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How to Sell My House Fast for Cash in San Clemente CA

A comprehensive guide on how to sell a house quickly and for cash.

Determining how to sell your house in San Clemente is challenging. There are countless factors to consider. Selling a home for cash is a huge deal! It can completely change the trajectory of your future and life. Especially for those in California that bought their property years ago, you can expect to sell for much more than you bought it because of real estate appreciation.

Have you seen the signs that say sell my house fast in San Clemente? That most likely means there are homebuyers in Orange County that will give you a cash offer. However, not every cash offer is made equal. That is why we created this guide for homeowners in San Clemente, CA. Here are actionable real estate tips that will help you in the future. Feel confident when reviewing cash offers for your home.

This guide will help you sell your house fast and for cash in San Clemente.

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Why Sell Your House For Cash?

Selling a house for cash in San Clemente is the pinnacle of real estate situations. You don’t have to deal with banks as the middleman of the transaction. Did you know that the 2nd most common reason that a buyer pulls out of a contract to purchase a property is because of the mortgage?

Buyers that are paying with a mortgage loan must get full approval from their bank that they meet all of the financial requirements. Banks have strict rules in place when vetting homebuyers. They want to 1.) protect themselves and 2.) make sure that buyers don’t default on their loans. Makes sense, right?

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Cash is King

It could even be queen. Either way, receiving a cash offer for your home in San Clemente makes the process tremendously easier. You don’t have to find out weeks into the agreement that the buyer can’t perform because of a mortgage issue. Especially with real estate prices in San Clemente being higher than in other areas of California, like San Diego, banks are pushed to their limits when providing mortgages. Read our home-selling guide if you know someone that needs to sell a house fast in San Diego. We buy homes all throughout California and the surrounding areas.

If you have wondered how to sell your house for cash in San Clemente, choose an offer that has the most liquidity. Cash speeds up the real estate process so that you can close quickly.

What is the Fastest Way to Sell My House in San Clemente?

When you say ‘fast’, how quickly are we talking? If you are interested in selling a house fast in San Clemente, you must consider the following factors:

  • Who will buy your house?
  • When is a good time to sell?
  • What should I fix in the house before selling?

Brotherly Love Real Estate buys houses in the city of San Clemente, California regardless of the condition. We will purchase your property as-is. This means that you don’t have to complete any repairs before selling the home. Our offer will be in cash. Typically, we don’t have any contingencies in our offers. We are fully transparent with our offer and plans for the property. If you need to sell your house fast in San Clemente, give us a call today!

When is it a good time to sell?

Fortunately, California doesn’t have much of a slow season when it comes to real estate. There’s always a demand for people that want to move here.  We have the ocean, the beach, and the weather. Not to mention, jobs. It’s hard to find a bad time to sell a home in Orange County, CA.

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Selling a House By Owner

If you need to sell your house fast in San Clemente, consider this avenue. FSBO, which means ‘for sale by owner’, is when a homeowner sells their house without a realtor. Why is that a good thing?

Listing your house on the market can take long time. On average, the process can take 2-3 months (or longer) if everything goes right. Some homeowners don’t have that kind of time! Do you have deadlines or important dates coming up? Here are several reasons why homeowners sell their house in San Clemente by owner:

  • Relocating for a job
  • Moving because of job loss
  • Upsizing
  • Downsizing
  • Had a bad experience with a realtor
  • Want more control over the process
  • Need to sell fast

Time is one of the biggest reasons why homeowners sell properties themselves. Another is control. If you have the opportunity to work with a reputable home buyer, like Brotherly Love Real Estate, and get the same result, why wouldn’t you? You can sell that house in San Clemente for cash and save money by not having to pay a realtor commission.

Work with a Cash Home Buyer

Did you know that getting a mortgage approved is typically the longest part of the process? It’s nearly impossible to sell your house quickly when a mortgage is involved.

Homeowners in San Clemente CA sell their homes directly to Brotherly Love Real Estate. We buy houses for cash, which makes the process extremely fast. Give us a call today if you’re curious about how the process works! This is the easiest way to make money on your property in today’s market. Our team makes everything easy and smooth.

Why is cash so important? If you have thought that I need to sell my house fast in San Clemente, the best way to do that is by accepting a cash offer. There are no financial institutions, like banks, involved in the process. You can sell your home and receive liquid cash in return. The title company verifies that the money is in escrow early in the process. From there, they run the title report. As long as that looks ok, we choose a closing date that works for your schedule and you get paid. Real estate (thankfully) is not nearly as complicated as it was 25-30 years ago!

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Why Sell Your House in San Clemente to Us?

Avoid Nosey Neighbors

Sticking a for-sale sign in your front yard is usually the first thing that happens when listing your home on the market. Although it does help get the word out, it also lets all of your neighbors know that you are selling your house.

This is one of the more common reasons why people in San Clemente sell their houses to us. They don’t want to deal with noisy neighbors! Once you put that for sale sign in your yard, it’s an open invitation for your neighbors to come ‘a knockin’.

Some people don’t mind this that much. Both sides of the fence are understandable. For those who have wondered how I can sell my house fast in San Clemente without my neighbors knowing, we can help you. When we buy houses in San Clemente and Dana Point, it’s not announced to the entire market. Brotherly Love Real Estate buys houses directly from home sellers in California. Our team can assist almost any homeowner that wants to sell quickly. We pay cash and can close within 30 days.

No Open Houses

Is your house a rental property or a primary residence? Either way, when homeowners sell a property in San Clemente, there are no open houses. Since you are selling directly to Brotherly Love Real Estate, a local home buyer, there is no need to hold an open house.

That means you can avoid people walking in and out of your property constantly. Open houses usually happen every Saturday and Sunday for the entirety of the listing until the property gets under contract. For some homeowners, that means sacrificing their weekends for weeks or months.

For people that are selling their primary residence in Orange County, privacy is important. Open houses aren’t the most enjoyable part of real estate from your perspective. That’s likely why you are here! Brotherly Love Real Estate will buy your property as-is and for cash. Plain and simple. There are no extra hoops to jump through or open houses to host. Once we come to an agreement, that is it! Consider your house sold!

Steps to Sell Your San Clemente House Fast

Determine Your Timeline

Mapping out your timeline should be your first step in the process of selling your house in San Clemente. Do you have any major deadlines coming up? Figure out what you have in the upcoming weeks regarding your schedule.

We work personally with homeowners to map dates out and close around your schedule. Our team is extremely flexible. Your time is our priority, and we are more than happy to accommodate any specific needs.

Do you have overdue property taxes, pushing you to move out sooner? Let us know! As homebuyers in Orange County, we understand the pressures of owning property. When you drive by the signs that say “sell my house fast for cash in San Clemente”, know that it is possible. Brotherly Love Real Estate specializes in making the process quick. We buy homes and pay in cash. This enables homeowners to pay off any debts that are tied to the property and move forward.

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Prepare the House

When we say this, we don’t mean that you need to tidy up. That is completely 100% up to you. We have bought hoarder houses filled to the ceilings with items because the homeowners didn’t want anything and preferred to leave their belongings.

We buy homes as-is. That means we do not require any renovations or repairs before buying your property. Remember, our goal is to make things easy. You can leave everything if you prefer. Or you can take everything and leave the property vacant. The ball is in your court for this decision.

With that being said, to make things move quickly, we suggest that you decide on what you want to keep/toss as soon as possible. That way, once we get the ball rolling, we can keep things moving. This will help us close sooner and you will get paid faster. For those that need to sell their house for cash in San Clemente, working with a home buyer like us makes each step easy. You can leave as much of your stuff, or as little, as preferred!

Sit Back and Relax

Once we come to an agreement, you can sit back and relax throughout the rest of the real estate process. Depending on the property, we sometimes like to walk through it to verify its condition. This is more common if the property hasn’t been renovated in a few years. When major repairs are expected, we typically like to see the house so that we know what we’re working with.

As from that, there is not much else to it. We have been buying properties in San Clemente and Dana Point for a while. The experience and real estate knowledge that we bring to the table helps us get through more challenging scenarios. Typically, the title report pulls any red flags that have to do with the property. Once we have that, we work together to gather any additional information needed and sort things out in preparing to officially buy your house in San Clemente.

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How Much Can I Sell My House in San Clemente For?

The answer that no one likes… it depends. What does it depend on? CONDITION.

Figuring out the condition of your house is one of the primary factors when determining home value. That’s why companies, like Zillow, got in trouble for miscalculating prices on 1000’s of homes they were involved with. They only consider the others details of the home, but not what it looks like inside. Here are several other things to consider when trying to figure out how much your house in San Clemente is worth:

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Year Built
  • Building Size
  • Lot Size
  • Location
  • School District
  • Additional Amenities
  • Condition

From here, it’s helpful to figure out what other homes are sold for in the area that has similar details to yours. If a property is 500 square feet smaller (or bigger), you should account for that. Also, it’s helpful – and appreciated – from our end if you disclose all the information that you know about the property. For example, if there’s a crack in the foundation that we might not see in the photos that you send us, we will likely find it on a walk-through. Major items like that should not be hidden, and are easier for both sides if they are discussed in the earlier parts of the real estate process.

Why it is Worth Selling a House in San Clemente for Cash

By selling your house in San Clemente, CA to an experienced home buyer like us, you receive cash and get through the transaction quickly. It’s arguably the fastest way to sell a property. This is true whether it is vacant land, a single-family home, or a multi-family building. Cash makes everything in real estate easier. A cash offer for your home will save you time and effort down the road.

Real estate issues can come up at any time throughout the process. The most common ones are title issues. We have experienced plenty of those in our years of buying property. Cash is your key to avoiding that headache. If you have thought that I need to sell my house fast in San Clemente, our team will help you do exactly that. Our process typically takes 30 days (or less). At the end of the day, you put more money in your pocket.

Sell My House For Cash versus Listing It

In California, there is a huge difference in the prices of real estate versus other states. For instance, the median home value in San Clemente is $1,500,000. For homeowners that prioritize their total profit from their property sale, this number is important.

Real estate agents typically charge a 6% commission from the total sale price. Unfortunately, the seller (you) must pay this entire commission.


Sale Price of Your House Commission Fee Total Commission Paid
$800,000 6% $48,000
$1,250,000 6% $75,000
$1,500,000 6% $90,000


You are paying a ton of money to have your house listed on the market. 6% is a huge amount, especially if your home is of high value. How much commission do you pay when selling to us? ZERO. We don’t charge any commissions to buy your property. You can sell your house fast for cash in San Clemente while saving money on fees.

Our company buys houses for cash in Orange County. We specialize in saving you money by avoiding these high-priced commissions. Not to mention, you save time when working with us. Avoid open houses and long listing timeframes. You can sell your house quickly to us. We close within 30 days. Homeowners love working with us because they save money and time throughout the process of selling their property.

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You Can Sell a House As Is in San Clemente

The power behind selling a house “as-is” carries a ton of weight in real estate. When you sell a house as is, that means you don’t need to do any repairs to the property. Typically, when listing a house with a realtor, there are minor repairs that are encouraged and sometimes mandatory. Without these, the house might not sell. Why? Because families typically buy houses from the market and want to move into a home that is in good shape. Makes sense!

Luckily, Brotherly Love Real Estate usually renovates the properties that we buy in California. That’s what enables us to buy “as-is”. We don’t need a fresh coat of paint or new carpets. The property can look like a disaster – that is ok with us! If you have thought that I need to sell my house fast in San Clemente and don’t have time to repair it, our company is the perfect solution. We will work around your schedule to close on your time and buy your home as it stands.

Tenants and Squatters

Are you selling a rental property in San Clemente? As-is means that we buy the property as you want to sell it. Of course, if you have squatters in the home, we must account for that when we determine our offer price. Our cash offer will be higher for a vacant property versus one that has non-paying tenants (or squatters) occupying it.

The reason is that – especially during COVID – it’s extremely difficult to eject squatters and evict non-paying tenants. Countless landlords have lost thousands of dollars because of getting stuck in squatter situations in California. It’s unfortunate, but it’s part of how things work. That said, Brotherly Love Real Estate buys houses in San Clemente with squatters.

If you have tenants that are solid and never late on rent, it’s something that we can have a discussion about. The same thought process applies that we can pay more for a vacant rental property versus an occupied one. There’s a good chance that we’d plan to renovate the property. Because of that, it’s easier to start if the property is vacant. If we need to wait for a few months for the tenant’s lease to be over, then we’ll be paying holding costs throughout that time and will need to account for them.

San Clemente Cash Home Buyers

Brotherly Love Real Estate is a cash home buyer that works in San Clemente, CA. Our goal is to make the process easy for each homeowner. Selling a property is a big deal and can be a headache. With our years of experience, we can buy your house for cash and close within a few weeks. The process is straightforward and low-stress from your end!

Call us or fill out our form to receive a cash offer today. There is no house (or project) too big for us. We are buying houses as-is, which means you don’t have to fix anything before selling. If you have thought that I need to sell my house fast for cash in San Clemente, contact us today.