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Advice on How Sell My House Fast in Delaware County PA

There are many ways to sell a house in Delco. When looking through a broader lens and considering all of Delaware County, you must consider all of the factors:

  • ACCESSIBILITY: How close is your home to Philadelphia and other major cities?
  • PROPERTY CONDITION: What is the current condition of your home?
  • FINDING HOME BUYERS: Is my property best suited for an investor or owner-occupant?

Before we dive deep into the steps to sell a house in Delaware County PA, let’s first identify your timeline. That will help us answer how to sell my house fast in Delaware County. Why do you need to sell your home? Ask yourself that question. Are you planning to downsize your home or move for a job transfer?? That would require a fast sale of your home. What if you had a job transfer and a baby is on the way? Wow! You may really need to ‘Get Outta Dodge‘. At that point, you are likely better off contacting a we buy houses company group in your county. They can typically purchase properties fast and for cash, which can result in a 3-4 week closing.

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If you are selling your home for a different reason, you may be blessed with more time. Either way, it starts with your timeline. Once you have identified how fast you need to sell your house in Delaware County, we can proceed to the how part of the process.

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Steps To Sell A House For Cash in Delaware County PA

Selling a house is a very important moment in life. You create memories in a home. Families grow up together. Pennsylvania is a great place to raise a family! Delaware County real estate not only provides a great place to live but has also shown to be a smart place to own a home financially. Philadelphia is not the only county where you can gain major appreciation from buying a house. Let’s review the steps to sell a house in Delaware County PA.

Accessibility to and from Your House

“Location, location, location.” Some people would argue that it is literally all you need to make money in real estate. While it can be true at times, there is more to unpack when talking about the location of your property. As a Delaware County Home Buyer, we recommend highlighting the top features of your property. Is your house a corner property? That can sometimes mean that it is larger than the other houses on the block. Highlight that! It is a huge selling point. Features like this can sell a house for cash in Delaware County PA.

Additionally, when evaluating the location of your home, consider the proximity to public transportation. There will always be home buyers moving from major cities like Philadelphia to more relaxing places like Delaware County. If your only thought is that I need to sell my house fast, you will want to attract as many buyers as possible. There is a chance that Philadelphia home buyers may be able to pay more for your home too. If they are used to making the big bucks working in Downtown Center City, you want to highlight any features of the house that they would enjoy. Accessibility to transportation is an important buying factor for people used to living in a large city.

Verify the Property’s Condition

The condition of your house can usually do one of two things. It can completely deter buyers from entering the house. On the other hand, the condition can also attract more buyers than you could imagine. Shiny new granite countertops in your kitchen go a long way. What if the condition of your home is not great? Are you wondering can I sell my house fast in Delaware County successfully? The short answer is, it depends.

Homes that are in great locations have an advantage, and can sometimes be laxer about doing repairs and renovations before selling. The high demand for an area can put blinders on Delaware County home buyers. In a good way! They may not care if about the leaking roof, sloping second-floor hallway, or cracking foundation. In cases like that where there is high demand for your home, you have more leverage and can negotiate repair items at closing with the end buyer. They may want you to pay for several expenses out of your total net profit from the sale of your home. However, that is not always the case. As a seller, you may also have them pay for those repair expenses at closing. Again, it depends on how much demand there is for your home in Delaware County. Brotherly Love Real Estate can provide a free analysis of your area and property, to give you a better idea if you should repair your house before selling it.

Finding a Delaware County Home Buyer

After you have highlighted the features of your home and decided whether to do repairs or not, you can begin the final step in the process. Your goal at this point is to find a Delaware County home buyer. There are plenty of them out there, you just have to find them. Regardless of the economy, there will always be buyers in the market in some capacity. Finding a buyer for your property is the final step to selling a house fast in Delaware County PA we will review.

There are countless ways to actually market your home. Before you even do that, try to figure out the persona of the end buyer.

  • Who are they?
  • Are they employed or retired?
  • Do they have kids?
  • Will they live in the property themselves?

Don’t get too carried away with the details here, although many of them are important! A Delaware County home buyer will typically fall into one of two categories:

  1. Owner Occupant
  2. Real Estate Investor
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Owner-Occupant Delaware County Home Buyer

Selling your property to an owner-occupant comes with advantages and disadvantages. What is an owner-occupant? That is someone who plans to physically live there after you sell your house to them. There is also a large spectrum of what an owner-occupant can be like. They may be a single person that is easygoing and not very particular about the house they are buying. On the other hand, it could be a family of 5 that is looking for very specific features, a certain layout, and an overall vibe that they can picture themselves raising their family in for the next 30 years.

Nevertheless, a Delaware County home buyer that plans to live in the house often will buy through emotion. It is your job as the seller to do your best job selling your house, and overall home experience, to them. They do come with some baggage, though. More often than not, an owner-occupant buys houses with traditional financing. This means that they are taking out a loan from a bank to purchase your house. While this does not always bode problems, it can sometimes delay the process and occasionally fall out of contract due to financing issues. Simply put, certain banks are complicated and have strict requirements for the people they lend to. The bank may catch an issue later on in the financing process, and halt the entire thing even though you have already started.

Many sellers don’t realize this going in. They read about how it’s easy to sell my house fast in Delaware County and then fall out of contract weeks in because of the buyer.

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Company That Buys Houses for Cash in Delco

Do you think that your home is better suited for a real estate investor to buy? Again, this does go back to location. There are particular areas that are better suited for buying an investment property or flipping a house. You can find those areas scattered throughout Delaware County, PA. However, please note that this is not set in stone. This can change over time depending on factors like the local real estate economy and job growth. Either way, when you find yourself dealing with real estate investors as your buyers, there are several benefits you can experience as a homeowner.

  • Buy houses in cash
  • Fast closing
  • Fewer contingencies

When the thoughts remain consistent that I need to sell my house fast in Delaware County, working with an investor can help. Investor home buyers typically buy houses in Delaware County for cash. That means no bank is involved. The process automatically gets sped up without involving a bank. Depending on how fast you need to sell a house, speed, and timing could be everything. Lastly, investor home buyers usually do not include as many contingencies in their offer to buy your house. We purchase homes with tenants (and even squatters) in them. Delaware County is an easier county to deal with squatters than Philadelphia. We’re happy to take on any type of occupied property! You don’t have to repair, or even clean, your home before selling it to us. Not a bad deal.



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What To Do After I Sell My House in Delaware County PA?

You have done it. Congratulations on selling your house in Delaware County. Similar to when people retire, homeowners at times don’t know what to do next after they are all finished. Maybe you can retire now that you just sold your house! Many people that sell a house attribute most of their feedback about the process to the overall timeline and flow. Were you able to squash the doubts like, ‘how do I sell my house in Delaware County and make a profit?’

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If you are ever wondering about how fast it may take to sell a house in Delaware County PA, Brotherly Love Real Estate can provide a quick analysis for you. Please give us a call at (215) 769-9875 or fill out our form to receive a cash offer on your property with a timeline of the process to sell your home fast.