How to Make a Family Home Cozier

a family with parents, kids, and grandparents laughing on the couch

Living at home with family can be exciting, fulfilling, and fun. It can also be the complete opposite! Creating a cozy family home is all about making the best of your space and time. Larger homes can easily become cozier with just a few small changes to the things around you. And smaller homes can become big enough for time together (and time apart!) when you know the right tricks.

Keep reading to learn our top ways how to make a home cozier when living with family.

1. Change Up the Lighting

a woman using a tablet to control smart lights

Changing up the lights in your home can make a huge difference to the overall atmosphere. According to Interior Designers at Home & Garden, lighting is one of the main things that sets the tone of a space. Using a lamp instead of an overhead light creates a cozier ambiance that’s perfect to relax under with family.

Other ways to change the lighting in your home include adding candles, switching to different colored light bulbs, changing the curtains to sheer or translucent, or using day and night blinds. With just a few small, budget changes to your lighting, you can make your home feel cozier than ever.

2. Create Space For Time Together (& Time Apart)

a privacy screen in a room

To create a cozy family home, it’s important to create space for people to come together and spend time apart. Feeling like you have your own space to relax away from the family is crucial. It makes time together feel even more special.

There are various ways to create more space in a home for family time. Even simple things like decluttering a room or adding an extra chair in a lounge area can make it a more sociable space.

In smaller homes, it can be difficult to create space for people to spend time alone. Attic and garage conversions are excellent long-term home renovations that create more space in a property. If you have a strict DIY budget or are renting vs buying, find creative ways to build zones in your home, like using room dividers or installing partition walls.

3. Organize Group Activities

Hosting family game nights and group activities is another great way to make a home feel cozier, especially if you’ve recently moved. Board games are a great way to hang out with family members in the house. Consider keeping several fun family games easily accessible in certain rooms of the house, like in the dining room and main lounge.

Remember, family time doesn’t always have to be inside the house. Consider what you can do outdoors in the front or back yard, too. Family dinners outside, yard sales, ball games in the backyard, and walks around the neighborhood are all great ways to enjoy time with family near home.

4. Get Involved in Family Cook-Offs

a young child playing with eggs over their eyes

Do I smell a backyard cookout? Family cooking events are a fun way to get everyone involved, regardless of their cooking skills. The next time you’re making a big family meal, get everyone together in the kitchen or the backyard to help out. Assign the kids various tasks and have fun with them, playing music or singing food songs as you cook.

Hosting your family cookouts indoors is a great way to make your home feel cozier and happier. Being the hub of the home (and one of the most valuable rooms to renovate), the kitchen is the place where we spend the most time. Creating good memories of cooking together in the kitchen is a great way to feel more settled at home.


Making memories in your home will last a lifetime – long after the kids have grown up and the house is sold. These simple ways to make a home feel cozier can create a more pleasant living space that brings the family together.

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