and flex your creative muscles in a way that gets you pumped up for the holidays. If you’re selling your house around the holidays, it’s also a great piece to have on display that can give your home some festive flair.

gingerbread house

Whether you’re baking your own gingerbread sheets or using prebaked sheets from a store-bought kit, there is so much more you can do than just four walls and a roof. Here are some creative gingerbread house designs for the holidays.


Mini Gingerbread Houses

When you were little, you might have been tempted to see how big you could possibly make your gingerbread house. Instead, try making many small ones. While it might be a little more time consuming, multiple smaller gingerbread houses will have more structural integrity and might be easier to actually eat when the time comes. Do you think a gingerbread house could be so good that  


Gingerbread Condo Buildings

Let’s face it. Many people these days don’t live in the beautiful suburban houses that most gingerbread houses try to emulate. For a more modern, tongue-in-cheek version of a gingerbread house, try making a gingerbread condo building. It’s less traditional, but if you live in a big city, your friends and family might appreciate its realism. If you attempt to build the entire building, that could be difficult. Your next option is to simply buy a condo gingerbread building that is prebuilt. The only person that will judge you is the Grinch!


Recreate Your Own House

While it’s easier said than done, the ultimate creative gingerbread expression is a replica of your own home. The true fun would be using the small pieces of candy and chocolate to really nail down the small details. Would you go as far as staging your home before creating the gingerbread model? Whatever floats your boat, and sweet tooth. 


Gingerbread Nativity Scene

If you’re looking to choose a creative direction that’s a little more religious than traditional, try using a gingerbread house kit to recreate the nativity scene. With this option, the difficult part wouldn’t be the structure itself, but the details of the people and objects that make the nativity scene what it is.


Gingerbread Landmark

A fun challenge to take on is a gingerbread landmark that is instantly recognizable, even in food form. Using gingerbread, candy, frosting, and a little bit of ingenuity, you could create your own tourist attractions that commemorate either the city you live in or your hometown. Some thought starters for gingerbread landmarks include the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, the Pyramids, or the Coliseum.


Gingerbread City

gingerbread house ideas

Feeling ambitious? Then don’t just stop at a gingerbread house. Try to see if you and your family can take on some gingerbread city planning. Building gingerbread roads in between gingerbread hospitals, office buildings, fire stations, and parks can be a fun undertaking that you can take on slowly over the course of the holiday season. Don’t forget about the Christmas tree too! You may need to visit a Christmas tree lot to find that perfect one for your own house. Then you can model it next to your gingerbread house. 


Non-Gingerbread House

Gingerbread isn’t for everyone. You might be allergic to one of the key ingredients, or you might just not like the taste. If you’re one of those people, try using different ingredients that have similar structural integrity. You might even choose to go the savory route and use crackers, vegetables, and dips.

Happy holidays to everyone, wherever you are in the world. I hope you enjoy this special time with your loved ones. To learn more about creative ways to sell a house fast, give us a call before or after the new year. We look forward to hearing from you.