How to Sell a House During a Divorce

sell a house after a divorce

Divorce is a period of emotional instability and perhaps one of the most difficult times in life. During this time, things can be tough to handle, especially if there’s real estate involved.

Discussing what to do with a property during a divorce is a serious matter. Both parties must be on the same page if a sale is to go through quickly, efficiently, and in the best way.

As experienced realtors, we’ve seen it all when it comes to selling houses, including selling due to a divorce. Keep reading to learn how to sell a house during divorce in the quickest way.

1. Let One Spouse Keep the House

The first and easiest way to sell a house during a divorce is to agree to one spouse keeping the house. This means the other partner buys out the other party’s share of the house.

When this arrangement is progressed, the remaining spouse can often keep the mortgage with the same lender while the other steps away from the deeds. According to Tembo Money, buying a partner out of a house can take as little as 4 to 6 weeks.

2. Agreeing to Equal Distribution

A standard method to split the house during divorce is to put it on the market, sell it, and split the equity equally. This method is simplest when a couple has no hire. Selling your house quickly helps deal with divorce expenditures and avoids any dragged-out situation (which can create more problems between separating spouses).

3. Get Professional Help

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Selling a home can be a challenging process regardless of the circumstances. But, as we know, divorce itself can be an emotional process. Selling a home during a divorce can therefore be even trickier than normal.

Due to partition, there is a chance the two partners will disagree about price and share. Therefore, getting help from a professional real estate dealer can help. When choosing a real estate agent, make sure to hire someone with experience in dealing with couples going through a divorce. They’ll likely be able to support you both much more than an inexperienced realtor.

4. Assign a Task to One

If spouses have only the choice of divorce, they should prepare and work in advance to settle home issues before anything else. The best way to get it to settle is to hand over the charge to one party to deal with the dates, marketing, real estate dealers, and pricing. This helps ensure a smooth, surprise-free home sale.

5. Sell the House to Cash Buyer As-Is

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It is easy to say that a couple should agree or communicate to deal with the house decision. But during a divorce, it can be very easy for separated partners to get into disagreements about what should happen with a property.

Selling a property as is to a cash buyer can be a much faster and easier way to sell a home, particularly if you’re a first-time seller.

The top TN home buyers typically buy and sell land in any condition, without any renewal or financial stage. Simply show your interest in selling your house via a trusted cash-buying service and they will offer you cash and take over your home.

Depending on the company and the circumstances, they may even be able to buy your property as is within just 24 hours. Choosing to sell a house fast to an investor is usually quicker, easier, and less hassle, especially during a divorce.


Who Gets the House in a Divorce?

Individual property plays a huge role in this decision. If a spouse owns more than one property and land, which is likely to be more than other spouses, then the person with less property will be getting more dividends from marital property.

Can I Sell the Family Home During a Divorce?

If both spouses are owners of the marital property, then no single person can sell this property without the permission of the second spouse. To have this authority, you need to contact the family court.

Is It Better to Sell a Home Before or After a Divorce?

It could be advantageous to list your home before you get into the trauma of divorce, But once you list and sell the property, you are bound to provide equity to the other spouses.


Selling a house can be one of the most stressful life experiences, according to Ipsos. As is getting a divorce. Therefore, the combination of the two can be even more difficult. To make selling a property easier, it’s important to choose the method of sale that works for you.

Remember, when choosing to sell a property, it’s important to stage the home in the right way if you want to boost resale value.

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