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How Do I Sell Vacant Land

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People who have vacant land often don’t know what to do with it. They could build on it or sell it but both have advantages and disadvantages. If you have wondered how do I sell my vacant land, our company is here to help. We will make you a cash offer for your land and close within 30 days. Brotherly Love Real Estate is a professional company that buys land. Our team will make you a cash offer to purchase your property. For those that need to sell land fast, give us a call today to learn more about the process.


Should I Sell My Vacant Land?

What should I do with my vacant land? It could be a tough decision to sell your land. It could be family land or maybe you were going to build on it but life got in the way. You should consider all options before plunging ahead into a decision. You can sell vacant land online, use a realtor, sell land for cash, or find companies that buy land. Brotherly Love Real Estate removes the hassle from the process. There is no realtor involved. We simply make you a cash offer for your land after assessing the details with you over the phone. Give us a call today to sell your land fast.

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Do I need a real estate agent to sell my land?

Many people feel comfortable using a realtor to sell land or homes because real estate agents know the market and do the legwork. They set up the closing and get the paperwork together. However, real estate agents also charge a 6% commission when they sell land. As someone selling land, you would need to pay this fee once the property sells. Additionally, land sales take several months (or years) when trying to find a buyer on the market. The reason is that there are limited buyers looking for unique pieces of land.

Instead, property owners are choosing to sell land to companies like Brotherly Love Real Estate. We make the land-selling process easy and quick. Our company provides you with a cash offer within minutes of talking over the phone. From there, it’s about 30 days until closing. Working with an expert company that buys land makes everything easy and removes the hassle.

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How to Sell Land Fast

There are two other options for those who want to sell land. You can list it and sell it yourself or find companies that buy land. There are pros and cons to each and you will need to look at both. If you have wondered how can I sell my vacant land quickly, contact our team today. Brotherly Love Real Estate makes things efficient and brings years of experience to the table.

What do I need to do to sell my vacant land myself?

There are things you need to know before you sell a piece of land. The first is to understand your target buyer and what information they need to keep them interested in buying your land. For instance, they will need to know how the land is zoned. You may need to get it rezoned to sell it for top dollar. Your vacant lot needs to be clean and presentable, just as a house would be if you were showing it. Weeds and grass should be cut and any trash hauled off. Take photos of the land looking its best. There are some who even plant wildflowers to showcase the beauty. Instead of going through the hassle of preparing your land to sell on the market, give us a call today. We buy land as-is. That means we don’t require you to make any repairs or clean up your piece of land before we purchase it.


Best Way to Sell Land Online

Land buyers are different than those who buy homes. Companies that buy land could be developers or individuals and they are looking for land with the right location for a project they are considering. They may look at topography or trees, depending on the project, but generally put a focus on location. Homebuyers are looking for a place to raise a family and they are looking for a move-in ready home.

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Can I Sell My Vacant Land for Cash?

You should determine some parameters before you actively seek to sell your land for cash. Answering these questions will often determine which direction you want to go in finding land buyers. 

  • How fast do you want to sell your land?
  • Are you able to show the land yourself to possible buyers?
  • How much time are you willing to put into marketing and showing the land?
  • Do you have a survey or documents on your land?
  • Do you know what other land like yours sold for in your area?

Brotherly Love Real Estate is a professional land buyer that will pay you cash for your property. You can sell land fast and receive cash for it. Our team specializes in making the process simple. If you have ever tried to sell land on the market, you know that it can take ages to find a buyer. Skip the hassle and contact our team today. We buy land as-is anywhere in the United States.

What price should I sell my vacant land for?

Price consideration is the primary thing landowners of vacant land should educate themselves on before they sell a piece of land. This is true whether they sell land for cash, sell vacant land online, or find companies that buy land. Land pricing is different than home pricing. Raw land doesn’t have comparable sales figures to help you find the right price. It’s a lot about the buyer’s intention and how much money he or she will make after the project is completed. Those that want a particular spot for commercial or high-end development will pay more than someone looking to build one or two homes. One way to find those types of buyers is to sell vacant land online. Online land sales show off the property at its best and will draw lots of interest from both developers and companies that buy land. If you need to sell land quickly, give us a call today to receive a cash offer. 


Common Mistakes Made When Selling Land

Those who try to sell land fast tend to make the same mistakes. They don’t put a “for sale” sign up on the land and don’t invest time in taking some really good marketing pictures. Another common mistake is not being ready to always answer the phone or respond to email inquiries. Landowners of vacant land also set the price too high. How do I sell my land fast, you ask. The price you set determined how fast vacant land sells. You want to get the most out of it but that must be balanced with fishing for the right buyers and price will set that tone.

Another common mistake is failing to try out the “we buy land” websites. Many landowners think of them as scams because they get direct mail pieces for their property and even people approaching them about buying land. The truth is there are many investment companies whose sole purpose is to buy and sell land. Brotherly Love Real Estate has been buying land for years and brings years of experience to the process. If you are selling land for cash, call us today. We will make you an offer within minutes. This will enable you to sell your land fast and move on to the next chapter of life.


Why Should I Sell Land to a Land Buyer?

There are pros and cons to selling land to a company like Brotherly Love Real Estate. A land buyer can cut through parts of the real estate process that typically take months. If you’ve wondered can I sell my land fast to a professional property buyer, our team can help. You can sell land for cash in minutes. Companies that buy land will provide all the paperwork, and necessary inspections and set up the closing. That usually happens within a few weeks of accepting their offer. You won’t need to fix up your land before selling it to a land investment company. You won’t need to seek rezoning first or meet anyone on the land to show it. The best part about selling land to a company is that you won’t have to put time and effort into marketing it, answering the phone, or returning emails.

Selling land online is simple and easy.

We don’t lowball landowners when we make offers. Our team bases our cash offers on nearby land comps in the area. It is our goal to make the sale a win-win situation. Remember, you don’t have to accept an offer you feel is too low just to sell land for cash. The market is tricky today and many land investment companies are competing for property. Competition brings higher sales and even bidding wars on land that is in prime locations. Also bear in mind that vacant land is a niche sale. Those who want to sell my vacant land will have a smaller pool to choose from than those who would be looking to buy a home. The positive thing is that a small pool of buyers all want to make it easy and simple for you, so they will do the legwork eliminating the hassle.

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What About Mineral Rights When Selling Land?

Will I be able to keep mineral rights if I sell my vacant land? Some of that answer depends on the state and the laws of land ownership within the state. Some landowners do not have mineral rights but, most of the time, mineral rights are sold when the land is sold. One thing to consider when you think about mineral rights is timber. Timber is a natural resource that could be sold separately from the land. Yet, a lot of developers are going to clear-cut the land for their project. You should investigate if you could sell the trees separately to another company once you strike a preliminary deal with a land investment company or developer. It’s best to talk to companies that buy land about your specific case. 

Easiest Way to Sell Your Land

What’s the process to sell my vacant land to a property buyer? It isn’t that challenging to sell land for cash or to another land investment company. You can fill out our contact form and have someone call or email you to answer your questions. Do some research into your land and the company to make sure you are comfortable with your decision. You soon could have money in your pocket if you decide to sell your vacant land. The idea of how to sell my vacant land is not only somewhat daunting but can also be emotional. It could be family land or inherited land.

It doesn’t hurt to investigate all ways to sell land before making a decision. One of those should be with a company that buys land. Give us a call today to receive a cash offer for your property. We buy land as-is and don’t ask you to clean the property before selling it. If you need to sell land fast, Brotherly Love Real Estate will make you a cash offer today.

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