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4 Ways to Sell a House With Tenants in San Diego

Selling a property with tenants in San Diego can be easy! We buy houses for cash.

Undoubtedly, selling a house with tenants in San Diego became much harder after the pandemic. Many landlords were stuck with bad tenants unable to evict. This led to a cascade of squatters and unhappy landlords. Now that it has been some time since the start of the pandemic, homebuyers are still weary about purchasing homes with tenants currently in them. If a tenant is behind in any capacity with their rent, it will likely scare off homebuyers. Unfortunately, this makes it much more of a challenge to actually sell a house with tenants.

Here are 3 effective ways to sell a house with tenants in San Diego as a homeowner.

How to Sell My House with Tenants in San Diego

1. Sell Your House With Tenants to a Cash Buyer

One of the quickest ways to sell a house with tenants in San Diego is to work with a cash home buyer. These are typically seasoned landlords and investors who are accustomed to dealing with tenants. At Brotherly Love Real Estate, we buy houses in San Diego with tenants in them. The property doesn’t need to be vacant for us to purchase it. Our goal is to make the process easy for homeowners and other landlords that need to get out of bad situations.


Our company will buy your house for cash regardless of the occupancy. We typically turn properties into rentals anyway. Sometimes, we keep the tenant in the property and continue to rent the home after purchasing it. Other times, we renovate the property and then rent it out after that. If you have thought that I need to sell my house with tenants in San Diego, give our team a call today. Our company specializes in making the real estate process QUICK! We close within 21 days and will pay you cash for your rental property. For those that need to sell a house fast in San Diego, contact our team today. Our goal is to make the process easy and simple for property owners throughout San Diego County, California.


Did you recently inherit a home in your family that is occupied by tenants? Give us a call! We will buy your home and help put money in your family’s pocket! Not everyone wants to be a landlord. Our team can attest that it is not the most glamorous job in real estate. Contact us if you need to sell an inherited house in San Diego, CA. We will pay you cash for your rental property. Our team doesn’t require you to fix or repair anything before selling the house!

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2. Network with Agents that Invest

As a homeowner, your agent is the gateway to a successful home sale. Even with the challenge of it being occupied by tenants, a good agent can likely get the job done. What gives agents an even bigger boost for these types of real estate scenarios? If an agent also invests in real estate themselves, that will likely add even more value to you because of their network. Ideally, you can find an agent that has worked with and is connected to other investors. The end buyer that is most likely to take on your property in another investor or landlord. Work with well-connected agents in the area to hopefully find the right end buyer for your property. If it all works out, you can sell your house with the tenants still living there. However, remember that you will pay realtor commissions when selling with them. But at least you most likely won’t have to do many repairs to the property when before the final sale. Of course, that is all negotiated when going into a contract with the end buyer.

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3. Sell Directly to the Tenants

You could possibly consider this the path of least resistance. However, it, unfortunately, doesn’t happen often. The stars must align both financially and timing-wise for the tenants to buy your home at its market value. In places around the country where property values are cheaper, like Pennsylvania, this is more likely to occur. You can sell a house with tenants in San Diego directly to the occupants. However, in places like Nashville where the values are continuing to increase, this phenomenon doesn’t occur as frequently. There is a lot of negotiation and variables that go into this type of transaction. Who fixes what? That is a common debate that can be difficult to reach a conclusion about. Timing can also be tough to align. If you need to sell your house by a certain deadline or date, your tenants may not be ready. However, it never hurts to ask and see what the potential scenarios are for your rental property.

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4. Cash for Keys

“Cash for keys” is a term that is used more in squatter scarious. However, the intention holds true here too. As a landlord, you can break the lease and request that the tenants move out as soon as possible. The verbiage of your lease will dictate how part of this process can and will occur. That is where the cash comes into play. Tenants aren’t very likely to randomly move by next week if the lease protects them from that unless there is more of an incentive. Talk to your tenants and formulate a win-win scenario. If it helps you and makes sense financially, offer to pay them a certain amount or cover their moving costs if they can move out by a certain date. Once they are out, your property instantly becomes much more sellable. From there, work directly with a California homebuyer like Brotherly Love Real Estate to purchase your property in California. There is no baggage of tenants living in the home for us to handle. That means we can typically offer you a higher price for your rental property. If you have wondered how to sell my house with tenants in San Diego, call or text our team today to receive an offer. Future buyers can move in as they please after purchasing your house that used to have tenants occupying it.

Selling Your House With Tenants in San Diego

It’s important to keep your creative juices flowing when approaching a complex real estate situation. Trying to sell a house with tenants in San Diego adds another layer to an already challenging task. Consider your timeline as the homeowner and what makes the most sense financially. Ultimately, selling your house with tenants that eventually move out will get you the most bang for your buck. Either way, Brotherly Love Real Estate will make you a cash offer for your home. We cover seller closing costs in San Diego when buying your home. You can sell your house with tenants in San Diego and walk away happy.