How to Sell My Mom’s House without the Hassle

sell my mom's house

Did you recently get help responsible to sell your mom’s house? There are hundreds of different real estate situations that happen to families unexpectedly. You may have recently inherited property within your family, like your father-in-law. On paper, that may seem like a great thing. The truth is that not everyone wants to (or has the capability to) be a homeowner. Maybe you already own a home and cannot float two mortgages simultaneously. We completely understand that! Is renting out the place an option? Not everyone wants to manage rentals. If you are wondering how can I sell my mom’s house without any hassle, this guide will help you decide what the best route is to go.

Here are several actionable steps that you can take when selling your mother’s home to avoid hassle and headaches.

1. Review Things With Your Family

sell mom's house

Family comes first in both life and in real estate. Talk to your family to figure out several things:

When we work with homeowners that have recently inherited a property, or need to sell one for their mother, it’s helpful to have all of the cooks in the kitchen from the get-go. Oftentimes, when we are preparing to buy a house from a family, not everyone that should be involved is initially. This can obviously cause drama, disagreement, and conflict within the family. Sounds like the opposite of a smooth home sale. Gather everyone that wants to be or should be involved in the process of selling your mom’s house. Talk amongst yourself about what you, as a cohesive group, want to do.

During this process of talking to your family, you may realize that one of your siblings wants to keep your mom’s home. This is great news since you now don’t have to go through the process of selling the property. By getting your family involved from the start, you get in front of potential issues that can arise later. This is key if you want to sell your mom’s house without any hassle.

2. Decide How to Sell Your Mom’s House

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There are various ways that you can sell your mother’s house in 2022. For example, you can sell the property with a realtor. This is the most common way that families sell houses. The agent will handle the marketing for you. Depending on the condition of your mother’s property, it may be a good idea to clean and repair certain things. Are there a lot of sentimental items throughout your mother’s home? Consider clearing those out before listing it on the market. You can sell your mother’s house as-is on the MLS, however, you may be deterring certain homebuyers that are looking for a turnkey place to purchase.

iBuyers, like Opendoor, are another option for families in this type of situation. You can sell your mother’s house directly to a large iBuyer. There are pros and cons to working with a real estate company like this. You lose the personal connection of working with a local homebuyer because Opendoor is a huge corporation. Companies like this might not always have your best interest in mind when buying your mom’s property. They also do not purchase homes in every market throughout the United States. For example, if you live in San Diego, CA you will likely have opportunities to sell your house to iBuyers. However, if you’re mother’s property is located somewhere rural, iBuyers usually won’t be interested.

Lastly, you can sell your mother’s home to a local investor. They typically don’t require you to fix or clean anything in the property before the purchase of the home. Oftentimes, investors will buy homes paying cash versus a traditional loan. One of the best ways to find a local investor is to ask a realtor in your area who is well connected within the real estate industry. They may know someone interested in buying your home that doesn’t require you to fix anything.

3. Gather Important Items

selling my mom's house

After you’ve decided how you want to sell your mom’s house, it’s important to begin gathering important items within the property. You are not required to do this right away. However, if you absolutely know that there are items you want to keep within the family, getting a head start will save you time later in the process. For example, are their sentimental fixtures throughout the property that are valuable? You may want to keep them to resell.

Perhaps there is dining room furniture that you want to keep. Make sure that you get on these things EARLY. If you have wondered how can I sell my mom’s house without the hassle, following this tip will help. Family members usually like to keep practical items when possible, such as kitchen appliances or yard tools. Gathering important items out of your mom’s house will make it easier to sell the property when the time comes.