4 Tips on Staging Your Open House

If you want your home to get a lot of attention from prospective buyers, holding an open house can help. It gives buyers a good impression of your house and is a great way to stage, prepare and introduce your home for sale in the market. The amount of time you need to put into an open house depends on the condition and size of your house. Selling a house becomes much easier once the stage is set. With these tips below, you can hold an open house step-by-step.

1. Stage the Important Rooms

When staging an open house, not all rooms need the same level of attention. Instead, you have to pay more attention to the places that will influence the decisions of prospective buyers, and later on, you can freshen up the rooms that they don’t pay much attention to. Do any of your rooms come with an amazing view? Tall condo buildings can sometimes offer a view with large windows. Make sure to properly stage those rooms, and let the view shine! The other principal rooms that you have to stage and focus on are the master bedroom, living room, and kitchen. These are the decisive factors for anyone who needs to buy a house. The less critical places are the bathrooms, guest and children bedrooms, although this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be in good shape.

2. Declutter and Simplify

It is essential to get rid of clutter and personal items. Prospective buyers try to envision how the house would look if and when it iss theirs, so it’s necessary to remove private photos and things that are hanging around. Keep clothes out of sight and remove anything that is overly religious. Also, clear the bathroom of personal items. Make the rooms in the house look bigger by removing clutter. Remove un-seasonal clothes from the closets and take down stuff you don’t need. Buyers usually consider storage and space potential, and the presence of clutter can discourage them even if you have a lot of space in your house.

3. Clean and Repair

Cleaning and taking care of the repairs is an obvious tip that you need to hold on to when staging an open house. Some homeowners have lived in their house for +30 years and are downsizing their home. This means there could be plenty of repairs to attend to! Other parts of the house that you might have neglected, like window blinds or refrigerators, should also be taken care of. From the tiny scratches and holes to damages, you should repair and touch up parts of the house so that it appeals to buyers. Touch up spots or repaint where necessary. Cleaning and repairing the home is not only to make it suitable for staging but also to show that you took good care of the property. 

4. Go Neutral and Bright

Lastly, go neutral with your house so that you don’t put buyers off. You can paint over bright and bold colors with neutral tones like taupe, grey or white. Even if prospective buyers choose the color they want to paint the house later, making the colors neutral gives them a choice and helps them envision the colors they might put on. If you own a duplex, do you best to keep the lighting at a similar level in both units. Although you’re making most rooms neutral, you shouldn’t make them dark. Let light shine into the rooms through windows or blinds, and switch on the lights so that they see the rooms correctly and have no problem looking around for light switches.

Staging an open house should not cost a lot of money but requires you to make the right decisions to entice buyers. Follow these tips to stage a proper open house, think like a buyer, and sell your house with no trouble. 

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