5 Ways to Make Your Airbnb Rental Stand Out

a front of house painted blue with a white door

With the increasing popularity of Airbnb, it has become more challenging to make your listing stand out from the crowd. Getting the right descriptions and photos for your property is important.

But if you want to truly make your listing shine, you have to give all your guests an unforgettable experience. Good experiences lead to good reviews, and those couldn’t be more important in helping your Airbnb succeed.

When your Airbnb guests are happy, this usually leads to top-rated reviews for other prospective guests to see. More positive reviews usually results in reduced Airbnb vacancies. Once positive reviews start spreading like wildfire, more traffic will be driven to your listing, leading to more rental income in your pocket!

Here are 5 different ways to make your Airbnb rental stand out, so you can attract more guests and reduce vacancies.

1. Take Professional Photos

a double bed in a clean rental room

When prospective guests look for an Airbnb to rent, the first and most important things they look at are the pictures of the house. The photos draw their eye to click on your listing over others and help them decide whether they want to stay at your lodging or not.

To make your Airbnb listing stand out, make sure your photos are professional. That means using a wide lens to capture the image, taking the photo in high definition, and enhancing the colors (only slightly) where possible.

It’s best to take pictures of inside the property, the outside (particularly any key features, like a nice view or a hot tub), and any pleasant amenities nearby (like a historic town or park).

2. Sell the City

When writing your property description, don’t forget to sell the city, town, or local area as well as the property itself. Be enthusiastic and helpful in supporting your guests to navigate where is best to go during their stay.

Hosts that stand out are those who can take the time to help their guests with their travel plans and give local recommendations about places to eat and explore. Keep your guests informed on how they can get the most out of your city.

The guests will appreciate the gesture and show this through their reviews on your Airbnb. Airbnb renters who love their hosts always mention this in their reviews.

3. Leave Guests a Welcome Gift

a gift basket filled with snacks and drinks

You don’t have to leave anything expensive for your Airbnb guests. But showing your sincerity with little welcome gifts can go a long way. Consider leaving your guests postcards for them to send to their loved ones, a local drink, and snack, and a welcome letter in a basket on their arrival.

Oftentimes, it’s the thought that counts, and even the smallest of gestures can make your Airbnb stand out in the reviews. The little things can make all the difference to someone arriving at your property.

More often than not, your guests will appreciate the extra efforts that you put into welcoming them and making their stay comfortable. 

4. Design Your Home With a Theme

an airbnb living room with orange walls and orange couch

Don’t be all over the place with the décor in your Airbnb. If you want your Airbnb to stand out, opt for a similar design and theme in all your rooms. It’s always great to put in a design that displays your personality, as this can impress the guests.

If your place has a unique and memorable theme, guests will remember it and talk about it. At the same time, you should keep a level of consistency in all the rooms while displaying your personality.

Airbnb guests usually mention the décor of the house they stayed at in their reviews, so make sure they have something good to talk about. When choosing your theme, try to pick something that matches the style of the house or the area.

5. Provide Basic Household Items

Finally, another way to make an Airbnb rental stand out is to offer a few extras in your house. Apart from the welcoming basket, consider adding other helpful items to make your guests as comfortable and at home as possible.

For example, you can provide things like charging cables for iPhones and Androids, room safes, Bluetooth speakers, bath salts or bubble baths, full-length mirrors, make-up removal wipes, hair straighteners, curling irons, yoga mats, bathrobes, and anything else that will make their stay as good as possible.


There are so many ways to spruce up an Airbnb listing to attract more potential guests. By utilizing these five tips, your Airbnb will stand out in your area. Remember, a successful Airbnb always starts with a good listing. Get your photos and property description right first. Then focus on making your guest’s experience as good as possible. After that, your reviews will speak for themselves!

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