Does an Inground Pool Add Value to a Home?

a backyard pool with sun loungers

What do you do when you can’t travel to your favorite vacation destination and sip a drink poolside? You bring the vacation to your house! During the COVID-19 pandemic, when leisurely travel all but halted, homeowners across the nation turned to installing inground pools in their backyards.

In Florida alone, more than 100,000 swimming pools were built during 2020, an increase of 7.5% from previous years. Other states, including California, New York, and Texas, saw similarly high increases in the number of inground pools built (according to CAPE data).

With so many new pools being built in homes in recent years, this leads to asking the most important question of all – does an inground pool add value to a home? There are so many benefits to installing a swimming pool on a property and, depending on other factors, a pool can add value.

Keep reading to learn does an inground pool add value to a home.

Does an Inground Pool Add Value to a Home?

a set metal outdoor dining table and chairs next to a pool in a backyard

In short, yes, adding an inground pool to a property can add value. How much value a pool adds varies depending on the location, pool size, the number of bedrooms in the home, the overall state of the property, and any additional amenities.

It can also depend on how complex the maintenance of the pool is. For example, if it needs special treatments or the hiring of specialist services for cleaning and general maintenance.

Prior to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, a house with a pool brought in an estimated $16,137 more than a house without one. Based on our findings, selling a house with a pool post-pandemic sells for an estimated $27,199 more, on average.

According to Investopedia, most homeowners can expect a return of around 7% in increased resale value from installing an inground pool.

However, it’s important to remember that while installing an inground pool can add value, it may not necessarily offer a good return on investment. Most inground pools cost between $30,000 to $50,000, according to RealSimple.

Before installing a swimming pool, it’s important to assess how much it costs to build and what the added value could be for your property when selling. The best strategy is to consult with a real estate agent about your neighborhood’s market before taking the plunge (pun intended!).

Does a Home With an Inground Pool Sell Faster?

a woman swimming in an inground pool

Pools have not always been selling features for homes. In fact, a report from 2018 noted that having a pool can make it harder to sell a house quickly. This is because some buyers view a pool as a liability and a maintenance nightmare.

Pool upkeep and maintenance costs around $3,000 to $5,000 a year. This can be significantly more expensive than a gym membership or a local public outdoor pool facility.

While some homebuyers, particularly family buyers, prefer a pool to make a backyard more kid-friendly, it depends on the property. A larger home with more bedrooms and good access to amenities is better served with a pool than many others.

Conclusion: Should You Buy a House With a Pool?

If you’re considering upgrading your next home, buying a property with an inground swimming pool may be on your mind. If so, you’re not alone. The increased demand for homes with pools, and homes in general in the face of Covid-19, has led to a sellers’ market across the country. This has meant that there are not enough homes for sale to keep up with demand.

For sellers, this is good news. Homes have been getting appraised for more than the asking price, especially those with inground swimming pools in the right area. For buyers, the increased demand can make it more difficult to buy the ideal home, or it can end up costing more than anticipated.

Overall, buying a house with a pool has many benefits. Provided you didn’t install the pool yourself, you can benefit from the extra resale value it adds over neighboring houses when selling. A pool can also be enjoyed by kids, adults, and friends as a sociable entertainment area when the weather is warm.

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