3 Strategies to Make Moving Your Home in Philadelphia Easier

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Moving your home is huge deal. It usually takes more time than you expect. Homeowners usually end up with more papercuts from packing and sore backs from lifting than originally expected. How can you make moving your home in Philadelphia easier? Below, we discuss three strategies to make your move simple, easy, and effective.

Rent a PODS Moving Container

moving with pods

Using a shipping container moving company can seem intimidating at first if you have never used one. Moving with PODS can save you hours of time, and hours of back pain. People are beginning to use pods more frequently when moving their houses. Even for short distances, pods come with huge benefits. Pods come in different sizes, similar to moving trucks. You can pack on your own time. Pods can be shipped to your house in Philadelphia in advance so that you are not rushed to pack. Have you wondered about hiring movers to help pack? That’s a great moving hack as well, however, if you rent a moving pod far enough in advance, you can pack your household items on your timeline.

Buy Extra Moving Supplies

Have you ever run out of bubble wrap during a move? You don’t want to be that Philadelphia homeowner stuffing kitchen glasses into socks and then moving boxes. Most homeowners that move to or from Philadelphia do not regret purchasing extra newspaper, bubble wrap, boxes, and moving blankets. It is important to keep your household items safe! What is the sense of moving items that end up breaking along the way? Purchasing extra moving supplies is another strategy that you can do in advance, on your own time. For homeowners preparing to sell a house in Philadelphia, you can estimate how soon you need to order supplies based on your closing date.

Pack Household Items in Groups

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For homeowners that are highly organized, this may seem like common sense. However, when you get lost in the mix of moving, it is easy to simply shove items randomly into a truck, pod, or storage unit. To make your moving your home in Philadelphia easier, we recommend packing the items in your home together based on which room they are from. For example, pack all kitchen supplies in the same box or container. Similarly, keep outside equipment, like shovels, rakes, and hoses together for your next backyard shed. Packing household items together will not only save you stress, but it will save you a ton of time later on when you are preparing to unpack everything.

It is incredibly easy to misplace items or break items when moving a home in Philadelphia. Keeping items organized and together reminds you, and other movers, how to handle boxes when shifting them around. Are you planning on moving to Philadelphia from out of state? Purchase a few sharpies for labeling boxes once they are filled. This way, if a box is filled with fragile items, you know how to handle it when moving.

By following these three simple strategies for moving a home in Philadelphia, you will make the process much easier. Whether you are moving across town, or far away, you will want to consider these three ideas for your next move.

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