How to Make a Backyard Kid-Friendly

a father playing with two kids in a backyard

Every so often, it’s nice to treat you and your family to a home upgrade that benefits everyone. Home improvements don’t always have to be big or expensive to make a difference to family life.

Plus, having a family-friendly home isn’t just fun for the kids. According to NewFolks (and our own expertise), a kid-friendly property is more attractive to homebuyers in certain areas and can even add value to a house.

Keep reading to learn our top ways how to make a backyard kid-friendly.

Build a Treehouse

a large wooden treehouse in a backyard

Treehouses are a fun addition to a backyard for kids. Memories made in treehouses, from meeting friends and sharing secrets to starting “clubs”, can stay with you forever. Building a treehouse for your kids doesn’t have to be overly costly or time-consuming. In fact, you can have something built professionally over the course of a weekend. 

According to LawnStarter, most homeowners spend between $7,000 to $15,000 on a large, elaborate treehouse design. But it’s possible to build a treehouse on a significantly smaller budget, particularly if you’re building it from scratch yourself or opting for a more basic design.

As expected, the more elaborate the treehouse design, the more value it can add to your property. This is particularly the case for treehouses built with proper structural support, weatherproofing, and electricity.

Create a Jungle Gym

Creating a jungle gym in your backyard is another fun addition that can make your property more kid-friendly. But jungle gyms aren’t just for fun. They can also be a great way to ensure your kids stay fit and healthy with routine exercise (in a fun way!).

Jungle gyms are available online or at many home hardware stores for an affordable price. For extra, they can be custom-built to your exact specifications. Most jungle gyms have things like monkey bars, a slide, and a swing set.

Larger, more elaborate designs are usually more expensive, but these can add more to a backyard and make your property more attractive to family buyers.

When selecting a jungle gym, consider the material it’s made of and how it will fit with the overall aesthetic of your backyard. A wood outdoor playset can create a more natural, rustic look, while metal options may better complement a more modern design. Choosing a jungle gym that complements your backyard can help it blend in seamlessly.

Develop an Athletic Court

Another great way to make a backyard more kid-friendly (and fun for adults!) is by building a multi-purpose athletic court in your backyard. Such courts can be used for a huge range of activities. Many families start by constructing a tennis court, then build additions to incorporate other sports, like basketball.

There are companies that can develop an athletic court and oversee the building project from start to finish. However, it’s also possible to choose a cheaper route and develop an athletic court yourself.

To build an athletic court, you’ll usually need poured concrete with acrylic layering overtop. From there, you can build a wire fence around the court or hire a fence company for support. Then, purchase sporting equipment to bring it all together. You can also hire a painter to add lines for whichever sports you play most as a finishing touch.

Build a Pool

a backyard pool with sun loungers

A more extravagant, high-purchase way to make your backyard kid-friendly is to build an outdoor swimming pool. Adults and kids can enjoy its use when the weather is right and stay busy for hours on end.

According to Forbes, pools cost an average of $35,000 to build, depending on the size and extra amenities added. However, they can add as much as 7% to a property value, according to Investopedia.

A cheaper alternative is to build an above-ground pool. These don’t add as much value, but still offer many of the same benefits to family life.


Backyards should be enjoyed, regardless of their size. There are so many creative ways to landscape a garden that can make your property more kid-friendly and attractive to buyers. Depending on the size of your property and the area, most backyard additions are also great for adding value to a property.

Plus, if you are trying to sell a house quickly, a house with improved curb appeal (at the front and back of the property) can sell faster and for a higher price.

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