How to Sell My House in Philadelphia

There are various strategies you can use to sell real estate. You can venture solo and sell your house by owner, or you can partner with a realtor to help you sell it. Regardless of the strategy you select, it is important to evaluate your current situation and timeline before making that decision. Since there are more selling strategies now than ever before, you need to consider all factors. Have you asked yourself how do I sell my house in Philadelphia, PA? You are in luck. Below, we outline strategies on how to successfully sell your home in Philly and why each option would benefit you as a homeowner.

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Sell My House in Philadelphia By Owner

This home-selling strategy requires the most time from you as a homeowner. You play a very active part in facilitating the property sale, and the full responsibility rides on your shoulders. If you have more time on your hands, selling a house this way can net you more profit at the closing table since you will be avoiding the 6% realtor fees that homeowners are typically required to pay when selling property.

How does a for sale by owner transaction work? Imagine you are the quarterback, the running back, and the head coach of your own football team. The outcome of your home selling rests completely on your shoulders. Sounds like a lot of pressure, doesn’t it? Fortunately, there are tools and resources that you as a homeowner can use to help you reach success. It does not have to be painful. You can bury those doubts, like will I be able to sell my house fast in Philadelphia by owner. Here are a few strategies you can implement to quiet those thoughts:


Sell My House in Philadelphia With a Realtor

how to sell my house in philadelphia

Using a realtor or real estate broker can come in handy when preparing to sell your home. Let’s be honest, they are usually the true experts. At Brotherly Love Real Estate, we can help you with this strategy if your goal is to list your property on the market to maximize your sale price. If you are selling a property in a booming neighborhood like Brewerytown, it is helpful to get as many opinions as possible. We buy houses in Philadelphia, and recently purchased a home in Brewerytown that we fell in love with. Utilizing a realtor or broker to help with the sale of your home takes the pressure off of you. Remember, you are paying them once the home sells. Let them do what they do best. Realtors should be marketing experts. If you are using a realtor but still having trouble selling your house, get them on the phone or have a meeting with them to discuss a game plan.

There are many decisions you will need to decide on when planning the sale of your property in Philly. Consider the factors above and contact us if you have wondered how to sell my house in Philadelphia. Decide how much time and effort you can put in yourself, and use the resources you have at hand. If you are thinking about what your property is worth, call Brotherly Love Real Estate for an instant cash offer (215) 769-9875