Home improvements that an owner can do to sell home faster

selling a house

To sell your home fast you ought to spend time preparing for the sale. Not finding a buyer fast upon listing the house means you may have to reduce the price of the property as well as incur maintenance costs until it’s sold. However, this can be avoided if you know how to prepare your home to guarantee a fast sale. The starting point should be the presentation. It isn’t just the pricing but also the presentation that affects the sale. The house needs to look better than what the competition is offering. There are several home improvements that an owner can do to sell a home faster. They include:

Cleaning the property

First impressions count and a dirty home will not attract any buyers unless you are selling it at a throw-away price. How the home looks from the outside is a hint of what potential buyers can expect once they step into the property. A clean and tidy property is inviting and that should a priority when you are preparing to sell your home.

Cleaning won’t cost you a dime, especially if you have enough time to do it on your own. It can be done in one or two days. If the house exterior is grimy, you can hire professional cleaners to pressure-wash it. This leaves the driveway or concrete looking immaculate, and it is also a sure way to attract potential buyers. Part of cleaning is decluttering. You should remove all the non-essential items from the property. When the home is not cluttered buyers will be able to visualize what they can do with the space better.

Adding potted plants

It isn’t just the grant things that will help sell your home fast. Even little things like potted plants can make a huge difference. They will add life to your home by injecting warmth, color, and energy into the space. 

Plants are an essential part of neutral decor, and the better part is that they add personality to the home as well. They are not overly distracting or off-putting like unusual color schemes used by some interior designers. Not only that, they freshen the air and bring a calming effect to the environment. You can buy the plants already potted which means you just have to place them inside or outside the house and watch as they transform the environment. Nevertheless, choose strategic positions for them like the entryway, balconies, or next to the windows and ensure symmetry in their arrangement.


If you want to improve the appearance of your home immediately you just have to paint it. This makes the home look bigger and lighter. Thus, it will be easy for viewers to imagine how they can adapt the rooms to suit their needs. Also, buyers are assured that they can move in immediately. When the home needs a fresh coat of paint or a paint color change the buyers are unable to move in immediately since they will have to wait until the house has been painted. Therefore, a newly painted house can easily convince them to close the deal.

Install wall mirrors

Full-length wall mirrors will make the house look bigger and lighter. This is a great move, especially in hallways and smaller rooms. However, add some decor to the mirrors instead of putting up plain ones. Gold embellishments or some art on the sides will look much better. Also, if your budget allows for splurging you can have custom mirrors made. Nevertheless, ensure the customization isn’t too personal because that can scare away potential buyers. 

Mirrors are also a way to hide poor design elements. Minor imperfections, if too conspicuous, can make potential buyers change their minds about closing the deal. Hanging a mirror over these imperfections will perfectly disguise them. In addition, wall mirrors are a way to enhance security, especially if they are strategically placed. They help homeowners track the movements and activities of guests in the house.

Soft lighting in hallways and the bathroom

The moment potential buyers walk into the property you want them to get a feel of how it would be like living there. Thus, you ought to make it as homely and inviting as possible. Soft lighting in the bathroom and also the hallways create a warm glow that is perfect for repose. The time spent at home should be for relaxation and it is essential to set an atmosphere that supports that. Make the lamps attractive and people will feel comfortable enough to want to stay a bit longer. In this case, you can take advantage of this opportunity to tell them about the other reasons why buying the home will be a great investment decision. By the time they leave, you will have secured a buyer.


A house with big windows can look attractive enough to secure a buyer just because the curtains are great. They are one of the most underused home improvement resources when preparing a home for sale. In staging a home for sale, curtains can make or break the process. First of all, they can block noise from the outside environment, especially if the house is located near a construction site or a busy street. In addition, they can be a great way to add some color to the home decor. Curtains can also make a small room look larger and hide bad paneling. They uplift the outlook of the room, and if possible, get the same color scheme of curtains for the entire house. Stick to neutral colors though, and ensure the stitching is seamless.

Get the right smell

If you are selling a home you want potential buyers to get that feeling right from the start. Bad smells are a great turn off and people will leave as quickly as they got there if the house smells terrible. However, covering up bad smells isn’t the answer but fixing the source. Washing bins, clearing drains, opening the windows, and airing the kitchen are some of the ways you can fix the source of bad smells. If there are grimy bed sheets have them washed and in case the furniture is embedded with cigarette smoke, you can take them out.

The smell of freshly brewed coffee or baked cookies is the go-to if you want to get the right smell to close the deal. Fresh flowers are also a great way to have the house smelling great as well. These are budget-friendly ways to prepare the house for a quick sale.

How much you need for home improvement depends on what you are planning to do. Rarely do people have a limitless source of funds to dedicate to home improvement projects when preparing a house for sale. The tips discussed above are budget-friendly but very effective if you want to sell your home fast!