Can Planting a Garden Increase Your Home’s Value?

planting garden increase home value

There’s no doubt that curb appeal is one of the most important aspects of getting a home ready to sell. And what’s better for beautifying the lawn than adding a burst of color with a garden?

Before you start searching for a buyer, though, there are more aspects to consider. What types of gardens sell homes? Can the wrong type of garden cancel out the value boost? What turns off homebuyers from a garden? Get ready to get your hands dirty as we dig into whether planting a garden can increase your home’s value.

What Are the Best Gardens to Plant for Curb Appeal?

Large, elaborate gardens are unquestionably attractive. They’re also a labor of love that can be daunting when you’re preparing to take it on for yourself. Not all homebuyers are going to want a garden that looks like it takes a lot of work to maintain—simplicity is the name of the game.

To be clear, extensive gardens aren’t necessarily a dealbreaker; they just require the right buyer. However, much like staging a home for sale, the intention here should be to appeal to the widest variety of buyers. Most buyers will appreciate low-maintenance gardens and flower beds that won’t require them to expend too much extra effort to keep them looking nice. So, what are some low-maintenance gardens that will achieve curb appeal?

Also, make sure that the garden is freshly mulched and weeded right before a home showing. A tidy first impression is important, and if the garden is clearly cared for, buyers will take away the impression that the home as a whole must also be well-cared-for. Good garden care in the weeks and months leading up to a home sale is also important. Good summer watering practices are vital to keeping a green lawn and thriving garden, and forgetting about it can’t be fixed at the last minute.

Best Features to Add Value to Your Garden

An important tip for getting the best return on investment is knowing what buyers are looking for. Read up on the latest gardening and landscaping trends to get an idea of what items might be on a buyer’s list.

Outdoor living space is one of the most desired features among homebuyers, so having a place to sit, eat, and entertain in the garden can be a big plus. Other garden features that can help your garden earn value include:

Garden Features That Can Decrease Value

Anything overly specific to the homeowner’s taste is likely to hurt their chances of selling for the best price. This doesn’t just apply to extremes that a homeowners’ association might complain about—it can also apply to the style of the garden itself. A too-manicured look can look like too much effort, and a too-wild garden runs the risk of looking like it’s not taken care of. Keep in mind that a buyer will likely want to personalize the garden to their own tastes.

Garden features don’t help anyone if they’re not in good repair. Some things might be rescued by a fresh coat of paint, but rotting woodwork, cracked birdbaths, or rusted metal benches might be better off removed entirely if replacement isn’t optimal.

Water features might come as a surprise here, but they can sometimes decrease value. Much like pools, water features like fountains, birdbaths, and koi ponds tend to bring maintenance to the forefront of a homebuyer’s mind. Also like pools, this one can depend on the local market, so it can be worth checking around first. The soothing properties of a water feature can outweigh the perceived negative qualities, especially if maintenance isn’t too complicated.

Does a Vegetable Garden Increase Property Value?

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Vegetable gardens are an almost entirely different animal than flower gardens. While they both involve growing plants, their purposes, designs, and appeals are dramatically different, and consequently, will affect how they each affect home value.

Selling a vegetable garden often requires a more specific kind of buyer than a flower garden, which narrows the possibilities. A fellow gardener can appreciate the tastiness of growing veggies at home; a novice interested in the hobby may appreciate having part of the work done for them; finding the right buyer can absolutely cause a vegetable garden to add value to a home. The majority of buyers, however, might have to be sold on the idea during a home showing, since vegetable gardens often look like more work than a typical flower garden.

If you’re planting a garden for the return on investment rather than the enjoyment of the garden itself, a flower garden might be a better idea than a vegetable garden. However, if you already have a vegetable garden, you can get the best of both worlds by planting flowers alongside vegetables—which can also improve the health of the garden overall.

Tips for Staging Your Vegetable Garden When Selling Your Home

One of the reasons why lawn care is so important to curb appeal is that bare dirt doesn’t look appealing. The same is true for a gardening plot with nothing growing in it. Raised beds are usually a more attractive alternative—and they look less permanent, so a buyer on the fence about gardening can imagine taking them away.

If possible, plan to sell your home when the plants are fairly well-grown (or even producing) so that the garden will look its best. Growing plants can also get some buyers to imagine what it would be like to have them for their own. Gardening is one of the many impactful actions that you can take to increase your home’s value. If you are planning of selling your house soon, these things are important to do. Most homeowners don’t take advantage of these opportunities as much as they should. Review this resource if you need tips on how to sell a house fast. You’ll be surprised how many options you have as a homeowner to increase the value of your home.

Get the Most From Your Garden

A well-maintained garden can increase your home’s value if it’s designed in a way that’s appealing to the average buyer. Not only does it show that the current owner takes care of their property, but it also makes your home more beautiful. If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market, take some time to spruce up your garden—it could make all the difference. Even if your home doesn’t look great on the inside, sprucing up the outside of your property can attract more homebuyers. You can successfully sell a hoarder house with the help of a beautiful garden. Homebuyers love greenery and will likely offer you more if your property has strong curb appeal from a recently added garden.