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How to Sell My House Fast in San Diego CA

A complete guide on how to sell a home for cash. We buy houses as-is! No Fees, No Commissions, No Hassle!

Deciding how to sell your house fast in San Diego is challenging. You’re required to deal with realtors, banks, title companies, etc. It can become tedious, time-consuming, and expensive to sell a home on the market, especially as a California resident. If you have wondered how can I sell my house for cash in Diego, our company is here to help. Selling your home doesn’t have to be a hassle. Skip the middlemen, avoid open houses, and don’t worry about getting things in “market ready” condition. We buy houses in San Diego CA as-is, which means you don’t have to fix anything before selling it to us. Our company pays in cash and closes within 21 days, saving you tons of time and thousands of dollars.


For those that have thought that I need to sell my house fast in San Diego, our company is here to help you do that.

Ways to Sell My House Fast in San Diego

The biggest challenge when trying to sell a house fast in San Diego is finding the right homebuyer. Ask anyone who’s tried to sell a home on the market, and they’ll tell you how EXHAUSTING and FRUSTRATING the wait can be. Even if they get the property listed, working with real estate agents can take months to close the sale. It feels like the opposite of fast. Sometimes homebuyers will even back out in the middle of negotiations because they changed their mind or couldn’t get approved for their mortgage.

Getting cash for your house in San Diego speeds up the process and saves you money. Brotherly Love Real Estate is a company that buys houses for cash in San Diego and the surrounding cities. We will buy your home as-is. That means you don’t need to add a fresh coat of paint, clean the carpets, or remove any trash being selling your property to us. Our company closes within 21 days (or sooner), and we work around your schedule to find a convenient closing date for you and your family. If you have thought that I need to sell my house for cash in San Diego, give us a call today to receive your no-obligation offer.

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Why Sell Your House For Cash in San Diego?

Trying to sell a house for cash in San Diego is the golden goose of real estate scenarios. You don’t have to deal with banks as the middleman of the transaction. Did you know that the most common reason that a buyer pulls out of a contract to purchase a property is because of mortgage approval issues? Buyers that are paying with a mortgage loan must get full approval from their bank that they meet all the financial requirements. Banks have strict rules in place when vetting homebuyers. They want to 1.) protect themselves and 2.) make sure that buyers don’t default on their loans.

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Selling to a Cash Home Buyer

Cash is King and could even be Queen! Receiving a cash offer for your property in San Diego makes the process immensely easier. You don’t have to find out weeks into the agreement that the buyer can’t perform because of a mortgage issue. Especially with real estate prices in San Diego being higher than in other areas of California, banks are pushed to their limits when providing mortgages. Listing your home on the market can take weeks (or months) to officially find the right buyer. Sell your house fast for cash in San Diego by working with Brotherly Love Real Estate. We buy houses throughout San Diego County and North County SD.

Here’s How to Sell a House Fast in San Diego

Are you still thinking that you need to sell a house fast in San Diego CA? We buy houses in ANY condition. No project is too big for our team. What should you do next? Here are the steps to getting a cash offer for your CA home.

  • Call Brotherly Love Real Estate (215) 769-9875
  • Talk with Jon or Alex (the co-founders)
  • Receive your cash offer
  • Pick a closing date that works for you
  • Get your cash fast

Yes, it can literally be as simple as that. Our average closing period is 21 days. That means more time for you to enjoy life and not have to worry about the fine print, closing costs, realtor fees, or anything else. Sell your property quickly and conveniently in San Diego without much effort on your part. Do you have deadlines coming up? Let our team know! We can schedule the closing date to work around your schedule. Real estate can be simple! Sell your home on your terms and get cash at closing. Working with a cash home buyer in San Diego like Brotherly Love Real Estate makes the process easy. We bring +6 years of real estate buying experience to the table. This helps us get through complex title issues that can come up and delay the process. Our team works with one of the best title companies in all of San Diego County. They help us close quickly. We buy houses for cash in North County SD as well as San Diego itself. For those that have wondered how to sell a house for cash in SD, our company can help. Call or text us to receive a quick cash offer for your home.


Our company typically renovates a property after buying it. This is the part of real estate we truly enjoy! We love to get our hands dirty in a demanding real estate renovation. Since we fix up and repair the home after we buy it, that allows you (the homeowner) to sell it as-is. That’s right! You are not required to make any repairs before you sell a house in San Diego to our company. Brotherly Love Real Estate is a 5-star rated cash home buyer in San Diego, CA.

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How Much Cash Can I Get for My San Diego CA House?

There is a lot that goes into our offer price for a home in San Diego. The value of your home is determined by several factors. Our company will give you cash for your house in San Diego. However, we do consider several factors when calculating our cash offer. These real estate factors include:

  • Condition & Location of the home
  • Type of residence (Single Family Home, Duplex, Triplex, or Vacant Land )
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Square Footage of the House
  • Age of the home & amenities
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The more property you have, the more your house may be worth; the same goes for any extra buildings you might own such as a garage, shed or barn in your yard. Another thing to think about is the crime rate in your neighborhood. Like most cities, there are safe places to live, but there are also areas that are higher up on the crime scale. These homes are often avoided or overlooked, meaning the value goes down. Keep in mind that no matter what, you will be offered the best possible price. We do not give out lowball offers and only present them to homeowners when we are very serious about buying their house. If you have wondered how can I sell my house fast for cash in San Diego, call our team today to get started. Our company’s goal is to make this the easiest home sale of your life!


Sell My House for Cash in San Diego: The Benefits

By selling your house in San Diego, California to a cash home buyer like us, you receive an offer in minutes and get through the transaction quickly. It’s the fastest way to sell a house in San Diego. This is true whether it is vacant land, a single-family home, or a multi-family building. Cash makes everything in real estate easier. A cash offer for your home will save you time and effort down the road. Real estate issues can come up at any time throughout the process. The most common ones are title issues. We have experienced plenty of those in our years of buying property. Cash is your key to avoiding that headache. The benefits a homeowner can experience when they sell a house for cash are incredible. Our process typically takes 21 days (or less) to close. As a homeowner in San Diego County, you save tens of thousands of dollars when you sell a house to us. We buy homes as-is and for cash. You can sell your house quickly in San Diego by working with a cash home buyer like Brotherly Love Real Estate. At the end of the day, you put much more money in your pocket and shave months off the process.


Sell Your House for Cash Versus Listing It

In California, there is a huge difference in the prices of real estate versus other states. For instance, the median home value in San Diego is $890,000. For homeowners that prioritize their total profit from their property sale, this number is important. Real estate agents typically charge a 6% commission from the total sale price. Unfortunately, the seller (you) must pay this entire commission.


As a San Diego County resident, you are paying tons of money to have your house listed with a realtor. 6% is a huge amount, especially if your home is of high value. How much commission do you pay when selling to us? ZERO. We don’t charge any commissions to buy your property. You can sell your house fast for cash in San Diego while saving money on fees. Our company buys houses for cash in San Diego. We specialize in saving you money by helping you avoid these high-priced commissions. Not to mention, you save time when working with us. Avoid open houses and long listing timeframes. You can sell your house quickly to an experienced cash home buyer in SD. We close within 21 days or less. Homeowners love working with us because they save money and time throughout the process of selling their property.

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Can I Sell My House in San Diego As-Is?

The short answer is, YES! Brotherly Love Real Estate buys houses as-is throughout San Diego and Southern California. That means you don’t have to fix or repair anything on your property. We have seen all types of “as-in” conditions and have been able to provide those owners with an offer they couldn’t believe possible. Regardless of the condition of your property, we will make you an offer. When we purchase homes as-is, we mean as-is.

Selling Property in a Bad Neighborhood

It can be nearly impossible to get a fair price on a great home if it is located in a less-than-ideal neighborhood. We will offer you cash for your home in CA regardless of the neighborhood. Our goal is to make the process simple. Did you have trouble trying to sell your home in California before? We are still happy to review it and make you an offer. Call our team today!

Sell a Hoarder Home

Whether you found yourself in a situation that got way out of control or you are trying to help someone else sell a home they struggled to keep up with, we’ve got your back. Hoarding homes are typically a very hard sell with traditional realtors because no one wants to come in and purchase a place full of someone else junk. Plus, it can be a little scary to find out what is underneath the mess. If this is your situation, no problem! We love a good challenge, and purchasing hoarding homes is not out of the question. We won’t ask you to clean the mess or clear out anything. Our company can and will handle that part of the process for you.


Damaged Property

If your house is in need of significant repairs, whether to the foundation, fire damage, mold, etc., many realtors will turn you away. Brotherly Love Real Estate is here to help. We are used to getting our hands dirty and love a good real estate project. Whether you are selling a damaged home because you can’t afford the repairs necessary to make you comfortable, or your home has been slapped with violation codes by the state, we can take the pressure off your back and are more than happy to put it on our own.

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Our team at Brotherly Love Real Estate is excited to help you move on to the next chapter that life has in store for you. We buy houses throughout San Diego County for cash. This includes places like La Jolla, Chula Vista, La Mesa, El Cajon, and North County San Diego. Working with a cash home buyer is the quickest and easiest way to sell a home. If you have thought that I want to sell my house for cash in San Diego, call our team today to receive your offer and get started.

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