4 Game-changing Tips When Renovating a Restaurant

renovating a restaurant

Customers visit a restaurant to have a break from the day’s hustles and well experience the greatness of a full stomach. It also offers a chance to catch up with friends, indulge, and have all the best moments. With all this patronage, you also expect a lot from the restaurant. If your restaurant is beginning to look out of date or run down, it could be keeping away your potential customers. Remodeling your restaurant can go a long way in ensuring the business’s perpetuity. The décor will set the tone for your customers. Evolving and changing strategies is a sure way of gaining renewed interest from both old and new customers. These are the top four Game-changing Tips When Renovating your Restaurant

1. Fresh Color Upgrade

A fresh color palette is the cheapest and easiest restaurant renovating tip that does wonders. If your restaurant walls are becoming dingy, a new coat of paint could be what you are missing. You can go the extra mile by adding different pops of color through fixtures, furniture, pillows, and many more. Remember, the colors that you choose should go hand in hand with your environment. For instance, lighter colors can make clustered spaces look more spacious and feel breezier, while darker paints make them feel more romantic and bring that intimate atmosphere. If you want your restaurant to stand out amongst other commercial real estate buildings in the future, fresh paint goes a long way.

2. New Lighting Upgrades

Equally important, lighting plays a massive part in bringing that most sought-after vibe to your restaurant. For instance, skylights can magically convert your small dining halls into spacious and cheerful areas. On the other hand, soft and warm lights promote a casual and cozy ambiance. Also, a dim kitchen or any other working area can lead to slips and spoils, making it hard to operate in the restaurant. A too-dark restaurant is uncomfortable for customers trying to read a menu. Besides, too bright lights can make the environment look sterile and bring unnecessary money-sink.

3. An Intuitive Restaurant Layout

Have you noticed that your customers are attracted to one side of your restaurant more than the other? Have you heard them complaining about sound or proximity to toilets, kitchens, or table crowding? Do your waiters experience hard times maneuvering through the restaurant? If all these problems sound familiar to you, it’s time to rethink your restaurant layout. Having a large dining hall can create a noisy meal. If this is among your problems, you may want to create more intimate rooms by erecting some walls. You might also feel that your customers require a more casual and approachable space, so you’ll need to knock down some walls.

4. Instagram-Worthy Bathroom

If you are among the internet enthusiasts, you already understand that stylish, novelty or fancy restaurant bathrooms are taking over. Almost all commercial places are jumping into the current trend of bathroom selfies with their remodels. These don’t have to be expensive repairs either. You can invest a small budget into your bathroom remodel and get huge results. This has become a contemporary advertisement idea. There are many accounts and hashtags dedicated to images of customers enjoying their moments in photogenic restrooms. The bathroom’s privacy is what makes people get that intimate moment of taking a selfie. In case your restaurant’s bathroom goes viral, it becomes a perfect platform to promote your restaurant.

How to Renovate a Restaurant

Remember, restaurants are more than the meals that your customers come to enjoy. It is also about the experience and comfort they get. Recent studies have shown a 15% to 25% increase in sales by restaurants that have undergone renovations. If you are experiencing a low sales margin, try the above restaurant remodeling tips and ideas, and you are good to go. For property owners that prefer to throw their building on the market and walk away, that’s an option too. Give us a call today if you are trying to sell your real estate tied to the restaurant. We buy properties of all different shapes and sizes.