Increase Your Property’s Value with These Home Renovations

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As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to take care of your residential property. This includes addressing necessary repairs such as fixing a leaky faucet, replacing a rusty roof, repainting the interior and exterior walls, changing chipped floor tiles, and so on.

Aside from addressing needed repairs, you also have to ensure your house’s safety, such as considering fire-rated glazing systems for added fire protection.

More so, you need extra effort to make your house presentable if you are planning to sell it. The more eye-pleasing your house is, the faster it will be sold and at a higher price, to boot. Knowing what kind of renovations will add value to your home can be a game-changer when it is time to sell your residential property.

Types of home renovations 

It is worth knowing different types of home renovation projects to increase the value of real estate property. These include the following:

Basic home makeover 

As the term suggests, this refers to the fundamental repairs and replacements of any damaged parts of the house. It could be:

Curb appeal 

You should know not to always “judge a book by its cover.” However, it is safe to say that this adage is vital in home improvement. After all, the curb is the first thing people notice and affects their overall impression of your home.

This is why homeowners should make an extra effort to enhance their property’s curb appeal. This includes:

Speaking of doors, there are different types of security doors you can choose from. These are not your typical doors, as they are specially made to ensure that your property is safe and secured, may it be due to man-made or natural crises.


Real estate experts reveal the following home improvement projects with the highest ROI (around 80% or more of the total costs) during a resale:

Personal preference

These are renovation or additional projects that you want for your home but not for others. These include adding various amenities like a basketball court, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, swimming pool, backyard ponds, outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and so on.

Some people would think of these as too luxurious and unnecessary. Not to mention, they are high-maintenance and potential safety hazards. These kinds of home makeovers are not bad at all, as long as you have the budget and extra space—and if it will truly make you happy.

However, come the time you decide to sell your home, these fancy amenities may not be appealing to some potential buyers. That is why you might want to think twice before planning to build that backyard pool.

Home improvements that will add value to your property 

Home renovations are not only for fixing and repairing specific parts of the house. It can also increase your residential property’s value, so you can ask for a higher price when it is time to sell. A renovated house also adds aesthetic appeal and will attract first-time homebuyers to consider your property for sale.

It is important to note that a renovation is different from remodeling. The former focuses on repairing or restoring something. It can be anything from a leaky water pipe to a faded interior wall.

The latter, meanwhile, requires an extensive change or even tearing down a room or any part of the house. This includes a home addition or a kitchen or bathroom extension.

Nonetheless, these kinds of home improvement can be worthy of your invested money and time. So, which types of home improvement should homeowners invest in to add impact on their residential property value? Here are some of the best home improvement projects to consider.

Home addition 

When it comes to real estate property, size matters! This is also true when it comes to homes. Building a home addition can add living space for your family and value to your property. Whether it is a kitchen, bathroom, or new bedroom, it can greatly impact your property’s total value. An increase in square footage means more value to the property.

Philadelphia has properties of all sizes. From skinny row homes to small apartments, it can be challenging to find a larger space. If you travel to New Jersey, you can find Newark apartments right across the state line that are more spacious. You may be limited on the type of additions you can add when dealing with an apartment.

For homeowners that have single-family dwellings, another good addition is building a patio, porch, or deck area. You can install pressure-treated wood and add plants and safety railings for both aesthetic and safety purposes. An outdoor addition such as these can yield a 90% resale return. You also get to hang out comfortably and safely outside your home with friends and family.

Bathroom and kitchen renovation 

The bathroom and kitchen are among the busiest parts of the house. Functionality is vital when planning for a kitchen or bathroom renovation or remodeling. A 2019 report from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry states that a kitchen makeover can recover at least half of its total costs when they sell the house.

Buying new kitchen appliances and replacing the floor tiles may seem unnecessary, but it is actually a must. Many appliances these days are more energy-efficient, which can help you save on monthly utility bills. Opt for functionality and practicality over trend (that would end up stored in your cupboard, never to see the light of day) and fixtures.

Meanwhile, bathrooms are an essential part of a house. Having small or outdated bathrooms can turn off potential buyers. So, if you are planning to sell your house, make sure to spend on updating its fixtures and planning for a bathroom addition. You can get as much as a 102% average resale return.

Basement or attic remodel 

For most homeowners, attics and basements mean cobwebs and dust-filled storage rooms. Some people even associated them with scary stuff, no thanks to horror movies. However, most homeowners do not realize what a basement or attic remodeling can do to increase their real estate property value.

A basement and attic remodeling project is a worthwhile investment for additional living space. You can convert it into a guest room or an entertainment lounge. Such significant renovations can give you around a 90% resale return. When renovating the basement or attic, remember the following:

HVAC upgrade 

Homebuyers do not want an HVAC system that is in poor shape. They also don’t like wasting money and time on HVAC repairs when it should have been the house seller’s responsibility in the first place. Offering a home warranty to make up for the damaged system may not be attractive to the buyers either.

Otherwise known as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, HVAC is one of your home’s most important components that should be maintained regularly. A damaged or outdated HVAC system can be a major turn-off for buyers. So, invest time and money to ensure that the HVAC system works at its best before you put your home on sale.

An HVAC system maintenance usually includes:

Of home renovations and every homeowners’ safety

A home renovation is a massive undertaking for homeowners. It would mean spending as much as thousands of dollars for it, depending on the type of makeover you are planning. Remember that your house is not just a place you go home to at the end of a busy day. It is also a place of comfort and safety for you and your loved ones.

Giving your home a makeover is your personal choice. You are fortunate if you have a backyard pool or a home gym because not everyone can spend on those luxuries.

After all, who doesn’t want to live in their dream home? You only live once, so it’s up to you to spend for home improvement, regardless of whether you settle there for good or planning to sell it after a few years.

More than aesthetic value, though, you should also consider your property’s overall safety when it comes to renovations. Address first the needed home repairs so that they won’t affect your quality of living. Most of all, you should invest in fixtures that will ensure your household and residential property’s safety and security.