How to Keep Insects Out of Your Backyard

how to keep insects out of your backyard

Throughout COVID-19, certain trends have cropped up in the real estate industry. One attractive trend is converting your backyard into a patio. The backyard is now a place to enjoy your time and host a picnic. The natural state of your backyard, unfortunately, makes it a habitat for insects to breed. With the summertime approaching, temperatures rise and bring along potential insect infestations. Here’s how you can keep the insects out of your backyard and off your property for good.


Eliminate Standing Water

Standing water offers a perfect breeding zone for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are nagging and easily ruin any night plans in your backyard. Additionally, they carry potentially harmful diseases like malaria. While you clear standing water out from your property, don’t neglect gutters and any sunken holes. When drains and ditches fill up with material, they hold water. Other areas that can harbor water include pools, vases, and birdbaths. Regularly check and get rid of any standing water sources you find on your property to protect it from bugs.

Declutter and Remove Trash

Your trash can be a prime candidate for bugs because it also can hold standing water/moisture. This provides prime habitat for insects. Yard waste and garbage also offer food for flies, bugs, and roaches. Ensuring your trash is collected or tightly closed makes it less attractive to insects. Removing piles of garbage also increases your property’s curb appeal for the summer. Decluttering and picking any plant materials, such as fallen leaves, further ensures fewer insects. Any firewood or wood situated in your backyard can also set a breeding place for insects. Always ensure any wood present for storage is dry. Firewood stored in contact with the ground is more susceptible to insect infestations. Therefore, always store wood above the ground and preferably with a cover. Do that, and you’ll keep your yard dry and free from ants and termites.

Maintain Your Lawn

As said earlier, dirt attracts insects, and so do neglected, overgrown, and unkempt lawns. A lawn can give bugs an unexpected home to live in on your property. Your lawn needs to be trimmed and pruned into top shape. If you still need to revive your backyard after the winter, do your best to prepare it before the bugs get to it. Frequently put your lawnmowers, weedwhackers, and garden scissors to work. Remove built-up piles of grass and leaves. A well-nurtured garden or lawn keeps pests away and also makes your property look beautiful. Don’t slack on mowing your lawn even when the weather is bad. Find times during the morning or late at night when the weather is dry and you can manicure your yard properly.

Invest in Bug Repellent Plants

Research and find bug-repellent plants. This is a natural way to repel insects from your backyard. Insects heavily rely on their sense of smell. Investing in plants with strong scents makes your backyard repulsive to insects. Some of these plants include mint, basil, catnip, citronella, lemon thyme, and rosemary. The plants are not only insects’ repellents but can also be used as spices for cooking.

Cover Food During Meals

With a big backyard, it’s enticing to host fun BBQ parties, picnics, and patio get-togethers. With these events comes the chance of food sitting outside for long periods of time. Ultimately, you will be investing insects to the party too. It is best to keep your food covered to avoid wafting the air with delicious smells. Covering the food and cleaning up (quickly) after meals will help reduce the chances of attracting insects.

Your backyard is an essential space in your home. It carries the potential to transform your outdoor space. While backyards bring the possibility of insect infestation, planning ahead is the best way to defend against bugs. Maintain your outdoor furniture, lawn, and surroundings. This will create a space that you can enjoy more and the bugs will enjoy less.