33 N 58th St Philadelphia, PA 19139

$55,000 + full transfer tax

Brotherly Love Real Estate

33 N 58th St, Philadelphia, PA 19139

– 4 Bed 1 Bath

– Building Size: 1,296 sq ft

– Lot Square Feet: 1,160 sq ft

– Zoning: RSA5

Property.Phila.Gov Link

– Note: Vacant on lockbox

– Access: Reach out to Jon for lockbox code (215) 259-8405





Terms Of Sale

– Price: $55,000 + full transfer tax

– Cash, must show POF

– 25-day close or less

– Agents welcome. 2.5% commission offered

– Buyer to use seller’s title company

– Buyer responsible for U&O and any city certifications

*Contact: Jon (215) 259-8405 for more details

Buying a house for cash is a significant step in life for many people and is often seen as a hallmark of personal and financial success. There are numerous reasons why people desire homeownership, one of the primary ones being the sense of stability and permanence it provides. Owning a home can create a feeling of belonging and rootedness, offering a personal space where we can build our lives, raise our families, and enjoy our privacy. It is a place that we can personalize according to our tastes, expressing our identities through decoration and design, and where we can foster a sense of belonging.


Another reason for buying a house lies in the financial advantages it offers. Homeownership is often considered a solid investment, as it allows us to build equity over time. You can sell your current house fast and buy a new one. As we pay down the mortgage, we gain more ownership of the home, which can increase our net worth. Additionally, in many markets, houses appreciate in value over the long term, offering potential returns upon selling. Unlike renting, where payments go to a landlord without the benefit of return, payments towards a mortgage lead to outright ownership, which is an appealing proposition for many.


Moreover, buying a house often represents an accomplishment of independence and maturity. For many, it symbolizes the transition into adulthood, providing an opportunity to take on new responsibilities and challenges. It’s a tangible milestone that signifies financial independence, planning, and achievement. This psychological aspect of homeownership should not be underestimated, as it can contribute to a person’s self-esteem and confidence. These sentiments, along with the practical and financial benefits, are key reasons why we like to buy houses.


Based on the financial evaluation, we may choose to maintain certain properties as rentals. If you’re aware of someone in San Diego, CA, needing to sell their home, please connect them with us. We will collaborate with them to simplify the home-selling process. Our company recently aided a homeowner on 19th Street with their property. We’re here to assist anyone you know dealing with a problem property. Brotherly Love Real Estate makes the process of buying and selling homes effortless for all parties involved!