Sell My House in Philadelphia

sell my house in philly

The city of Brotherly Love is the 6th largest city in the United States by population. What does that mean? There are a lot of houses, buildings, vacant lots, and real estate in general. In my opinion, that gives homeowners an advantage when preparing to sell their home. Additionally, if homeowners have seen the sell my house in Philadelphia FAST signs, they may want their transaction to be quick. There are more buyers in the overall buyer pool in Philly versus smaller cities, which is an advantage to the seller. New jobs were brought to Philadelphia through Comcast’s expansion. They built a beautiful skyscraper in downtown Philadelphia, adding to the life and vibrancy of the Center City real estate. Let’s explore the pros and cons of selling a house in Philadelphia, PA.


Plans to Sell My House in Fishtown

How tosell my house in philadelphia PA

Philadelphia has over +100 neighborhoods if you consider the suburbs. In a city that is very street-by-street when it comes to real estate values, the actual neighborhood and zip code that your property resides in can greatly influence its sale price. One of the most popular neighborhoods in Philadelphia currently is Fishtown. If you own a property here that you bought years ago, you are in luck. Property values have jumped dramatically as appreciation crept into this neighborhood. Expect big returns when selling your house in Fishtown. Real estate appreciation can be a slow burn or can happen dramatically fast. Pay attention, and remember that you only make money when you sell.


Brewerytown Real Estate

Although there aren’t many breweries in Brewerytown, it is a fun neighborhood that has totally changed over the past 5-10 years. New businesses have moved in, more people have noticed, and property values have skyrocketed. Philadelphia home buyers are jumping in to try buying property here. Let me throw this thought out there about Philadelphia’s real estate and homeownership. Have you ever thought that I need to sell my house in Philadelphia and move to the suburbs? Many residents share the same idea as neighborhoods like this one become more crowded. We buy houses in Brewerytown, even though it is getting more competitive and crowded. A few other notable neighborhoods with appreciation real estate include Manayunk and Northern Liberties.


Why Sell My House in Philadelphia Today?

I need to sell my house in philadelphia

The Philly real estate market is booming, despite the economy and pandemic. I would first ask yourself about your personal timeline to help decide when to sell your property. However, in general, it is a great time to sell your house in Philadelphia, PA. There are currently very low-interest rates, which are motivating home buyers to jump into the market and buy real estate. What if you are a landlord and are selling a house with tenants in Pennsylvania? Cash home buyers, like Brotherly Love Real Estate, are still purchasing properties with tenants in them. We buy houses in Philadelphia as-is, meaning we will buy them with tenants still in the home.

There are many different types of buyers still in the real estate market today, including both owner-occupant buyers, and investors like us. Take advantage of this time if you are considering getting rid of your property. Consider the factors and reach out to us when asking yourself should I sell my house in Philadelphia . If you are curious about how the process of selling a home works, please reach out to our team (215) 769-9875 for a quote to buy your property.