Can You Sell a House With Termite Damage?

an internal door with termite damage

Termites are pesky bugs that can completely degrade parts of a property. Termites and other house-eating bugs are silent but deadly to wood in a property. Wooden beams don’t stand a chance against an army of mites.

Fortunately, there is hope if you’re dealing with a termite-infested home. Homeowners can sell a house with termite damage as long as they can find the right buyer. Brotherly Love Real Estate is an experienced homebuyer that purchases houses in any condition.

We have unfortunately also dealt with termites in several of our rental properties. Brotherly Love Real Estate, and other companies like us, will consider buying your property regardless of the bug infestation.

If you have thought, “Can I sell my house with termite damages?”, this guide will outline several options and solutions that can help you remedy the situation.

Can I Sell a House With Termite Damage?

a house with termite damage

There is hope for anyone trying to sell a house that has termite damage. The extent of the damage can affect the offers that you receive from prospective buyers. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot sell your property. There is a buyer out there for everyone.

Selling your home with termite damage to a first-time homebuyer or a family may be challenging. Oftentimes, those buyers are looking for turnkey places to move into. They normally prefer to have you fix certain damages before buying your house.

Other homebuyers prefer to purchase houses that need TLC for a good price. If there is termite damage, a homeowner may be happy to do renovation work, as will an investor flipping a property. They will buy your house with termite damage as-is.

You won’t have to remedy any of the damaged beams or wood that suffered from mite bites. Regardless of the severity of the damage done by termites, you can find a buyer and sell your house.

Can I Sell a House With Termite Damage to a Cash Buyer?

a termite on wood

Selling a house with termite damage typically becomes easier when working with a cash buyer. Many homebuyers that fall into this category are accustomed to dealing with properties that are damaged. You won’t have to fix or repair any of the termite damages before selling the home.

Brotherly Love Real Estate is a cash home buyer that purchases properties as-is. We even buy hoarder homes, many of which suffer from termite damage. There are no requirements made for your end of the deal. You can sell your house with termite damage and avoid the hassle of fixing things up.

When working with a cash home buyer, you also avoid parts of the real estate process like staging, showings, and open houses. Having to worry about hosting open houses for a property that is damaged can add additional stress to the sales process. Cash buyers remove that hassle for you.

Can I Sell a House With Termite Damage on the Market?

severe termite damage on the corner of a wooden structure

Another option for homeowners dealing with termite damage on their property is to list it. You can sell your home with termite damage on the market with a realtor. If you are aware of the termite damage, there are a few steps that you’re required to take.

This includes:

For those who plan to sell a house with termite damage on the market, it’s helpful to get your home ‘market ready’. Most buyers on the market are looking for turnkey homes to move into. It’s easier to find buyers when your home isn’t suffering from major damages.

Termite damage can dissuade a potential buyer from making you an offer. It’s helpful to fix the termite damage in your home before listing it on the market. You will be surprised how many buyers will come out of the woodwork (pardon the pun!) when your property is clear of any termite damages.

You’ll usually know if your house has termite damage if it has:

Who Pays For Termite Repairs in California?

Most costs are negotiated when someone is trying to sell a house in California. This also includes termite damages. However, the standard (norm) is that the seller pays for the repair cost regarding the damages caused by termites.

Remember, everything is negotiable. If you’re trying to sell a house in San Diego, learn about the San Diego selling process. Brotherly Love Real Estate is a professional homebuyer located in Southern CA. We buy houses in any condition, even ones with termite damage.


For homeowners who are unsure if they are in fact dealing with termite damage, feel free to contact our team today. Brotherly Love Real Estate can provide a full analysis of the potentially damaged areas.

We understand and can empathize with homeowners dealing with large maintenance issues. Our team deals with them frequently with our own properties. If you are wondering, “Can I sell my house with termite damages?”, the answer is, yes, you can! Contact our team today to receive your cash offer.