Living with Family

living with family

Living at home with family can be exciting, fulfilling, and fun. It can also be the complete opposite. Living through 2020, many of us have spent very close and intimate time with family. This has forced us to not only learn a lot about them, but also learn about ourselves. From my experience this year, I learned a ton of ways to make the most of this time with loved ones and strategies to help me appreciate it more! Before we get into the meat and potatoes of living with family, a quick tip to make living at home with family more enjoyable is to add lighting to your house. Humans like brightness! Well, most of them. You can add a lamp and update your light bulbs to create a brighter, potentially more positive, space in your house. Alright, now it is time to review ways to enhance your time living with family.

Create the Space

create space for your family

Aside from the teaser about lighting in the introduction, there are many ways to enhance the inside of a house. Taking it a step further, it is important that family members living at your house feel like they have their own space in which they can reside. As much as some people love board game night, individual downtown and privacy are very important to making someone feel like they have a space to their own. Many families moved in with each other for support during this turbulent year. What are some ways that you create a special space for someone who was just completely thrown out of their daily routine? If there are spare bedrooms, there are a few creative options that can make that family member feel at home. You can turn your bedroom into a tranquil oasis for them to use. By adding different themes to rooms, you can create a fresh new environment for your house for family to enjoy.

Group Activities

If a new family member recently moved in with you, group activities can help them get acclimated to their new environment. Did someone just say Giant Jenga? Board games are a great way to hang out with family members in the house. What about going outside the house? Spending time outside is incredibly beneficial. It provides exercise and fresh air to the lungs. If you can expose yourself to nature, that is a bonus.  A fun group activity when living with family is to go on a hike or small walk. For those who live in damper and colder climates, like the Pacific Northwest, getting outside is very important. To start this group activity, you can search best parks in Seattle, strap on your hiking boots, and go.

Family Cooking

living with family members

Do I smell a backyard cookout? Family cooking events are a fun way to get everyone involved, regardless of their cooking skills, and feed the family together. You can assign each person a task based on how much they want them to be involved. As a parent, this greatly speeds up the cooking process. Plus, many great memories are created in the kitchen. It is known as the heart of a home. If you have owned your current place for a while, it is easy to grow attached to your kitchen because of all the fun family cookouts that you had there. Have you ever tried selling a home with kids but had trouble because they loved it so much from all the memories created there? Countless memories take place right there in the kitchen as a family. Family cooking is a great way to spend time with each other as eat well and have fun.