Kitchen Appliance Decisions During a Renovation

Renovating your kitchen is known to be a top bang for your buck when it comes to resale value. One of the big decisions to make concerns your appliances. The different sizes and styles affect the cabinet configuration, gas supply, electrical outlets, and plumbing. Although you don’t need to decide on an exact choice for each appliance beforehand you need to at least know the basics of what you plan to eventually buy. 

kitchen appliances home renovation
  1. Range, Stoves, Ovens, and Cooktops
    Start with deciding if you want an oven/stove combo that is pretty common or if you want to do double wall ovens with a separate cooktop. Higher-end homes will often have a separate wall oven with cooktops but it’s not necessary. If you don’t plan to host Thanksgiving or make big meals that require two ovens, a standard range probably makes sense. A good hybrid option is a “slide-in” range with has more of an appearance of a cooktop but is still a one-piece oven/stove. Slide-in ranges are more expensive than standard ranges but are much cheaper than doing a wall oven and separate cooktop. Keep in mind a gas line if you’re changing from electric to a gas range.

    2. Hood or Microhood
    An efficient way to set up your kitchen is to mount the microwave above your range. Built-in microwaves are not very expensive and also double as a vent with a fan on the bottom side. The higher-end option is to use a hood above the range. Many high-end kitchen remodels feature Mirco-drawers which are microwaves built into the cabinetry. The door opens up like a drawer and offers a sleek, customized look to the kitchen.

    3. Fridge Size
    Refrigerators come in many different sizes. They’re somewhat standard on the cheaper end but even standard sizes still vary some. The height, width, and depth are all important to know when designing the layout. Counter-depth fridges are more expensive than standard depth but offer a built-in look if you aren’t interested in buying an expensive Sub-Zero.

    4. Dishwasher
    Finally an easy decision. Most dishwashers are standard-sized making this the easiest decision to make. Now you can get into the details of what features you want your appliance to have. 

Many sellers with outdated kitchens are faced with the choice of doing a kitchen renovation before listing a house or selling it “as is”. The path each seller takes is dependent on their timeline, budget, and anticipated effort.

There are plenty of home renovation ideas to consider when owning a home. These can add a large amount of value to your house if you decide to sell later on. Contact us to learn more about how cash home buyers can help you sell your house quickly.