How To Sell a Hoarder House and Avoid Hassle

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Are you trying to sell a hoarder house that smells worse than your grandma’s basement? Y-I-K-E-S! Dealing with a hoarder house is the opposite of fun. It makes owning property feel like a dark cloud that follows you wherever you go. This is causing many homeowners to get rid of the property instead of keeping it. Selling a hoarder home is becoming a much more popular choice when landlords are encountering these situations. Real estate is all ‘fine and dandy’ until your tenant becomes a hoarder, causing your entire property to become gross. Fortunately, for property owners dealing with bad tenants or unappealing homes, there is a solution.

Here are several effective tips on how to sell a hoarder house.

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Yikes! Am I Really Dealing with a Hoarder House?

In real estate, it’s easy to be in denial about the true condition of your home. “It’s not in that bad of shape. The home just needs cosmetic repairs.” The reality is that hoarder houses are tough to identify. Here are several things to look for to help you identify if your property has a hoarder (or a hoard of items) in it:

It’s a tough reality to face that your property has a hoarder in it. Hoarder houses can be so terrifyingly trashy that they feel haunted. If you are a landlord dealing with a hoarder, you likely feel trapped and/or stuck. Realizing and confirming that there is indeed a hoarder inhabiting your property comes with a rude awakening. Not every ‘hoarder’ will cooperate with their landlord. Luckily, even in this worst-case scenario, there is hope. You can sell your hoarder house as-is. Choosing this home-selling strategy helps you avoid the hassle of dealing with the hoarder and their stuff!

Sell a Hoarder House As-Is

selling hoarder house

Deciding to sell a hoarder house as-is can alleviate a ton of stress. ‘As-is’ means exactly how it sounds! You, as the homeowner, don’t have to fix, clean, repair, or empty the hoarder house before selling it. This strategy removes the hassle of emptying the property and the stress of dealing with the hoarder. Many we buy houses companies will purchase your hoarder home occupied (or not). Experienced home buyers are accustomed to dealing with problem tenants, hoarders, and squatters when buying houses.

Can I Sell My Hoarder House With Tenants?

There are countless different scenarios that cause homeowners to end up dealing with a hoarder house. A common example is a landlord dealing with a tenant that has not treated the property well. They’ve accumulated massive amounts of random items, eventually creating gigantic piles of unwanted and unclean things. Landlords may have zero idea that hoarding was happening in their rental property. Hoarding can become so severe that properties are nearly uninhabitable.

Thankfully, it is common for landlords to buy and sell hoarder houses with tenants from each other. The best way to find a home buyer that would be interested in your property is to search online for local real estate companies in your area. Ideally, you sell your hoarder house to another landlord that is accustomed to dealing with these types of situations. Avoid the stress of dealing with this real estate headache. Selling a hoarding house with tenants is possible when working with the right buyer.

Selling a Hoarder House on the Market

Selling a hoarder house on the market with a realtor is possible. As professional home buyers, we suggest analyzing the situation to best determine what makes sense for you and anyone else involved. Listing your home on the market can be a great way to reach a large group of potential buyers. However, many of those buyers are families that are looking for ‘move-in ready’ homes. Trying to sell a hoarder house on the market to a family may not be a good fit. You can still sell your hoarder house as-is on the open market. Consulting with a real estate professional can help you determine what the best route is to go.

I recently inherited a hoarder house

selling my mom's house

Did you recently inherit a hoarder house? Not everyone wants to be a landlord. Inheriting property sounds great at first until you have to start paying the mortgage and worrying about maintenance repairs. There’s a lot to consider when deciding what to do with your recently inherited home. A good first step to take is to get everyone involved in the process that should be. Real estate is a team sport, especially when dealing with inherited property.

You can sell a hoarder house that you inherited in the same ways that are listed above. Selling a hoarder house to another investor is typically the easiest route to go. Brotherly Love Real Estate offers multiple options based on your needs and end goal. Click here to learn more about how to sell a hoarder house fast. Don’t lose hope when dealing with a problem property.

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