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Advice on How to Sell a House Quickly for Cash

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Do all houses sell eventually?

In most cases, a house will sell if it is priced right and marketed properly. You can consistently find houses on the market that sell for a good price but took 250 days to actually sell. As a homeowner, you can avoid waiting for your house to sell by following a few simple steps. These steps will save you both time and money as a homeowner. Are you currently still paying a mortgage? Did you kick your tenants out because you were planning on selling the house next month? Don’t get stuck with expensive bills that you have to float.


Setting the price


All houses are likely to sell eventually. However, if your home is priced too high, it can take months to find the right buyer. To avoid having your property sit there while you wait for that special person, set the price for your home appropriately. What does this mean? There are cash home buyers that you can learn more about who can buy houses at a premium cost. Unfortunately, most home buyers will only pay around the average retail rate than other houses in the area are selling for.


Consider other properties in the neighborhood that are similar in size and condition to yours. Usually, you will only want to consider properties within a 0.25 – 0.5 mile radius. Next, see which ones have sold within the past 6 – 12 months. From here, you can have a good idea of what properties are selling for in your area. If you try to sell your house for a much higher amount than the others nearby, it may be difficult to achieve a quick house sale.

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How to sell a house fast in a slow market?

Are you worried that you won’t be able to sell a house because the market is slow? While the market does partially dictate home values, there are strategies that you can implement to help you sell a house fast regardless of the current real estate market.

Market Your House Online

Digital marketing is becoming more popular in regards to selling a house. Professional photos are a good first step to market your property. If your property does not have good photos, it will be difficult to attract home buyers that are searching online. We have even seen properties with no photos online! It is worth it to spend the money on a good photographer to take proper photos of your home.


Additionally, you can utilize technology like aerial drone videos and virtual video tours to help sell a house fast in a slow market. Home buying online is becoming more popular. By highlight the unique features of your home through these interactive marketing strategies, you will attract more buyers, and ultimately more offers, when selling your house. If you need to sell my house fast by using digital marketing, click here to discover more tips.

Work with a Cash Home Buyer

Cash home buyers are likely to still buy houses even when the market is slow. By connecting with this type of home buyer, they will usually give you a cash offer for your house. This is a huge benefit to you when selling your home. There is no bank involved, which slows down the selling process. Additionally, when the market is slow and the economy is bad, a cash offer for your house is more guaranteed versus a home buyer using traditional financing.

How to sell a house fast by owner?

Selling a house comes down to preparing. If you are looking for the quickest way to sell a house by owner, information about buyers will help. What companies are buying houses for cash in your area? Once you can identify the cash home buyers that are active in your real estate market, selling a house by owner gets easier.


Typically, when trying to sell a home fast by owner, there is no real estate agent involved. You are handing the entire sale of the property yourself. This comes with its advantages. You, the homeowner, are in full control of the process and outcome. If you are trying to sell a house fast, having fewer people involved can help. If you do not mind communicating with the home buyer that you work with, then you can sell any house with ease.

Avoid These Mistakes When Selling a house by owner

There are various strategies owners can use when selling a house. However, what is the quickest way to sell a house? By avoiding things like open houses and listing your property on the market, you speed up the process tremendously.


Open houses are usually only scheduled on weekends. It is recommended that you do two separate weekends to get full exposure for your house. What if there is a holiday in between? That increases the home selling process by 3 weeks only because you want to host an open house.


Listing your property on the market can take multiple weeks as well. You are likely to receive many offers for your home, however, they usually are not all at your asking price. If you limit the number of unqualified home buyers that offer on your house, you can save tons and time. This will help you sell your house quickly.


What causes a house not to sell?

There are dozens of reasons that houses do not sell in today’s real estate market. Whether you decide to sell your home to a cash home buyer or sell it on the market, roadblocks can happen. Here, we outline several reasons that houses do not sell, and how to avoid them.


Title issues


If a property has title issues, there is a chance that the title company will not insure the title during the sale of the house. Often, if the title is not insured, home buyers will back out of the deal, causing the house not to sell. It is up to both you and the home buyer to decide when to run the title report. Usually, the contract is signed and the title company begins running the report right away. This is the best time to run the title report because it gives you time before the closing date to review any title issues that could be potential roadblocks.


If there are issues with the title for a property, you can work with your home buyer to try solving them. Some issues won’t be a big deal. Others can cause your house not to sell. By working together, you can solve these issues ahead of time, and sell your house quickly.


Unseen Damages


Home buyers will usually walkthrough houses before buying them. This gives them a good idea of what they may need to fix after they purchase it. For properties that have lots of damage, they can request to bring a contractor through for a second opinion. Here, contractors can point out damaged parts of the house that the buyer didn’t initially see.


It is helpful to point out as much as possible to the buyer during the initial walkthrough. They will likely find it out later. Doing this will save you time and headache down the road. To learn more about what cash home buyers look for during house walkthroughs, read our frequently asked questions. There, we outline more ideas on how to make sure your house sells.

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What is the best way to sell your home?

There are several ways to effectively sell a home. However, we only consider one way the best. If you sell your home to a cash home buyer, you eliminate 90% of the headache and delays that usually come with selling a house.

Avoid bothering your tenants

If you are trying to sell a rental property, it is a pain to bother your tenants each time you want to show the house. Have you ever tried hosting an open house with tenants? It is tough! Most homeowners, including ourselves, that own houses with tenants in them do not like bugging them. By working with a cash home buyer, you can sell your home directly to them without putting it on the market.


This means that only need to show your house once. There won’t be multiple weekends of home buyers walking through your property. When selling your house to a cash home buyer, you also avoid spooking your tenants. If you have an open house sign in the yard and plans to walk random people through over a multiple-month time period, they may feel uncomfortable. Avoid scaring your tenants by selling a home the simplest way, which is to a cash home buyer.

Keep nosey neighbors quiet

By selling your house straight to a cash home buyer, you avoid having to market your property to the entire neighborhood. Neighbors can get nosey and want to walk through your house even though they are not actually interested in buying it. Contact us to find a cash home buyer near me. By working directly with this type of buyer, you can rest easy knowing that your neighbors are not snooping through your property.


How do I sell my house ASAP?

There are fast ways, and slow ways, to sell a house in real estate. There are things you can do as a homeowner to prepare for the sale of your home. By completing these tasks in advance, you will save tons of time later. Review these tips if you need to sell my house ASAP.


Involve everyone who needs to be involved


For homeowners that need a quick house sale, we highly suggest involving anyone that needs to be involved in the process right away.

  • Does anyone else own this property with you?
  • Which names are on the deed to the house?
  • Are there family members that should help with selling the house?

By answering these questions, you can save yourself huge amounts of time when selling your house. It is common for homes to be owned by multiple people. It doesn’t matter if they are family, friends, or business partners. Get them involved when first starting the process to avoid miscommunications and conflicts during the sale.


Find a new home to move into


Are you selling your primary residence? If so, you will need to find somewhere else to move. There are options for you to rent a place at first. Some homeowners prefer to sell a house and then buy a new one. For those who aren’t exactly sure what their next steps are, you can also move in with a friend until you find a place of your own. Regardless of your situation, it is helpful to line up your next place first before selling your house. This will help you sell your home ASAP by avoiding delays.


What makes a house sell fast?

There are plenty of factors the make a house sell fast. The home could be recently renovated. Another reason could be that real estate values have increased in your neighborhood. Lastly, the reason for a house selling quickly could be finding the right buyer at the right time. Let’s review each possibility of how a house could sell fast.

Newly renovated house

If a house has been renovated recently, it will naturally attract more home buyers. Owner-occupant buyers especially care about the condition of a property. They are less likely to renovate a house themselves, which means they will pay higher prices for a home that is fixed up.

Home values have increased

If real estate values go up, you will typically receive more offers on your house. The increase in demand will increase the price you can get. It will also decrease the time it takes to sell. If you need to sell my house quickly for cash, it helps to time the sale with the real estate values. Homeowners will receive more offers, and be able to sell a house faster if the demand is present.

Find the right home buyer

By finding the right home buyer, you can sell your house much quicker than usual. Especially if you own a property that is unique, it can be difficult to find the right buyer.

  • Is your property located on an oddly shaped piece of land?
  • Does your house have interior features that are unusual?

It is best to embrace the oddities of your home when trying to sell it. Highlight these and make sure the buyers are aware. Do your best to tailor the features to buyers that would find it as a benefit or positive feature. When you locate the right person to purchase your property, it can help you sell your house fast regardless of what else is going on.

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What should I fix in my house first?

When questioning how can I sell my home quickly, you may want to fix everything in it before trying to sell. Doing repairs on your home can help increase the value of it. However, not everything that you can fix in your house will add value.


Repairs that add value to my house


Big-ticket items, such as the kitchen, are great places to start when considering doing repairs on your home before selling it. The kitchen is the heart of any house. It is often the first place the home buyers look at when shopping around for a new home. Homeowners spend a ton of time in the kitchen. It makes sense that they want it to be nice, especially if they enjoy cooking!


The bathrooms are another room within your house that could be worth fixing before you sell your house. This is another room that people spend plenty of time in. When bathrooms are recently renovated, it entices home buyers to offer more for a property. They may plan to fix the bathrooms themselves after buying a house. If this step is taken care of, you will see higher offers come in when selling your next home.


When selling your home, adding a fresh coat of paint will add extra value to the final price. Owner-occupant buyers will especially care if there are scuff marks all over the walls. By adding fresh paint, you can attract more buyers, which will result in a quick house sale. This is a fix that you can do yourself to save on costs.

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Things to do in Philadelphia PA

The city of Philadelphia has tons to offer in terms of history and activities. The Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia. It also used to be our nation’s capital. When walking the streets of Philadelphia, you can feel the vibrant culture and history through the houses and structures. Here are several things to do in Philadelphia that will make you fall in love with this city. It his hard not too!

Visit Independence National Historic Park

Located right in Old City, near downtown Philadelphia, this park holds lots of significance. Also known as, Independence Park, this national historic site is the home to many iconic things to experience. Firstly, it is the national shrine of the Liberty Bell. This is one of the top sites in all of Philadelphia, PA. Secondly, it is right by Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was first signed.

Many iconic figures throughout America’s history have stepped foot here in this part of Philadelphia. They changed the history of the United States of America, and the world.


Explore the Philadelphia Zoo

The Philadelphia Zoo is one of the top-rated zoo’s in Pennsylvania. It typically has a hot air balloon ride that you can take up high enough to see a clear view of the city. This also gives you a full perspective of the zoo and amazing animals that live there.

There are dozens of different animals that encompass the Philadelphia Zoo. You can view beautiful birds, furry monkeys, and scaly reptiles. People come from all over to see the amazing Philly Zoo. Visitors are never disappointed after checking out the great animals there.

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Love Park

Beautiful Love Park is the home to many great memories for Philadelphia. It continues to be a hub for visitors and locals who want to spend time outside in the city. You can view the water and fountain there depending on the time of day. It is a great site to check out, and then continue exploring parts of Center City Philadelphia.

There are great restaurants and bars that are within walking distance from Love Park. Don’t forget to snap a photo once you are there. It is the classic thing to do when visiting the city of Brotherly Love. Click here to view photos of the historic Philadelphia real estate and architecture near Love Park.

Time – Favorite Restaurant in Philadelphia

Time, which is located on Samson Street in Philadelphia, is one of my all-time favorite places to eat in the city. They specialize in fine-dining, with a rotating food menu throughout the year. They tailor that with a seasonal cocktail menu and incredible whisky selection. The chef’s there at Time are the best of their kind. The food is always of high quality while being unique. I even tried bone-marrow there for the first time.

Anyone visiting the city of Philly should stop by to eat here. They typically play live jazz music on one side of the restaurant. The ambiance is perfect, and it is a great spot to visit for any big jazz event. You can bring family or friends here for a night out, and genuinely enjoy yourselves. I wouldn’t pass this restaurant up the next time that you visit Philadelphia, PA.