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Ways to Sell My House Fast in Drexel Hill PA

Selling a home can happen quickly!

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Selling a house can be one of the biggest investment decisions of a person’s life. There are countless factors to consider before making the plunge. What is your timeline? There may be other family members involved that should be involved in the sale of the home. If you have wondered how can I sell my house fast in Drexel Hill PA, these tips will help you succeed. Pennsylvania is a huge state. It is important to account for the specific real estate market factors of Drexel Hill.

How fast can I sell my house in Drexel Hill PA?

This question boils down to your individual timeline. Do you have places to go, and people to see? We have seen homeowners that need to sell a house in Drexel Hill within 2 weeks. That is a tall order. Not completely impossible, but exceedingly difficult, and likely unrealistic. Are you moving out of state because of a new job? That may require serious deadlines to be hit. Selling a house in Drexel Hill PA may now be on a time crunch because of this scenario.

Realistic Timeframe to Sell a House

Before the 2000s, trying to sell a house in Drexel Hill PA usually took 2-4 months minimum. The reason it took so long is because of three things:

  • Technology
  • Communication
  • Documents

Technology automatically makes things faster. Text messages are instantaneous. And people can get emailed directly to their phones. Basically, if you need an answer about something today, you should be able to get that answer quickly. Whether it be a quick text message to someone or a simple Google search. Selling a home has never been easier!

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The real estate industry has been completely disrupted by technology. You can film virtual tours to showcase your house when selling it. Hungry home buyers can let themselves into properties for sale through automatic lockboxes. This means you do not have to meet them at the house each time if it’s vacant unless you want to. If you have thought about how can I sell your house fast in Drexel Hill PA, technology will be one of your best tools.

Communication is much more efficient nowadays due to technology. When you see your neighbors sell a house fast, it is usually because they harnessed the power of email to get things done quickly. There are often “too many cooks in the kitchen” when it comes to selling a house. Keeping involved parties in the same email chain helps everyone stay on the same page and complete tasks fast. Especially in Drexel Hill PA, selling property fast can happen thanks to efficient communication.

Documents can take forever to process when buying or selling a home. Thankfully, you can sign most documents digitally. This helps speed up the process dramatically. Are you in a rush to sell your house in Drexel Hill PA? Once you find the right home buyer, you can sign documents digitally to get the ball rolling. Overall, you can sell a house as quickly as 3 weeks. That is the fastest timeframe that we have bought a house. The average is usually around 4 weeks in total. For those who have thought that I need to sell my house fast in Drexel Hill PA, sign your documents digitally to keep the process efficient.

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Sell a House in Drexel Hill using the Internet

The internet is a powerful, yet sometimes scary, place. To many homeowners’ surprise, you can use the internet to sell your house in Drexel Hill. One easy step to make that happen is to contact us by filling out the form! We provide a cash offer for your home in minutes and don’t ask for any repairs to be completed on the house. You might be wondering what other ways can I sell my house in Drexel Hill PA.

Real Estate Forums

You must fish where the fish are! When looking for a home buyer, it will save you time if you know where to look. Real estate forums, such as Bigger Pockets, act as a place for home buyers in your area to talk about buying and selling property. Communities like this are typically open to sharing. If you simply need tips on how to sell a house in Drexel Hill, experienced home buyers are happy to provide you with some knowledge.

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Property Type

I would ask yourself what type of property you have first. Is it vacant land, a quadplex, or a standard single-family house? From here, you can reverse engineer finding the right home buyer. Also, determine what type of condition your home is in. For properties that need a complete overhaul and renovation, it may be best suited for a house flipper. Your HGTV prince charming home buyer awaits!

Being upfront and disclosing all possible information about your home helps speed up the process. Selling a house can turn sideways if the home buyer finds a dozen unexpected damages after doing the final walkthrough. Do your best to disclose all the quirks and flaws upfront. It will save everyone time later. Negotiating at the closing table is never fun! This helps you, the homeowner, avoid getting price-dropped. If you want to sell your house fast in PA, keep home buyers informed about what they are getting into.

We also buy houses in Chester and other parts of Pennsylvania. Contact us if you know of anyone trying to sell a house in those areas!

Drexel Hill Zillow

There are plenty of tools to use when selling property in Drexel Hill online. Zillow is one of the top platforms and has expanded to help people sell properties by themselves. This is also known as “for sale by owner”. Zillow can help get the word out about your home. It is also integrated with other online platforms, which will increase the number of eyeballs that come across your place. Selling a house in Drexel Hill PA gets easier when utilizing tools like Zillow.

Please note that if you use Zillow, you will be required to field questions and inquiries yourself. This is unless you use a realtor. You can add photos, a description, and other details regarding your property. Home buyers will get notified instantly if your home meets their criteria. They can reach out to you directly online via phone, email, or on the platform itself. That is a huge perk! Selling a house fast in Drexel Hill is possible when harnessing the power of technology. Don’t forget to use spellcheck before posting your home online!

Selling a house in Drexel Hill without a Realtor

Since we’ve already mentioned a few tips on this, let’s dive deeper for homeowners that are considering this strategy. Selling a house without a realtor saves you money because you don’t have to pay a commission. Typically, the seller pays a 6% commission when the house sells. This, unfortunately, is regardless of how fast it happens. A realtor can promise you the world, and give you garbage.

The commission is determined before the process of selling the house begins. It is put in writing so each party is held accountable. If you choose to sell a house without a realtor, you will need time. Here are several tasks that homeowners pay realtors to do:

  • Market the property
  • Communicate with potential home buyers
  • Negotiate price
  • Manage documents
  • Officially sell the house

There is more to selling a house in Drexel Hill PA, but that sums up the main points of what a realtor would do for you. For homeowners that have enough time to do all of these tasks, I would go for it. You must be confident in your marketing and sales skills. Previously, if you thought that I need to sell my house fast in Drexel Hill, choosing the wrong realtor could slow you down.

Quick house sale tips for Homeowners

After taking the plunge and deciding to sell a house by owner, you’ll need to be equipped with tools to help you succeed. Preparing as much in advance as possible will save you time and headaches later. By following these tips, you will be able to sell your house quickly in Drexel Hill PA.

1. Find Cash Home Buyers in Drexel Hill

Selling a home for cash dramatically increases how fast the process can wrap up. Think about it. If the home buyer you are working with needs to get approved for a loan, that could take weeks or even months. Finding a home buyer that pays cash will cut your time in half. To hit that 3-week time period that we mentioned earlier, the home buyer will need to pay cash. There is no other way.

Is your house in bad condition? For properties that need a full renovation, it is usually best to work with a cash home buyer. They have fewer requirements overall and keep the process as simple as possible. If you need to sell my house fast in Drexel Hill PA which is in poor condition, find a buyer that can handle it. There are house flippers and home buyers that specifically look for these types of properties. They are out there, you just need to find them!

2. Sell your house to tenants

This strategy only applies to landlords or owners with vacant properties. Selling a home to your tenants can be the ultimate win-win situation. Firstly, there is already trust between the homeowner and tenant – or at least there should be. Tenants can inhabit a place for decades, and then eventually want to buy it. You can sell a house fast in Drexel Hill PA when working directly with your tenant. There are zero commissions or fees associated with the sale. Do you know what that means? More money in your pocket. Beautiful!

There are special agreements that you can set up between you and your tenants where they get first dibs on the property after a set amount of time. For example, they can agree to buy your home in exactly 5 years at the market value price of today. That way, the tenants can begin to save for that time. If they cannot pay it in 5 years, the agreement is off and you can sell your house the traditional way. This allows everyone to be on the same page.

Selling a house in PA to your tenants comes with even more benefits. For example, you don’t have to market your property. Time, effort, money, and pride are all saved by avoiding this. Not to mention, the tenant already lives there. That means no one needs to move out, so you avoid vacancies as well. This strategy to sell your home is the ultimate hack. It keeps the most money in your pocket. Are you worried about cleaning fees when your tenant moves out? Avoid those by selling your house quickly to your tenants before they move out.

3. Try selling a house as-is

By selling your house as-is, you publicly state that you are not making any repairs before getting rid of the property. Sounds too good to be true? I used to have the limiting belief that no home buyer would want to buy a house as-is. They would want it all fixed up, right? Wrong!

Cash home buyers, especially in the Drexel Hill area, are looking for properties just like that. When they see the words “handyman special”, they start jumping for joy. The demand for houses in Drexel Hill has begun to rise over the past years. Cash home buyers are willing to make sacrifices, such as buying a house as-is, in order to still get the deal. Real estate is becoming more and more competitive. They need to take these risks to continue paying the bills.

Selling a house quickly in Drexel Hill is achievable when marketing as is. House flippers and cash home buyers will be flooding your inbox with offers. Of course, most home buyers will still want to walk through at least once before closing. They may be experienced enough to know what they are getting into. We make offers without seeing a place every week. It’s not completely uncommon. This saves you tons of time and effort since you won’t have to do showings on weekends or open houses. If you have wondered how can I sell my house fast in Drexel Hill PA, consider this marketing strategy.

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How to Sell My House for Cash in Drexel Hill

We have skirted around this topic. Now it’s time to review the all-time best strategies for selling property directly. What does it mean to sell my house directly to another person? There is no middleman. While middlemen can be helpful at times, they cost money. What do you prefer: money or time? Once you make that decision, run with it. Click here to learn more about how to sell your house fast in Pennsylvania.

Selling a house in Drexel Hill directly to a buyer can save loads of time. You can avoid the hassle of listing the house on the market. That is honestly what eats up the majority of your time. It is a long process to prepare the house for the market. Here are certain tasks you can avoid when selling your home directly:

  • Staging your house
  • Cleaning
  • Minor repairs and renovations
  • Listing it on the market

While these items may help you sell your house for a retail price, they can eat up weeks of your time. If your property is vacant and costing you money, it is helpful to sell the house quickly. Drexel Hill is getting more expensive, which means property taxes can increase each year. Save money, and time, by selling your house directly to a local home buyer.

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Things that prevent a house in Drexel Hill from selling fast

Being so close to other major cities, Drexel Hill housing can get overlooked by home buyers looking for good investments. Although the demand fluctuates, there are still closings that fall through. What can prevent a house here from selling quickly?

Title Issues

Houses with title issues typically do not sell fast. Unfortunately, this is still one of the major hang-ups in real estate. It takes approximately 2 weeks to run a comprehensive title report on a property. 99% of home buyers will want to see this, and read through it, before buying a property. Alongside that, a title company will not provide title insurance if the title report is not clean. This is where many real estate deals die. It is called the Title Report Graveyard.

How to Guarantee that my house sells fast in Drexel Hill PA

From all the tips we reviewed in this comprehensive guide, it is most important that you review the title report before selling a house. The title company will help you do this. Go through all major issues on the report, and do your best to rectify them.

Once they are taken care of, the title company can insure the house. If you thought that I need to sell my house fast in Drexel Hill PA, but were worried about title issues, contact your title company immediately. They can provide insight and potential solutions. No matter how many people a title company helps sell a house, there are still title issues that they have never come across before. Try to not surprise them too much before closing!

Before beginning the process of selling a house in Drexel Hill PA, examine these strategies to decide which is best suited for you. Consult whichever family members, friends, and partners should be involved in the quick house sale. Determine your timeline, and how much you’d like to put in your wallet after closing. Our company is based in Philadelphia but we cover the entire state of Pennsylvania. Fill out our form to sell your house fast in Philly. The goal of our team is to provide fast and quick cash offers to homeowners throughout PA.