3916 Wallace Street Philadelphia, PA 19104

$55,000 + full transfer tax

Brotherly Love Real Estate

3916 Wallace St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

– 2 Bed 1 Bath

– Building Size: 878 sq ft

– Lot Square Feet: 1,176 sq ft

– Zoning: RSA5

Property.Phila.Gov Link

– Note: Vacant on Lockbox

– Access: Reach out to Jon for lockbox code (215) 259-8405





Terms Of Sale

– Price: $55,000 + full transfer tax

– Cash, must show POF

– 25-day close or less

– Agents welcome. 2.5% commission offered

– Buyer to use seller’s title company

– Buyer responsible for U&O and any city certifications

*Contact: Jon (215) 259-8405 for more details

Selling your cherished home can be a rollercoaster of emotions! But fear not, you savvy homeowner, for I’m here to reveal the secrets of a successful house sale that will have buyers swooning.


Step one: The Grand Reveal

  • Spruce up that curb appeal like you’re dressing to impress on a first date! Tidy the garden, paint that peeling picket fence, and make your front door pop like a confetti cannon. Let the world see the beauty they’re about to step into! We buy houses as-is throughout Philadelphia.


Step two: Magic Moments Inside

  • Once they cross that threshold, enchant potential buyers with a magical interior. Declutter like you’re in a decluttering championship – minimalism is your superpower! Let each room breathe and allow the natural light to flirt with their senses. It’s time to fix that leaky faucet and touch up those little flaws; nobody’s perfect, but your house should come pretty darn close!


Step three: The Sweet Symphony of Listing

  • You’ve jazzed up the exterior, sprinkled charm inside, now it’s time to orchestrate the marketing melody! Click captivating pictures, write an alluring description, and let the symphony of online listings play its heartwarming tune. Be ready to impress at showings; light a scented candle, play some soft tunes, and let buyers imagine themselves living their best lives in your fantastic abode. Get ready for offers to come to your door. Sell your house fast to a home buyer who will give you a great offer. Call us today!