5 Interior Design Tweaks to Make Your Place Look Its Best

Interior of al V2 property in Brewerytown. These colors and finishes are widely used in today’s new construction in Philadelphia.

For many people, even if they’ve lived in the same house for a long time, their home decor never truly feels done. There may be some bare walls that are bothering you or even cluttered corners that you haven’t had the time or energy to take care of. Since our lives are always changing and evolving, our homes are susceptible to this too – your decor will never be just simply “done”.

However, adding some finishing touches and tweaking some things will help you achieve your goal of a perfectly decorated living space. So here’s how to make your home feel more complete with these five easy tips.

Plants are the way to go

Not only are they a great way to introduce some color to your rooms but plants are also a great way to add a literal breath of fresh air into your living area. When you’re choosing the right potted plants for your space, make sure to consider the way your rooms are facing since this is crucial for their survival. Also, think about the time and effort you want to give them. If you’re someone who’s a bit more forgetful, cacti or succulents are a great option.

On the other hand, if you wish to make a full commitment and become a proper plant parent, do enough research to ensure your plants thrive alongside your decor. What’s also great about having a lot of plants is that they all need different pots and playing with pot colors and textures is a great way to add some playfulness to your rooms.

Get some scented candles

Scented candles can truly transform the way you feel about your space. When the room’s interior is done, it’s time for you to enjoy the finished product. What better way to do so than to unwind on the couch while candlelight is crackling and blissfully aromatizing the place. You can use any smell that speaks to you, from more fresh cotton scents to chocolatey gourmet aromas.

Candles provide a sense of warmth and comfort to your house while also adding a luxe feel to any room. Additionally, luxurious candle holders can be a great decor piece you can add to any room. What’s also great about this is that you won’t be making any grand changes to the room, so it’s an amazing way to get the most out of your decor when you’re designing your rental home.

Don’t be afraid to accessorize

The best way you can maximize the look of your apartment is to decorate it with gorgeous accessories which perfectly play off each other. There’s no need to be afraid of different textures and styles. These woolen rugs from Hong Kong can be paired with wonderful patterned cushions for a warm cozy look. Rugs are known to add much-needed warmth to the rooms, taking away the coldness of the bare floors. You don’t have to limit yourself to only one rug per room.

If you add multiple smaller rugs, you will introduce a lot of dimensions to the area. Also, adding a couple of throws on your sofa is another great way to play with texture.

Get rid of blank walls

There’s nothing that can make a room look improperly decorated like barren walls. Luckily, this is a problem that is easily fixed and it doesn’t cost a lot of money either. You have a variety of options to play with. For example, you can choose a lovely wallpaper that properly complements your room or even set up some funky picture frames filled with your most cherished memories.

Alternatively, if you’re a more creative type, you can paint something on the wall too. This can be a fun weekend project which will bring your home a whole new look!

Add a touch of your personality

Chasing a certain aesthetic can make your place always look half-finished. This is because there’s truly something that’s lacking in your design – your personality. The greatest finishing touch for your living space might be photos, souvenirs, and other keepsakes you’ve collected over the years.

Apart from looking elegant, once you have visitors over, these knickknacks can serve as a wonderful conversation topic. If you want to display the photos you’ve taken yourself, you should find stunning frames. Another top tip is to make sure the photos are reproduced at the greatest quality possible since no one likes a grainy mess.

Final thoughts

Sometimes no matter how much we decorate, our apartments tend to have an unfinished feel. By getting rid of bare white walls and playing around with different textures and colors, you can finally feel as if your decoration journey is over. While you’re at it, don’t forget to add a touch of your own unique personality to the design too.