4 Tips on Staging Your Open House

a staged living room with a fireplace

One of the best ways to get the attention of buyers and sell your house fast is to hold an open house. When a property is staged correctly, an open house can sell your home on the first weekend it goes on the market. But, if you want to sell it quickly, you need to make a good first impression.

Spending a healthy amount of time fixing up your home to stage it for a sale is so important for that first open house. How much time you need to spend on staging depends on the size and condition of your home. It also depends on who your target buyers are.

Keep reading to learn our best tips on staging an open house.

1. Focus on the Important Rooms

a high rise condo apartment with large windows and a city view

When staging an open house, not all rooms need the same level of attention. Instead, you have to pay more attention to the rooms that will influence the decisions of prospective buyers. For example, rooms with a special feature (like huge windows or a pleasant view) and the most used rooms in the property.

Some of the most important rooms to stage are usually the master bedroom, living room, and kitchen. Other, less critical rooms include bathrooms, guest rooms, kids’ rooms, and hallways. These rooms should still be presentable, but there’s no need to put as much effort into them.

2. Declutter and Simplify

It is essential to get rid of clutter and personal items when staging an open house. Prospective buyers try to envision how the house would look if and when it’s theirs. So, it’s necessary to remove private photos and unessential things that are hanging around.

For example, keep clothes out of sight and remove anything that is overly religious. Also, clear the bathroom of personal items, like shower products and toothbrushes. Remove unseasonal clothes from the closets and place them somewhere inconspicuous, like in the attic or garage. Buyers usually consider storage and space potential, and the presence of clutter in the closets can discourage them, even if you have a lot of space in your house.

Remember, your open house viewers are looking to buy space, and clutter takes up that space! It’s also an eyesore and makes a home look smaller than it actually is. This causes buyers to defocus on what’s important. Get rid of everything you don’t use or need before holding an open house.

Determine which things can be tossed, donated, sold, or stored. Remember not to stuff them in the closet, as this is one of the places buyers inspect and take note of. A clutter-free home will help your space feel more free, open, and inviting. It will also appeal to potential buyers and make moving home easier for you later down the line.

3. Clean & Repair

a person touching up a baseboard with paint

Another essential preparation to do before hosting an open house is to clean the property fully and complete any significant repairs. This means anything that’s noticeable and/or anything that will cause problems during the selling process. Don’t skip fixing the small things, too, as these can make a big impact on potential buyers.

For example, cleaning the blinds or curtains to freshen them up can make a room look bigger, brighter, and cleaner. Touching up scuffs and scratches on the walls, especially in prime areas, can make the house look fresh and newly renovated. Fixing minor issues, like broken kitchen handles and cupboards that have fallen slightly off their hinges, is also important for making your property look its best.

When cleaning, it’s important to go beyond just the basics (like dusting and hoovering). Steam cleaning the carpets, polishing wooden floors, and cleaning inside the cupboards and kitchen sinks can also make a big difference to potential buyers. It shows you look after the property and that it’s been well cared for, making it more attractive and desirable to buyers.

4. Go Neutral & Bright

Lastly, another way to stage a property is to make your house as neutral as possible. Some bold colors are suitable when selling a house, but toning down any shocking colors helps appeal to all types of buyers. Just make sure you stick with light colors instead of dark, like white, pale gray, beige, or another pastel color.

On the day of the open house, it’s a good idea to open all the blinds and curtains as fully as possible. According to Real Homes, natural light is one of the important selling points of your home (especially in the kitchen). So, you want to flood your home with natural light as much as you can.

Turn on all the lights to make the house look even brighter, too. If any rooms are lacking in natural light, consider adding a large full-length mirror to bounce light around the room instead.


Staging your open house properly is one of the most important things you can do when selling your house. Because an open house can see tens of potential buyers coming to your property all at once, this can be your only opportunity to sell to the people in your area. First impressions count, so don’t scrimp on these staging for an open house tips.

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