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Best Ways to Sell My House Quickly for Cash

Learn how to sell your home fast in today’s market

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The process of selling a house can be either a quick process or a very long one. Since all properties are different, there is no single way to effectively sell a house. As times change, new strategies arise that can make the process easier. If you have wondered how can I sell my house quickly for cash, call us to find out more information. Here, we will discuss the best ways to sell your house. You can take away different strategies to get cash for your home.

Increase the Chances of Selling My House Quickly

To begin, you should control everything that you can personally control when selling a house. Things that you cannot control include:

  • The economy
  • Local property values
  • Interest rates to buy houses

What are things that you can do to increase the odds that you will sell a house quickly for cash?

Paint your house

Many house-flippers call it “putting lipstick on a pig”. At a minimum, you should spruce up your property by painting the interior. This will remove scuff marks, and add an extra shine to the inside of your home. For homeowners who have thought I must sell my house quickly, taking this extra step is crucial. Especially if you assume that families will likely be the home buyers you will be working with, a fresh coat of paint matters.


If you expect cash home buyers, such as investors, to be interested in your house, painting the interior still helps but isn’t 100% necessary. They will likely buy your property, and then paint it themselves when they fix it up. If you still decide to paint, select neutral colors that appeal to all types of home buyers. In general, selling your house for cash will be easier if the interior is in better condition.


Similar to painting your house, if you assume that families will be interested in buying your property, it helps to maintain the outside property and exterior. Do you have huge weeds in the backyard and a broken fence? Do your best to keep any greenery maintained, and structures fixed. Handling these items will help any homeowner sell their house quickly to a buyer. Cash home buyers will also be more interested if the exterior of the property is fixed up.

Professional cleaning

Lastly, if you want to get the most cash for your house, you should get a professional cleaning. Once you take photos of the property and begin marketing it, a clean look will attract more cash home buyers. Plus, potential buyers can walk through the property and faster, and determine their interest level when it’s clean.

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Does an Empty House Sell Faster?

Without a doubt, a vacant house will sell faster than having someone living there. An empty house is easier for home buyers to scan through. More importantly, for people that plan to sell their house to cash home buyers, an empty house is extremely attractive. You can place a lockbox on the door, and buyers can check out the property on their own time.


Have you thought that I need to sell my house quickly for cash before next year? If you have, marketing your home as empty and vacant will speed up the process tremendously. Buyers will be “chomping at the bit” to walk through and give you a cash offer for your house.


Another reason why an empty house sells faster is that future buyers do not need to handle your tenant. This is about rental properties. For homeowners that have tenants and try to sell their house property fast, it can be more difficult to attract buyers. It is considered risky for buyers to inherit tenants when they buy houses. There’s a chance you can still sell a house for cash with tenants, but you may need to reduce your price.


Experienced home buyers shy away from buying houses that are not empty because they do not know how reliable your tenant will be. What is they have a bad track record of paying rent? There are things that you can do to show that your tenant is dependable, however, it is preferred by most cash home buyers that the property is vacant. Work with your existing tenant to determine a moveout plan if you want to sell your house quickly.

Which houses are hard to sell quickly for cash?

Realistically, any house can be ‘hard’ to sell depending on what is going on in the real estate market and the world. However, there is still hope for people that want to sell a house quickly. Unique houses tend to be the ones that are more difficult to sell. What makes a house unique?


Selling small houses


Corner properties are usually easier to sell quickly because they are larger in size. On the flipside, houses that are unusually small compared to others on the same street may be harder to sell. Cash home buyers wouldn’t be as interested because smaller houses are usually more difficult to rent out. Tenants are not as inclined to live in a small property. Selling a house quickly for cash is tough when the property is too small.


Location of your property


Location plays a huge role is determining whether a house will sell fast. Is your property accessible to public transportation and nearby things in your city? If you answered yes, then you should have no issue selling your house quickly for cash. The location of a home matters more to residents who utilize things within a city or town. For people that work in town and don’t have a car, accessibility is an important factor. Without accessibility to transportation, your house could be harder to sell.


Bad condition


A house that is in bad condition will not always be hard to sell. Home buyers that renovate properties for a living are usually interested in fixer-upper houses. If you need to sell my house quickly for cash, working with these types of buyers will help.


For homeowners that have a house in bad condition, what can make it harder to sell is how much they bought it for. We often come across properties that are in bad shape and need a full renovation. Unfortunately, the property is still in livable condition, but because it is so outdated, the home still needs a “full-gut” renovation. This makes it difficult for the homeowner to sell it.


They likely paid a retail price for the property. Most cash home buyers will offer a smaller amount than what the homeowner expects. This is because the renovation cost to fix the house up will still cost the home buyer a ton of money even though the property is technically in livable condition. Situations like this make it hard for homeowners to part ways with their house. Have you thought that I will never be able to sell my house quickly for cash because of the condition? Consult with a real estate professional to decide what is the best way to go about fixing it up, or simply selling it.

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Should I sell my house quickly or fix it up?

Determining what to do next with your house is heavily based on your personal timeline. Many homeowners need to sell a home quickly because of life events that have happened. Then may need to move out of state or need to relocate for a new job. Either way, if you need to sell a property quickly, your best bet is to sell your house for cash. If time is on your side, you need to decide whether to fix your house up.


For homeowners that are considering holding on to their property long-term, fixing it up can add value to it. That value can appreciate over time, which can earn you back the money you spent on repairs plus more. How long do you want to hold on to your property? Once you figure that out, that will help decide whether to fix it up or not.

Adding value to my house

A common way to add value to a house is by adding more square feet, or units, to the building. Is it possible to split your single-family house into a Duplex? By separating the space and splitting the property into 2 units, you instantly add value to your property. For homeowners who have wondered how to sell my house quickly for cash, check out this guide that outlines adding units to buildings. Cash home buyers are usually more interested in multi-unit buildings.


Additionally, if you simply add an extension to your property, you can add value to it. For example, you can add square footage to your house through these renovation projects:

  • Add a sunroom
  • Build a backyard porch and patio
  • Add a 3rd story to the building

The possibility of doing these renovations depend on the zoning code for your property. Check on the city website to determine what renovations and additions you can legally perform. Any of the three examples above can help add value to your place. After completing an extension or addition, you can sell your home quickly and without worry.

There are plenty of strategies to help to speed up this process. By implementing these strategies, you can achieve a quick house sale in no time.