Should I Sell My Home in Philadelphia on Craigslist?

With over 61 Million visitors each month, Craigslist is a major hub for selling nearly anything. It is one of the most well-known selling websites in the United States. You can find multiple types of real estate on Craigslist, including commercial and residential. There is no shortage of real estate on the website. When referencing this tool, I am often asked ‘can I sell my house as-is without any repairs’. You absolutely can, which is a huge perk. Dealing with one of these situations, you can still give it a shot and post your property on Craigslist…

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It differs from city to city what you can find on this site. In the City of Brotherly Love, you can buy houses for less than $20,000 or houses for more than $500,000. Their spectrum is huge! It helps to know where to start and how to use this tool to your advantage. On Craigslist, you can find homebuyers in major cities, as well as buyers from smaller towns along the outskirts of the city. You can reach these smaller areas with one single advertisement. When people try to sell a house fast for cash, they use this guide for reference. How you describe the home, and how you show off the home with pictures can make or break your post. Check out how others are posting properties in Philadelphia on Craigslist, and utilize similar strategies that you think will work well. Craigslist is the platform, but you must do some of the selling.

Selling Your House Using This Tool


Did I mention that Craigslist is not only fast, but also free? You can usually post something in under a few minutes and be ready to promote your property. Avoid marketing channels like the newspaper, radio, or television. Those can be extremely costly. Stick to the free stuff to start! Oftentimes, we will find Craigslist posts for vacant land in Philadelphia – this has increased in popularity because the land is not as difficult to market since it’s just land! There are not many differences compared to physical properties. If you are asking yourself how much is my vacant lot worth in Philadelphia, skimming Craigslist can give you a good idea of the potential value. There are many investors that use this online tool for buying vacant lots in Philadelphia, PA. It’s not only a platform for selling, but also for learning and educating.

Want to know another solid feature of this tool? You can meet people through the site that are doing the same thing you are, and connect with them to share best practices. Of course, be safe of scammers and only meet people that you feel safe doing so. You can set up alerts for the posts that you want to follow and stay on top of. This can also help with getting to know market values by following what comes up on Craigslist.

Don’t be afraid to give things a shot on Craigslist, you would be surprised what people will buy. Once in college, we bought a used hot tub online from someone in Philadelphia. It was incredibly difficult to get it in our backyard, but once we did it worked really well. You would be surprised what you can find on that site!

Be Safe and Use Your Head

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Always ask to talk to someone over the phone if you are seriously considering working with them in some way. That confirms that they are real and local to start. Then, if comfortable, use your due diligence and you can possibly meet them in person for the transaction. It is smart to meet in a public place like a popular coffee shop to ensure a safe environment! Many of us have heard the crazy stories of Craigslist experiences not going the way people expected. Scammers can use old tricks to scam people who don’t expect it. Real buyers will show you that they are real. Trust your gut, and proceed with caution when selling property online in Philly.

Unfortunately, there are not many repercussions in place for scammers and oftentimes they get away with it. They are smart and know what they are doing. Fake emails and phone numbers can be used to hide identity. Confirm as much as you can in a safe manner!

How to Buy and Sell Houses on Craigslist

Craigslist allows sellers to first use a dummy craigslist email address with their post. I recommend using this at first until you know who you are working with. It helps avoid spam and other weird internet things that can wander into your inbox. The unexpected thing here is that if the buyers you are working with that seem legitimate at first ask you to send money outside of the platform, such as Western Union. Does that sound like a good idea? It does sometimes if they are good, but always be safe when wiring any amount of money to someone you do not know well. Unfortunately listing anything on Craigslist comes with having to deal with dud leads and buyers. Don’t let them waste too much of your time and breeze through them, and onto the next!

Another additional safety step you can take is to remove geotags from pictures before placing them in your listings. This keeps your actual address confidential. Only reveal the good information to the people you know are legitimate and real! These precautionary measures seem strict at first but can protect you and your assets in the end.

How Do I Sell My House In Philadelphia

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At the end of the day, Craigslist can be a great tool for many things. However, to sell something that has so much value, like a house in Philly, is another story. You want to get top dollar for it. And sell that thing for as much as you can. Brotherly Love Real Estate buys houses through Philadelphia PA and we are here to help. Any condition, it does not matter. You can avoid the hassle, and forget about making repairs or cleaning. We recommend using all the tools to educate yourself and learn about the market in Philadelphia. However, when it comes to selling your property fast and for top dollar, you can count on companies like us to perform. We are real local people that are here to provide solutions to you whatever the situation may be. You can see why others love working with the Brotherly Love Team, and fill out our form to get your cash offer today.

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