Sell My House in Philadelphia Now or Later?

sell my house in philadelphia

Similar to stocks, if you’re thinking about selling your house as is, the big cash out comes when you sell the property. Timing can dictate the outcome of the final sale. Is it the right time to sell? Should I sell my house in Philadelphia now or later? Is it smart to wait until after COVID-19 to sell my home? There are all legitimate concerns and questions. Again, how much you make as a property owner when you go to resell your place is heavily influenced by the current market conditions, economy, and current real estate prices.


Should I Sell My House as is in Philadelphia during COVID?

To many speculator’s surprise, the real estate market is still doing very well with all things considered. Overall housing inventory remains low in many cities, which is probably helping prices stay high since the supply cannot meet the demand. Now, if we take a deeper, micro look into what is going on, our local market is going strong as well. The Philadelphia real estate market is still remaining healthy, with high home prices and many MLS listings flying off the shelves.

Home buyers are getting creative in order to still make real estate purchases happen. On the flip side, homeowners are doing everything that they can to facilitate the sale of their property. Are you struggling to sell your house in Pennsylvania? Here are several tips that current property owners in Philly are using to make sure they can still sell and get paid:


Are People Buying Houses in Philadelphia Now?

sell my house in philly

There is a vast amount of new home buyers jumping into the market right now to buy properties. Interest rates are incredibly low, which is encouraging owner occupant buyers to try to lock in a low rate on their 30-year fixed loan. We have seen a huge influx of buyers jump into the market because of this. Additionally, the summer usually brings higher real estate prices and more sales. Those two factors are part of the reason why Philadelphia’s real estate market is still going so strong. It may not last forever, but for now, things are looking steady.

Consider the timing of what is going on around you, as well as other points that signal it is a good time to make a change. If you need to sell your house quickly, look yourself in the mirror and decide if it’s the right time. There are plenty of things to consider when making this decision about your home. However, if you don’t act fast you may miss the opportunity to sell your home.


I’m Ready to Sell My House as is in Philadelphia PA

If you think you’re ready to put the pedal to the metal, you may be surprised how many buyers are dying to purchase your home. Take advantage of the wave of new buyers in the Philadelphia real estate market, and cash out if it is the right time for you. Whether you are considering selling a single-family house, a triplex, or even vacant land, there is an opportunity to still successfully cash out in today’s market. Are you needing to sell a house fast in your area? Now maybe the time! This is not limited to certain parts of the city. Most of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods are soaring right now, including Wharton, Chestnut Hill, and Wissahickon.

If you’re curious how much your property is worth, and want to sell your house as is, contact us at Brotherly Love Real Estate today at (215) 769-9875.