Popular Neighborhoods for Students in Philadelphia

Neighborhoods for Students Philly

The largest city in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, is The Delaware Valley’s economic hub. It has the fifth-highest population density in the country. Philadelphia should be on your radar if you’re considering studying in the US. It is a fantastic location for both travel and education. It has the second-highest concentration of colleges in the country, and Innovation in health, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, finance, insurance, and other fields is well known in this metropolis. There is even a neighborhood called University City! This area has several colleges, so selecting one that meets your needs is simple. However, what people often don’t tell you is the best place for students to live. 

86% of students said the location was critical when deciding where to live. It’s crucial to consider how convenient your lodging is when asking yourself, ‘Which apartments near me for rent are potential homes for me.’ Can you walk everywhere? Are businesses, nightlife, and university facilities all close by? When transportation costs are considered, houses in a central location may appear more affordable. With this in mind, we decided to look at the best places for students to live in Philadelphia and what sets them apart.

Best Places for Students to Live in Philly

Neighborhoods for Students Philadelphia

Many Philadelphia students live in University City, Center City, West Philadelphia, Fairmount/Art Museum Area, and East Falls because most universities are concentrated in the city’s west and northwest regions. Moving to Philly can brighten up your college life if you find the right neighborhood. Let’s look deeper at these and why they are excellent areas for students to live in.


Owl Country is only a little journey up the Broad Street line away. Temple University, one of Philadelphia’s busiest academic hubs, is situated in North Philadelphia, about 1.7 miles from City Hall. Temple is notable not only for being an institution of international distinction but also for its astounding recent expansion. There’s a plethora of student housing options and off-campus apartments. In addition, this area aids students in stretching their budgets without sacrificing Philadelphia flair, thanks to the library (upstairs nightclub) at Master’s Bar & Restaurant and various fantastic food trucks.

Washington Square West

Ideal for people who wish to live close to everything Philadelphia has to offer while still enjoying some quiet nights. There is plenty of activities in this lovely, secure neighborhood. Just south of Center City, it offers first-rate amenities without the excessive noise levels of the city’s nightlife. With its limitless array of great restaurants, artisanal cafes, beautiful boutiques, and lively pubs, Washington Square West is a hip neighborhood with something for everyone. Since 1984, the Washington Square West Historic District, which includes Portico Row, the Roberts-Quay House, and the Clinton Street Historic District, has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Philadelphia has a significant history, and you can be a part of it.

Center City

places for students to live in Philadelphia

Center City may be the most exciting option for graduate students seeking to live in a more urban environment. Living in Center City is as near to living in New York City as a graduate student in Philadelphia can do. Center City is shining with nightlife and entertainment venues, best-in-class retail, stunning buildings, and infinite dining and cuisine alternatives. The additional perk of residing in one of America’s founding cities is the abundance of artistic and cultural activities at the numerous private art galleries, museums, and other venues dispersed across the area.

However, living in Center City will be more expensive due to its proximity to everything, so it may not best suit those on a tight graduate student budget. Real estate investors love Center City because of its high home values. Selling a home in this Philly neighborhood would net you quite a large sum of money. Students that fall in love with Center City eventually try buying a home there as a good long-term investment.

University City 

You can’t beat the West Philadelphia neighborhood of University City for its proximity to Penn, Drexel, and the University of the Sciences. There are a lot of students in the area, which may or may not be a good thing depending on the type of neighbors one wants. Many different housing alternatives are available, from regal Victorian homes to ultra-modern apartments and condos. The ambiance is vibrant and varied. Although there is a lot of on-street and private parking, many Philadelphia students bike, walk, or take public transportation to school. The distance between University City and the rest of the city’s attractions is a drawback.

Old City

Many of the city’s well-known historical sites are located in Old City, which is attractive and to the east of Center City. This area provides students with the most genuine experience of Philadelphia with its cobblestone streets, colonial buildings, and beautiful facades. Because it is small and walkable, you only need to spend a little on transportation. You can visit the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, the Constitution Center, the Museum of the American Revolution, the Jewish History Museum, Betsy Ross’s residence, Benjamin Franklin’s grave, and many other attractions when you aren’t studying.