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How to Sell My House Fast Cherry Hill, NJ

Best practices & tips on selling a home quickly!

Where to Begin When Selling a House in Cherry Hill

It is easy to have shiny object syndrome. For homeowners that do not feel like reading and want to cut to the chase, give us a call at (215) 769-9875. We can make you an offer within minutes, and ultimately help you sell your house in Cherry Hill, NJ. Now, back to the selling tips!

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Selling a house can be one of the biggest investment decisions of someone’s life. There are countless factors to consider when deciding how to go about it. Fortunately, real estate has caught up to the technology boom, which has made selling property much easier. Communication is streamlined, and people can complete the process in a matter of weeks. Our quickest close was 21 days! If you have thought that I need to sell my house fast in Cherry Hill, review the practical tips and strategies below. Work smarter, not harder.

Total debt owed on your house

When preparing to sell a house, you must first calculate how much money you need to earn from the sale. This will help figure out which selling strategy to use, and how long to try them out for. Do you have a mortgage on your home? You’ll want to at least pay that off if possible with the sale of your house, along with putting some cash in your wallet. Review your financial documents and bills to decipher if you owe anything else against the property. Common home liens and debts include:

  • Mechanics Lien
  • State Tax Lien
  • Lien from overdue property taxes
  • Overdue Property Taxes
  • Overdue Water Bill
  • 2nd Mortgage

Once you calculate the total amount owed against your property, use that as your starting point. Of course, account for additional fees, such as closing costs. Typically, we cover closing costs when a homeowner sells a property to us. Next, ask if anyone else is involved and if you need to pay for this transaction to happen. Would you rather sell a house in Cherry Hill, NJ without a realtor? It’s possible to sell a home in dirty jerz by yourself. That will save you money once the sale is final, but will require more work and time from you upfront. Both selling strategies have their pros and cons.

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How fast do you need to sell your house?

Timeline is the next factor to investigate. For homeowners who have thought that I can sell my house in Cherry Hill, New Jersey in 24 hours, that is unfortunately not possible. You can get it under contract within 1 day, but you cannot fully sell a house in that timeframe. The quickest chunk of time that we have bought a house is 21 days. It can be done, but requires everyone to have their ducks (and documents) in a row!

If you are thinking that I need to sell my house fast in Cherry Hill, you’ll need to find the right homebuyer. To achieve that 21-day sale, cash home buyers are the cream of the crop. These home buyers, also known as real estate investors, pay cash for their houses. They do this for several different reasons. We are all aware that “cash is king”. The question is, why it is king?

Cherry Hill cash home buyers

By working with a home buyer that pays cash, the actual process of selling your home speeds up dramatically. Reason number one: there is no bank involved. If you need a quick house sale, you don’t have time to wait for your buyer to get approved for financing. Home buyers are required to jump through multiple hoops when getting approved for a loan to purchase property. It makes sense. The bank doesn’t want to get screwed later on if the buyer can’t continue to pay the monthly mortgage payments back.

Banks need to make sure that they know exactly who they are dealing with when they lend money to someone to buy a house. That is the simple reason why traditional financing purchases take longer. There are more documents to complete, and more financial backgrounds to vet. Cash home buyers have the benefit of avoiding that entire process. That is why cash is king. It is liquid, fast, and tangible. For people that need to sell a house fast in Cherry Hill, connecting with a home buyer that pays cash can help.

The benefit to the home buyer for making cash offers on houses is that their offer stands out. Is your house in high demand because Cherry Hill real estate is increasing in value? Experienced home buyers that have their fingers on the pulse of the housing market know this. When a home buyer desperately wants to buy a house, they will do their best to make their offer stand out. Would you prefer an all-cash offer with no contingencies or an offer that will take 3 months to close after the bank gives a final approval?

Again, it all circles back to time. Selling a house in Cherry Hill for cash will save you weeks, or even months, of time. How important is that to you? Review any dates or deadlines you must hit in the coming weeks to help determine the best course of action. A quick house sale is possible with enough planning, and working with the right home buyers.

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Ways to Sell a House in Cherry Hill, NJ

Learning how to properly sell a house takes time. There are numerous factors, along with skillsets, that can influence if the home ultimately sells. For example, homeowners need to negotiate on price when selling a house in Cherry Hill, NJ. This is a sales skill. One more example – learning how to market your property. You must spread the word that you are selling your house for buyers to know about it. Offers will be few are far between without this strategy.

Sell my house without a realtor

Riding solo! This is a commonly chosen strategy by homeowners looking to sell a home quickly. Many of the people that we buy houses from in Cherry Hill are not using a realtor to sell their property. It comes down to preference, time, and money. Many people enjoy learning the process, leading with a “do it yourself” mentality. If you have wondered how can I sell my house fast in Cherry Hill, NJ without a realtor, you should begin building a marketing plan.

Review your timeline and determine how many hours per week you can devote to selling your house. Also, include deadlines and dates that could affect the sale of your property. Do you need to sell your fast before the end of the fiscal year? Consulting with your account or financial advisor is also a good place to start when preparing your marketing plan.

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Hire a professional photographer

Professional photos can help sell a house fast in today’s world. People shop online and shop from their phones. We have bought houses in Cherry Hill through text messages before! Unbelievable at first, but it is a common way for people to communicate nowadays. Home listings that have low-quality pictures will not attract as many potential property buyers, and will ultimately decrease the number of offers you receive.

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot! Hire a professional to properly take photos. This will help highlight the features of your property that home buyers want to see. Selling a house without a realtor requires premium marketing to attract the right buyers to your property.

Selling property on Craigslist

Once you have an arsenal of photos, you are ready to let people know that you are selling a house in Cherry Hill, NJ. Craigslist is still the wild-wild-west of the internet. Unfortunately, but fortunately, it still works. You’ll be surprised at the number of people who sell a house using Craigslist. Young and old cash home buyers lurk on this website. I urge you to vet anyone before working with them, and make sure that they are real! A phone call, and eventually an in-person meeting can help verify a person is legitimate. Of course, be safe when meeting anyone face-to-face!

When selling a house in Cherry Hill by owner, you want to get as many eyeballs on your listing as possible. Craigslist is only the precursor to what else is available online.

Using the internet to sell a house in Cherry Hill

There is a multitude of online platforms to sell a home on. Zillow now has a feature that allows homeowners to sell property fast using their FSBO category. This is a game-changer when it comes to marketing your property to the masses. Everyone in Cherry Hill, NJ will know you are selling a house. Well, every home buyer that is on the lookout will know.

Email notifications are often set up to alert cash home buyers near you that someone is selling a house. Most active home buyers will have this setup. They will get a buzz on their phone instantly. Be prepared to receive offers almost instantly if the property is priced well, and marketed well. If you or your spouse have thought that I need to sell my house in Cherry Hill without a realtor, the internet is the best tool to achieve that.

Cherry Hill home buyer meetups

Is technology not your thing? Aside from typing, mine is not either. For homeowners that prefer to see their buyers face to face, begin attending your local real estate meetups. You can connect with a myriad of people in the industry that can help you sell a house, or at least point you to someone who wants to buy it. Cherry Hill home buyer meetups consist of real estate investors, mortgage lenders, developers, house flippers, and many more characters in the space.

Selling a house in Cherry Hill, NJ becomes much easier when you network with the right people in the industry. Local home buyers are typically very friendly and open to sharing what they know. Many of these meetup attendees have likely tried to sell a house in Cherry Hill by owner. See what experiences other cash home buyers are willing to share. You can learn local strategies that work particularly well in this area for selling property.

Typically, people attend the Cherry Hill home buyer meetup to find deals. This means they are there with their pockets open, ready to buy a home. It could be as simple as you attending one meetup, and finding your end buyer. Life doesn’t have to be hard! Stick to what works, and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

There are virtual home buyer meetups you can join to try selling your NJ property. We’ve seen New Jersey homeowners successfully connect with a homebuyer in San Diego, CA and sell their property. The earth becomes smaller with technology. Take advantage of it and find the right homebuyer for your property in Cherry Hill.

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Negotiation Tips When Selling Your House

Whether you are selling your house by owner, or with a realtor, there is at least some negotiation involved. When you sell a house in Cherry Hill by yourself, the entire negotiation process lies on your shoulders. You must walk a fine line, play the game, and do the dance. What I mean is you must go in prepared so that cash home buyers do not take advantage of you.

Step 1: Determine the lowest offer you will sell your house for

When homeowners do not have their rock bottom number in their heads, they may lose sight in the heated moments of negotiation and sell your house for a lower price than they intended. Stand your ground, and keep that number in your mind. Selling a house in Cherry Hill used to be a breeze. There wasn’t as much demand. Now, cash home buyers from cities like Philadelphia are looking to buy property fast in this area. When demand is on the rise, you can find yourself with more offers than you know what to do with.

Step 2: Disclose all damages to your house upfront

This advice sounds backward. However, it will save you negotiation and time later. By disclosing every possible thing that you know about your house upfront, home buyers will have no ammunition once you begin to negotiate. For example, if there is a leak in the roof of your property, point it out during the initial walkthrough. If you confirm with the home buyer that they know about the damages, they will factor that into their overall repair costs. That way, they cannot use it as a negotiation piece as you get closer to selling your house.

Step 3: Review Contingencies

Contingencies within the agreement to buy your house can come back to bite you. Make sure you read through each carefully within the contract, and feel comfortable about each one. For example, the home buyer can plan to purchase your house contingent on if they can sell the current place where they live. This may sound fine and dandy at first. What if they do not sell their house? Then you are stuck right back where you started.

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When a Quick House Sale goes Wrong

What if you have a bad experience trying to sell a home fast in Cherry Hill, NJ? Take a deep breath, there are options and solutions for any situation. First, make sure that you are officially out of contract with your previous home buyer. Even if they promised you the quickest house sale in all of Pennsylvania, trust your gut and move on.

  • Check your documents
  • Cancel any existing agreement
  • Review what marketing materials are salvageable
  • Contact previous cash home buyers that showed interested

Your best bet is to immediately reach out to previously interested parties. Did you have multiple offers when selling your home in Cherry Hill? Those home buyers may still be interested! Drop what you are doing, and hop on the phone with them right away. There’s a chance they are already considering other properties to buy.


“Strike while the iron is hot”. You worked so hard to drum up interest in your property. Take advantage of that, especially if you found these leads yourself. If you have questioned why is it so difficult to sell my house fast in Cherry Hill, NJ, remember there is still hope. Especially if you own property in an area of Cherry Hill where the demand is high. You may even get a higher cash offer for your house than you initially received! Wouldn’t that be a treat?

Ways to sell my house as is

This is your ticket out. You can sell a house fast in Cherry Hill, even if you don’t renovate it. As mentioned before, more home buyers from surrounding areas in Pennsylvania are flocking to Cherry Hill. Since demand is up, that means home buyers will be more flexible and less demanding when buying property. Nowadays, it is common to see houses advertised as “selling as is”. This means that the buyer gets what they get!

You can save yourself time, and sometimes money, by selling a house as is. Pandora’s box stays shut, along with the can of worms. Property owners that begin to renovate their house can uncover additional issues with the building. They cannot simply leave those issues out in the open. It forces them to fix unexpected repairs that arise, and ultimately cost them more money. Often, it’s easier to sell a house as is in Cherry Hill versus doing renovations.

There are numerous different ways to go about selling property. It can happen quickly, or sometimes take much longer than expected. By utilizing several of these strategies, you can minimize the time you spend trying to make this happen. If you have doubted that I can’t sell my house fast in Cherry Hill, review these popular tips. Determine which strategy best suits your needs and timeline. Contact us will any questions, and to receive a cash offer for your house today. (215) 769-9875