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Learn why other homeowners enjoy working with Brotherly Love Real Estate. We buy houses as-is so that you don’t have to fix or repair anything! Our team is able to close within 21 days. The entire goal of our company is to make things easy. We are a professional home buyer that purchases houses throughout the United States. If you need to sell your house fast, give us a call today. We will make you a fair cash offer for your property.


Are you unsure if you want to sell your home? Give us a call and we will provide you with an offer that you can count on. We do not lowball homeowners. Our offers are in cash and are guaranteed. For anyone that wants to sell a home quickly, give us a call today to receive a cash offer. Brotherly Love Real Estate is a professional company that buys houses all year! You will receive a cash offer within minutes.

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Real Estate Education

Although we’ve explained the steps to our process, what goes on behind the scenes?


We do our best to keep things simple, but it was not always as easy as it is now! It is so important to educate yourself on the process and how things truly work. To sell your house fast in Philadelphia, or anywhere throughout PA, we highly recommend that you learn as much as possible. Education is important! Not to mention, the real estate rules and regulations can change over time. Utilizing resources such as The Department of Licenses and Inspections (L&I) for the city of Philadelphia can be incredibly handy. You can learn all sorts of information regarding zoning, permits, and violations in conjunction with real estate.


We all got our start somewhere in life. Do you remember your first time starting something new? It can be frightening. With the help of amazing mentors, and after reading a ton of books, our team has learned the ins and outs of how to help people in Philadelphia sell their properties. To give back to the community, the BLRE team invites anyone that has questions about real estate to reach out to us. You can text us a question anytime at (215) 769-9875 and ask us anything.


Most of the top questions that get asked are most likely ones that you can guess. How much is my house worth in Philadelphia? How to deal with the Eviction Process? How to sell my house fast in Philadelphia for cash? I am dealing with foreclosure, can I still sell my home? Our team has helped out countless home owners with any type of question they may have. Even if it’s a broader perspective question about real estate economics, there are answers out there. We are here to serve, don’t be afraid to ask any real estate question that you have. Education is important!

Brotherly Love Real Estate

How Much is My House Worth in Philadelphia?


In the age of technology, there are more tools out there now then ever before to help calculating the value of a home. Many of these tools are open to the public and free. With all of these resources, it still is not always easy to answer the questions of how much is my property in Philly worth? The city of Philadelphia is very street-by-street and block-by-block when it comes to that question. Not to mention, the city is also huge! Philly usually lands at number 6 for most populated cities in the United States.


The factor that most real estate professionals take into consideration the most – many would argue – is the value of other homes sold nearby. In the real estate industry, they are called ‘comps’ which stands for comparable properties. The term essentially means properties that are similar in size, age, condition, and layout to the subject property at hand that is being valuated. Certain neighborhoods in Philadelphia are easier to identify comparable properties, and others are harder. Cookie-cutter rowhomes in parts of the city often times have similar layouts. They less differences, the easier it is! Additionally, distance matters! Since neighborhoods can differ drastically, it is helpful to have comparable properties within a 0.1 mile distance from the subject property, or even on the same block.


Once comparable properties are identified, you are getting closer to answering the question of ‘what is my property in Philadelphia worth?’ The real estate market dictates these numbers, meaning it can change over time. After reviewing comps, we review the condition of the property and determine what type of renovation we will do and how much we have to fix. Remember, we buy houses in any condition, so you do not need to do any cleaning. Also, you don’t have to worry about thoughts like how to sell my house with fire damage. We handle all renovations later on. From here, the valuation of the property is given based on comparable properties and renovation cost estimates. Our offers are reliable because they are based on actual, real numbers.

We Can Help You Sell Your House Regardless of the Situation!

There is an easier way of selling your house in Philadelphia. Avoid the hassle of open houses, deep cleanings, last minute repairs, and closing costs. Brotherly Love Real Estate buys houses in Philadelphia, and we are here to help with any situation. If you have these types of questions, we can offer solutions:

  • How to Avoid Foreclosure
  • Can I Sell My Property With Code Violations
  • How to Handle Philadelphia Probate Court
  • How to Deal With the Philadelphia Eviction Process
  • How to Sell My Fire Damaged House
  • Can I Sell My House Without Listing It

There is not a one size fits all formula or calculation that we use to place a valuation on a property.

Each property, block, neighborhood, and zip code are so unique in their own ways throughout Philadelphia.

We take pride in the valuations we give out, and we mean what we say when we tell you a value.

If you are curious, and asking yourself what is my house in Philadelphia worth, please ask! We are here to serve and educate!

Brotherly Love Real Estate

Communication Is The Key


We are real, local people and we answer when you call! 

Communication is vital when it comes to real estate. It is a huge deal to sell a home! Especially if you are selling a home in Philadelphia because the city and state can be complicated. We work right alongside the property owners to ensure an easy and quick closing. Call us, and you will get answered. Text us, you will receive a text back. Email, Hand Written Letter, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, you name it we are happy to communicate however you prefer. We are real, local people that are here to help you sell your home.


Bringing our years of experience to the table, we make the process smooth and easy by communicating with the homeowners that we buy houses from. If you’ve ever questioned how fast can I sell my house in Philadelphia, we can close within 30 days, on the day of your choosing. Our timeline is flexible, and we work around your schedule, while keeping you updated throughout the real estate selling process. The connections and friendships that are built from the services that we provide to the community far outweigh anything else. We are a people-to-people type of company, and we look forward to working with you. Let’s connect!

Get A Cash Offer For My House In Philly


You don’t have to run down to City Hall and back again to receive an offer from us. Simply fill out the form to find out how we can help you with your quick home sale. It is the year 2020 and technology has made things easy. Less paper and way less hassle. Have you been wondering what is my house in Philadelphia worth? Or how much is my vacant lot worth in Philly? By completing the form, you will receive a cash offer for your home in minutes. You don’t even need to call in unless you want to! It is all at your fingertips from your computer, instant, fast, and accurate. As mentioned above, we believe in providing education and knowledge to people in the community about real estate. We enjoy answering questions! It is quick and easy, with zero strings attached. Get answers to those questions that you have always been wondering about how much your property is worth.


An offer to buy a home can change a property owner’s life. Our team has witnessed it before, and it is truly amazing. Have you ever known someone who was dealing with foreclosure, code violations, divorce, or even bankruptcy? These lemons that life throws at people are not always easy to handle. We completely get it, and are here to help. The offer that you receive will be fair and in cash. That allows us to avoid bank headaches, and close very quickly on the day of your choosing. We can close within 30 days. Additionally, the offer you receive will come with tips on what we would envision for the property if we were to purchase it.


An offer can be given on a property during any stage of the property’s life. The property can be completely and fully renovated down to the finest details. It can also be the exact opposite. You may have thought can I still sell my house that is in bad condition? You can, and it is actually quite common. In the industry, properties that having nothing in them but beams and studs, and are in bad condition, are referred to as ‘shells’. BLRE has purchased shells before! The property that you are interested in getting an offer made on can also be somewhere in between fully renovated and a shell. Our Team has seen both ends of the spectrum when it comes to the condition of a property. To get more information about how we buy houses in Philadelphia, reach out to us online. Since Philadelphia is such as old city, many of the buildings, structures, and properties that we analyze are also very old. We buy houses of any condition in Philly.