3 Stunning Master Bedroom Design Ideas

master bedroom design

Your bedroom is the room where you relax and rejuvenate after a very long day. It’s also one of the most important rooms for homebuyers when you’re selling your property. Therefore, you want to make sure the space is as stylish and comfortable as possible. Keeping your master bedroom in a top-notch state increases the chances of getting a home buyer for your property whenever you want to resell it.

Keep reading to learn our top three master bedroom design ideas to dazzle potential homebuyers!

1. Install Creative Master Bedroom Fixtures

a bedroom with neon lights hanging over the bed and in a corner lamp

A master bedroom should always reflect your personality. Alongside the kitchen, it is one of the most important rooms in your house. Therefore, you should let everything in your master bedroom inject your home with character. Adding fixtures to your house, such as a fireplace in your bedroom or a new window, can add value and character to your home.

New windows can cost between $200 and $500, according to Forbes. While installing a new fireplace can cost $2,415, on average, with installation costs ranging between $1,050 and $3,780 (according to HomeGuide). Of course, it’s possible to spend significantly more if you want to make the new fixtures more luxurious and extravagant.

Just remember that investing in a property may not necessarily add value. Therefore, it’s important to research which home improvements add the most value if you’re planning on selling soon.

Other additions can be just as valuable in improving the aesthetic and design of your master bedroom, without costing a fortune. For example, you can add wall art, shelving units, floating shelves, nightstands, and mirrors to create a vibe that’s just as pleasant.

2. Add Additional Lighting to Your Master Bedroom

two wall lights above a bed in a bedroom

Installing new lighting in the master bedroom is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. There is nothing worse than trying to work your way through dark areas of a house. Cut yourself a break and add lighting where you need it!

Your bedroom is a place where you get dressed, relax, or keep sentimental belongings. So, consider adding lighting to create a relaxing ambiance, highlight sentimental items, and (most importantly) help you see better. You can combine chandeliers with hanging and can lights to create that perfectly relaxed atmosphere.

Remember, when installing new lights, make sure you consider how it looks with the existing color palette. The color of the walls also helps rooms seem brighter (or not). So, if you prefer a neutral master bedroom, paint it with a color that reflects the new lighting well. This will help you see better when natural light comes into your bedroom during the day.

Likewise, if you prefer more dusky lighting for an intimate vibe, consider which wall colors will best complement the desired atmosphere. Like darker grays, greens, blues, and caramel browns.

3. Add Large Floor Rugs

a master bedroom designed with a floor rug

A rug can completely change the feel of a master bedroom. Even if you already have carpeting on the floors, a rug alters the flow of how you walk through each section of the room. It can help you compartmentalize the room into different sections. For larger master bedrooms, a carpet can create different ‘sections’ of the room. This makes your bedroom feel larger and less congested.

Summary: How to Design a Master Bedroom

Consider these stunning master bedroom designs when planning your next home renovation. You don’t have to do anything major to make a big difference in your home. But it’s important to prioritize the design of your master bedroom, especially if you’re selling up soon!

If you are thinking of installing something different to break the monotony in your room, this is the place to kick-start you. Some of these ideas are simple DIYS, while others require an expert. It all depends on your creativity and how stylish you want your new master bedroom to be.

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