How to Move from NYC to Philadelphia

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Everyone agrees, even those planning a move-out, that NYC is a great city with a lot to offer. However, life in the Big Apple comes at a cost and a dollar here doesn’t go as far as it does in most states. Matter of fact, life in New York City is more expensive than anywhere else in the country. The list continues from there. New York is a consistent customer on the global annual list of Top 10 most expensive cities in the world, jostling for spots with the likes of Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, and Paris. Once a long-time favored destination for many Americans, the rising cost of living has seen a surge in the number of people moving out of the city in recent years, a trend that has continued well past Covid-19.

One of the preferred destinations for most New Yorkers seems to be Philadelphia, which is not surprising really.

Reasons Americans Are Leaving NYC for Philadelphia

Philly’s proximity to NYC (roughly 98 miles separates the two cities) makes it an obvious and convenient choice. Rents are cheaper, and the high cost of housing in NYC has indeed been one of the prime drivers of the exodus. Housing costs aside, living in Philly means there are fewer utility costs to contend with. The same goes for grocery costs and other expenses, which are generally lower there. Still focusing on the housing issue, Philadelphians have a variety of choices when it comes to housing. Unlike the small apartment flats of NYC, Philly has the choice of apartments, condos, and townhouses; single-family homes even. That alone would give plenty of folks a sufficient reason to cross the state line. Wait, there is more! There always is with Philly.

Relocating to a different state requires giving thought to your source of daily bread. Well, this historic city is not particularly lacking in international companies, Fortune 500 companies included. A good portion of New Yorkers are in fact lured by the abundance of employment opportunities here. It is not just the regular 9-to-5’s. Remote working is growing in the Philly area, and the city itself makes for a wonderful environment for freelancers and digital nomads, not to mention remote workers who are set to continue to grow in numbers even after Covid-19. There are cool and trendy neighborhoods, life is easier (and cheaper for families), public transport is reliable… we could go on and on about it.

How to Move to Philadelphia

If you’re planning a move from NYC to Philly, one of the top things you need to do is find a reliable NYC moving company that is not only experienced in interstate moves, but also won’t charge you an arm and a leg for it. Next comes selecting your preferred neighborhood. Philly is endowed with many great neighborhoods, so it is incumbent upon you to do your homework and settle on one that speaks to you. Some areas to consider include Northern Philadelphia (historic and big on shopping and cuisine), Northeast Philadelphia (excellent for families), and North Philadelphia, where lies the city’s largest university, Temple University. Others include West Philadelphia (more of a college town), South Philadelphia (home of sports), and of course – the history-steeped Downtown.

With the moving company and neighborhood decisions made, you need to work closely with your mover to plan for the trip. This process should ideally start at least 2 months before moving day; in a picture-perfect world, three months. The least stressful way to move from NYC to Philly is to opt for a full-service move that will have the mover doing everything for you – from packing on one end, to the unloading on the other side, and everything in between. Sure, a full-service move is more expensive than a partial-service or labor-only type of move. If you desire a seamless experience from start to finish, nothing beats full-service. Provided you’re working with a trusted, experienced mover, you’ll be glad you opted for this service.